The “Diamond” Planet; More NASA Sci-Fi

 So NASA says that in 2004 they were able to determine that this planet was 1/3rd diamond, its partner started eating it, temps are 3900F and their were 2000 Earth like, or exoplanets….from a tiny radio beam sent 40 light years or  235,145,014,927,344 Miles ..thats over 235 trillion miles!!!…. and back again…to get all this “scientific” proof. …

..yet not a single live cam of Earth??? WTF?


The Diamond Planet

Discovered in 2004, 55 Cancri e, at twice the Earth’s size and eight times its mass, is called “Super Earth”. Aside from graphite and other silicates, its main component is diamond. It is made of crystallized diamond, with 1/3rd of its mass being pure diamond. Once a star in a binary system, its partner started eat at it, leaving only the gem core. Its temperature is 3900°F. Its Earth value is $26.9 nonillion, 384 quintillion times Earth’s GDP of $74 trillion. Mining only 0.182% of it would pay off the total debt of $50 trillion of all the governments in the world. They just have to travel 40 light years.

There are almost 2000 exoplanets in the universe that have so far been discovered. The remarkable features of many of these strange and mysterious planets outside the solar system often leave the world of science absolutely confounded, when fact about the universe and it hidden planets sound stranger than fiction.


One thought on “The “Diamond” Planet; More NASA Sci-Fi

  1. James March 14, 2017 at 2:10 am Reply

    NASA have sold the lie to the masses and now they just publish reams of fantasy which the gullible unthinking public laps up like pavlovs dogs. People are too far gone and won’t question anything because they are too conditioned to what the mainsteam propaganda spews in their moronic faces.

    What a sad world we live in. True intelligence is the rarest commodity of all.


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