…And And Now…Dave Chapelle on Jimmy Kimmel Talk Flat Earth…the Psyops Continue….

Dave Chapelle was banned because he would not cross dress and spoke out against the illuminati, so he fled to Africa.  Now, he is back with featured specials on HBO and on Jimmy Kimmel talking Flat Earth. hmmmmm, Dave, love you work, but did you get mind controlled, sell-out or giving an offer you could not refuse and stay alive????

(and celebrate truth, Robbie Davidson, all the sudden pumping out more vid/docs…)

FE Timeline 2017 Psyops

Feb 11th

“First Ever” Flat Earth Int’l Conference website is launched for event in November 2017…all FE’er’s of note are invited except the #1 FE website and You Tube….with super slick promo of the not ready for prime time FE “Play-ah’s”……..from the fringe to the mainstream….just as the FE meme is going mainstream viral…..hmmm.

Feb. 28th

After NBA All-Star game, NBA basketball star, Kylie Irving announces he’s gone “Flat Earth”

March 7th

Real time with Bill Mahers discusses Flat Earth about Kylie Irving

March 10th

Eddie “Bravo” talks fake dinosaurs and nuke hoax w/ Jones..hmmmm…this is the exact same rollout ED Dubay did in Sept. 2014 when he wrote “Dinosaur Hoax” then in Nov. 2014, he ED releases his book, Flat Earth Conspiracy”…same pattern…all a psyop!

March 16th

Tosh.O calls out Russian Vids on National TV

March 17th

Freemason Shaq O’Neal talks Flat Earth. ESPN, NBC, Washington Times, etc. all pick up the story and repost on their websites.

Mar. 17th

Eddie “Bravo” on Alex Jones Info Wars

Mar. 21

Dave Chapelle and Jimmy Kimmel talk FE


One thought on “…And And Now…Dave Chapelle on Jimmy Kimmel Talk Flat Earth…the Psyops Continue….

  1. Jess March 23, 2017 at 12:17 pm Reply

    Jimmy Kimmel is a high-level handler in the Hollywood/CIA community. He’s also a total tool for world government promotion. Catholic upbringing and training as well. Dave Chapelle doesn’t seem to have any balls anymore, if that’s even the real Dave Chapelle (who really knows what’s going on anyway? With holograms and doubles and clones…)


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