Worldwide UV Radiation Index Explodes Off The Charts

One thought on “Worldwide UV Radiation Index Explodes Off The Charts

  1. Total Nerd October 29, 2017 at 5:23 am Reply

    I first took notice of aerial spraying about 10 years ago. Because my background is scientific research, I started making and noting observations to identify patterns over a decent span of time. I purchased a UV meter that measured total UV (A+B, no C) and collected readings 3-5 times a day for a span of about two years. The UV meter is what taught me how to predict weather without ever looking up.

    The pattern I discovered was this…Aerial spraying occurs, the particulates took several hours to lay a thin veil of “cloud cover” over the sky. The thin layer would suddenly dissappear and the UV index would suddenly climb to about 19 for right about 90 min, then, just as suddenly, fall back down to somewhere between 3 and 9. During that 90 min, the “clouds” would reappear but looked like sand dunes.

    The pattern kept up very consistently for the two years I measured and has continued. Using the meter for so long taught me to sense climbing UV far more sensitively than I had previously. My best guesstimate, based on observations, is that when the aerial spray disappears, the ionosphere has just been hit with radio waves. The sudden heating thins the atmosphere, causing the rather sudden and extreme hike in total UV.

    I have continued observing this pattern and know that we have severe weather inbound whenever I can feel the UV climb suddenly. A short while later, the sand dune clouds appear.

    Since I live just upstream from all the hurricane weather, atmospheric heating has been going almost non-stop for the past 6-8 weeks. I work outside all day every day. I did not sunburn this summer, but me and the folks around me have been continually burning in the month of October, far worse than any summer in recent years.

    Perhaps this info contributes to something in a positive way.


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