Real Time; Sun in Front of Clouds

2 thoughts on “Real Time; Sun in Front of Clouds

  1. Tom May 23, 2017 at 3:02 am Reply

    The creator of this video has an interesting hypothesis; that these clouds are more distant than the sun. If there is a desire to expand on this conjecture, one would expect the distances to clouds to be determined, and therefore the maximum distance to the sun.

    Furthermore, as the sun is quite brite, evidence on how brightness affects translucent objects like clouds. Under what light conditions will a cloud block the sun, and when will it not? The this data can be compared to the above images to help determine what is actually being seen, and therefore happening.

    Pictures such as these are initial data, but not conclusive at all unless many more questions are asked and answered.

    Good luck with collecting many more data points and testing this hypothesis, to support or dispute the initial claim.


  2. Richard Lynch November 13, 2018 at 6:12 am Reply

    Because of this article I was inspired to go out and take pictures of the clouds behind the sun to prove to myself the earth was indeed flat. Here is the best proof of flatness I have ever seen.

    Indeed it is small and close, but a little more dangerous than I thought. On a day when I saw the rising 32 mile sun in front of the highest clouds (10 miles) , I ran towards it to capture the phenomena from a better vantage. What I didn’t expect was that because it apparently hadn’t risen in the sky quite yet and was still in front of the clouds, it was dragging on the ground and scraping up and hurling debris. I ended up running for my life, but only after capturing the spectacular event.

    Thanks for showing me the way.


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