Alex Jones/Info Wars Goes FE Now?!?; Who the Heck is Russian Vids?

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Below is the latest FE revelation timeline. ED Dubay is being resurrected in a well concerted effort to pump up the Flat Earth topic to the masses now. Why now?

The “first ever” Flat Earth Conference is announced 8 months in advance and includes the major FE shills and disinfo agents but not the #1 FE website and You Tube poster, nor Paul Michael Bales or Allegedly Dave..????

Russian Vid claims Alex Jones “deleted” this video yet offers no proof of this deletion, or why would Alex JOnes even allow the show to be broadcast initially. This is not passing the smell test, right off the bat.

Russian Vids is mocked last week by Josh.O on national TV and brings up Flat Earth. Russian Vids immediately responds with his video.

This guy Russian Vids is pumping up 2-3 FE videos a day.  He is breaking news on Shaq, Info Wars, etc….faster than anyone else in FE vid/docs.  Why Russian Vids? Is the name related to anything to do with Trump/Russia meme being played out at the same time Russian Vids is putting out the most vid/Docs on Flat Earth like a possessed videographer on serious Red Bull!

3.21.17 FBI Is Investigating Trump’s Russia Ties, Comey Confirms

Now, Alex Jones show allows FE conversation on his show reaching tens of millions, promoting Eric Dubay, who has been relegated to the dust bin of irrelevance in the FE movement now (check # of comments on his Atlantean Conspiracy). It’s as if ED was led out to get all the facts about FE out and then went away after getting paid off with $100,000 from the US NVIC for Gulles-Barre syndrome injury!?! Yea right?

No other FE’ers are even mentioned by Mr. Eddie “Bravo” good friends of Anti-FE, Joe Rogan, who dissed any and all FE discussions as bunk. Hmmm. “Bravo” another code for us to ponder, like “Snowed In, Snowded” and Osama Barrack Hussein Biden Bin Laden Obama….all psyops…all of it…to confuse, to conquer by division, just like #LBGT, #Blacklivesmatter, etc. etc..

On the same day as the Alex Jones Show alleged “Delete” according to Russian Vids, we see Mr. “Bravo” with Eric Dubay on a nearly 4 HOUR podcast released yesterday on Dubay’s website.

Where is the information that Jones deleted the interview? I can’t find it on Russian Vids or on Mark Sargents call out.HMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

So who the heck is Russian Vids pumping out several videos everyday now….breaking FE news extraordinaire…who can put out this many videos, with great details, so fast by oneself????

fe russian vids logo patch

Wolf in Sheepdog’s Clothing: “RUSSIAN VIDS”

Interestingly, “Russianvids” is an anagram of, “via dis urns,” which may show that the purpose of the channel is to mock sincere truth-seekers.

“via” — by way of

“diss” — Latin for “apart” or “asunder”, colloquial English for “disrespect”

“urns” — a container for the remains of the dead

(please not the Jewish diatrabe….not Jesuit…Psyop on Pysop…who knows?)

A channel he put up on YT over a year ago still uses his original avatar………….This is the logo for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation. In particular GRU ‘Spetznaz’ or the elite special forces of russian military intelligence. In 2010, GRU Spetznaz was disbanded with a few of them rebanded in 2013 and assigned to special operations. Prior to 2014, you could find vids on Liashenko’s Russianvids channel of GRU agents in military fatigue singing russian folk songs!. What is the agenda of GRU Spetnaz?……

“……The primary function of Spetsnaz troops in wartime was infiltration/insertion behind enemy lines (either in uniform or civilian clothing), usually well before hostilities are scheduled to begin and, once in place, to commit acts of sabotage (such as the destruction of vital NATO communications logistics centers) and the assassination of key government leaders and military officers……”

RussianVids, aka Benjamin P. Liashenko is a RUSSIAN JEW living in San Mateo California, a fifth column ‘special ops agent’ of  russian military intelligence, INVOLVED IN PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE AGAINST THE PUBLIC and in particular american citizens. The last name LIASHENKO is…….JEWISH………and thats why you will hear every conspiracy under the sun and everything and anything so-called ‘exposed’ by RussianVids except…….ISRAEL/ZIONISM/JEWISH COMPLICITY AND CORRUPTION!

Check out Bravo’s Shirt ..look familiar? Sargent comes out with Bravo story 3/18, then Bravo is with Dubay on show for 4 hours after touting him exclusively on Info Wars…and incorporates Russian Vids logo on his other you tube video channel…..hmmmmm

Russian Vids other Website with same logo as Eddie “Bravo” hmmm what a coincidence!

Also, logo of Interpol???? founded by the Rothschild/Rockefeller clan

and a Star Trek logo of an alternative universe named “Terran”

FE Shill Mark Sargent pumps the Mr. “Bravo”….good job Mark… pump it up, dude!

Do you think for one moment, Alex Jones would take off air something that was recorded on his show, released and copied, now, acussed without proof, that he took down the FE “Bravo” broadcast???

note round ball Earth logo…

All the sudden social media is covering the FE story…hmmmm

FE Timeline 2017 Psyops

Feb 11th

“First Ever” Flat Earth Int’l Conference website is launched for event in November 2017…all FE’er’s of note are invited except the #1 FE website and You Tube….with super slick promo of the not ready for prime time FE “Play-ah’s”……..from the fringe to the mainstream….just as the FE meme is going mainstream viral…..hmmm.

Feb. 28th

After NBA All-Star game, NBA basketball star, Kylie Irving announces he’s gone “Flat Earth”

March 7th

Real time with Bill Mahers discusses Flat Earth about Kylie Irving

March 10th

Eddie “Bravo” talks fake dinosaurs and nuke hoax w/ Jones..hmmmm

March 16th

Tosh.O calls out Russian Vids on National TV

March 17th

Freemason Shaq O’Neal talks Flat Earth. ESPN, NBC, Washington Times, etc. all pick up the story and repost on their websites.

Mar. 17th

Eddie “Bravo” on Alex Jones Info Wars


Wild card:

President Trump goes “Flat” and fires NASA, sending science into complete disarray, dividing the country even further

18 thoughts on “Alex Jones/Info Wars Goes FE Now?!?; Who the Heck is Russian Vids?

  1. Ben Sake March 22, 2017 at 5:54 am Reply

    I hope Alex did that on purpose: released the video, then quickly took it down for the sake of giving it attention.


  2. Jess March 23, 2017 at 12:07 pm Reply

    “Russianvids” is certainly a jesuit agent. I actually talked to that guy, pointing out that the Jews are just getting set up, and that the real perpetrators are the jesuits. He railed like a crazy person and went off on the Jew hate and then banned me from commenting. Whenever someone goes off on Jew hate, then I know that they’re a fake, a plant, an agent for the jesuits.


    • jwlpeace March 23, 2017 at 4:04 pm Reply

      I could not agree with you more Jess


    • Shills Lose May 28, 2019 at 5:57 am Reply

      Sure shill


  3. SBach March 26, 2017 at 8:21 pm Reply

    Why do Flat Earthers fight against each other like this and are so quick to label each other shills? You have a great site for dispensing good information regarding our flat earth but to label others flat Earther as “shills” without deeply investigating cast a negative light on the good you do. I know the earth is flat and I’ve listen to various proponents your site as well as russianvids. Russianvids do not mock flat earth, he is 100% flat earth.


    • jwlpeace March 26, 2017 at 8:33 pm Reply

      My assessment is strictly done by personal experience and observation. My FE website was the first ever created, yet no one even bothers to mention my site in any of their postings or credits. Never, except to criticize.
      I’ve watched intently the rollout of FE by ED Dubay, followed by Steeres, Sargent, et. al and none of them cover the most important of topics about who is behind it all, the Jesuits.

      Russian Vids bio has him as a Russian agent with a log directly matching Interpol, a Rothschild creation. He does to great work, but why does he not disclose who he is, like Sargent, Dubay, Steere’s, Jeranism and the other military turned truthers like Crow777? Where are all the other FE websites? Why do none of them promote anyone in FE movement other than their private clan that is hosting the FE conference yet did not even contact the #1 FE website? and when I contacted them, they told me, “sorry we’re full” but you can rent and exhibitors booth! nice!
      Sorry, Sbach, but my experience is that all but a small handful, like Myperspective, Allegedly Dave, Paul Michael Bales and me are all I can say are not shills, trolls and pro disinfo agents.

      If you have any other info on Russian Vids, to prove otherwise, please submit.


      • SBach March 26, 2017 at 8:50 pm

        If what you say is true, then I’m sorry that this is what’s happening and it is not right.
        They may be all of what you claim but the bottom line is the earth is flat and what ever their agenda does not change this fact.There are so many more videos and people with good resources within the YouTube community besides these guys who have just as good websites that I’ve never even notice the rank and file part within this latest movement. You should feel proud because what you do is real and you don’t need any validation from propped up individuals or Jonny come lately societies.


  4. SBach March 26, 2017 at 8:36 pm Reply

    Yeah, Alex took it down because he’s not allowed to get behind flat earth. You listen to his response to a flat earther who called in on his show then you’ll understand he’s controlled too. How did you miss this?


    • jwlpeace March 26, 2017 at 8:40 pm Reply

      No he didn’t
      If he took it down, it would not of been up on Sargents’, Russian Vids, OddTV, etc.!
      They promote ED Dubay ONLY, no other FE’ers’….Shillspicious to say the least.

      Jones is a Strafor Intelligence agent who promotes JEwry but never ever will mention Jesuits.
      he has employees directly verified working for him from Stratfor, a NSA shill company.

      Jones is also funded by the Ford Foundation, same as NPR, that is why he has millions of viewers…


      • SBach March 26, 2017 at 8:59 pm

        ? So are you saying that Russian Vids and the rest acknowledge the free mason aspects of the globe agenda without including the Jesuits? If this is the case then I’ll have to agree with you.


      • jwlpeace March 26, 2017 at 10:07 pm

        Glad we can have an open discussion on this.
        We lost 3 great websites on FE last year, GeocentricGnostic, DIRTH, and What Happened in Flat EArth News…all for personal reasons. Each one of those sites, like Sage of Quay, cover the Jesuits, pedophile and FE. How can anyone not be calling out the J-suits and FE when the evidence is so overwhelming…like sending astronomers to China and INdia in 1550’s and bringing the first telescopes to the US in the early 1600’s and still to this day the largest and longest owners of observatories and patents. And that Copernicus was a priest and dedicated his book to Pope Paul III, and Newton’s 4th edition of Principia final edited by Jesuits and that the Big Bang theory was written by JEsuit Georges LaMaitre? Sargent, Steeres, Dubay, Jeranism, OddTV, Skiba, Robbie DAvidson, etc. never mention a word about these facts, not a word. Dubay commented on my you tube channel, when i challenged him why he did not label Jesuits, just Freemasons and Jews, was that they were “his friends”. hmmmm.

        My subscriber counts go backward. My FE interview on the Sage of Quay, which i posted on my channel, has views that go backward in count and where I should see at least 100k views by now (look at previous interview on Jesuits right before), its less than 4K after months!

        Dubay led out the FE movement to create another controversial meme, imho. Sargent came on right after with 10 pro videos in a week that was totally shillspicous, then Steere’s who interviews Orphan Red, A FE guy in full midevil armament, etc. and won’t touch me for her show (which i’d never be on anyway). I sent Skiba letters, no response, Jeranism is a former military sniper and a prick when i reached out to him. I sent an email when i learned of the FEIC conference with all the play-ah’s and got a very polite no thank you from Brian Mullin’s wife.

        The people that go to my site are here to research for themselves and spread the truth, not control it to their agenda’s. I did not use my name until i launched my book and went on the Sage of Quay interview because this is not about me, never has been, it’s been about the great awakening going on with all of us open minded enough to think for ourselves and see for ourselves. That is all.

        Now, i’ll get criticized for making some money to pay me a little for years of my free time and research. My family thinks i’m nuts…but I found a real honey of a woman who gets it, and me and supports me 1000-%…and that makes all the diff.

        Buy my book and give me your thoughts.
        also, look at how many secret societies, no one knows about…and all the Freemasons…it is truly a Truman Show and the mind psyop has been going on now for centuries…but its ending with FE. They let a big truth out of the bag and will never fit back in a round ball spinning at speeds no one can relate to.


  5. SBach March 26, 2017 at 11:06 pm Reply

    Thank you for expounding on this important element. To ignore or under emphasize the Zionism aspect (which are one in the same with the Jesuits) is foolish. I think for some it may be there ignorance of the historical deception of this society along with Catholicism against the true Christian faith. They fear appearing anti Jew.


    • jwlpeace March 26, 2017 at 11:21 pm Reply

      In my thinking, the only way out is internal. Becoming one’s author of one’s own authority and educating oneself while the internet still allows research and semi-free thought to exist. Then it will be back to books and propaganda. If you wish to see what I feel the US and Western World countries are in for, watch the YT, Panama Deception.
      The US has never been invaded, speaking of the US States, not the USA in Rome, D.C.
      Isis is Columbia, she is mounted on the top spire on the Capitol’s Dome. She is to be destroyed and the Trump card has just been played after we were further softened up and Snowed-en.
      Yet I for one, am proud and grateful that I was here, like all you reading this, to learn a very, very critical alternative story of our common Cosmology.

      All J’s and K’s (agents in Men In Black!) come from the same cloth of death and destruction to all but them. No species spared, we are human resources, always have been for their game. Now the children are electronic, they can be chipped, patched, transy with the tranny, etc…the Beast has our youth and the parents are AWOL en todo.
      Yet even when you’re aware and active and persistent in doing the right thing, like growing your own food, own water and home energy, the electronics still invades now. It’s everywhere…Free Porn…parents are silent.

      So the rant is for all of you who get pissed about “they”. Unless the FE goes “TRump”, I doubt it will get anymore credit than another label of conspiracy and one-off. Yet, those that go past the meme programming will find a very solid, verifiable and historically significant Story of Us all. A story that has been left for us to find, and we have…and now we have to share after we learn.
      This site is an archive and a narrative. Thank you all for your support for the past 1 1/2 years or so, it’s meant all the difference to keep going.

      Now that you’ve learned, you must share with others. Tag your it!

      Iconoclast Jme


  6. Jess March 26, 2017 at 11:28 pm Reply

    The Jews are not the “leaders” of the world conspiracy. The jesuits are. The jesuits lead the world conspiracy. They only blame Jews because they know that the devil hates the Jews the most and will foment Jew hate among the ignorant masses. The Bible says that the whole world will turn against Israel in the last days, and God will fight for Israel against the whole world (of course believers in Jesus Christ won’t be fighting against Israel).


  7. Kay May 30, 2017 at 3:45 pm Reply

    The first jesuits were jews 😆

    4 jews being set up. Give me a brake..

    Read: The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

    K. Buchenwald


  8. Kay May 30, 2017 at 3:52 pm Reply

    @ Jess,

    IsraHell is biggest mistake in history! Made by the Rothschilds btw.



  9. Ben Storey June 26, 2017 at 6:31 am Reply

    This article REEKS of bitterness. So WHAT if u don’t get credit for your work??? And wtf is this.. “Eric Dubay, who has been relegated to the dust bin of irrelevance in the FE movement now”
    L MFAO!!! Show me a FE YouTuber with more followers!


  10. Carolparker July 18, 2017 at 3:05 pm Reply

    oYou’re a true flat earther, and the coolest of men


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