FE Book Sneak Preview 3.2.17

pgs. 124-126

                  Captain Cooks Circumnavigation of Antarctica

                  Only Works of a Flat Earth Map


In 1773 Captain Cook became the first modern explorer known to have breached the Antarctic Circle and reached the ice barrier. During three voyages, lasting three years and eight days, Captain Cook and crew sailed a total of 60,000 miles along the Antarctic coastline never once finding an inlet or path through or beyond the massive glacial wall! Captain Cook wrote: “The ice extended east and west far beyond the reach of our sight, while the southern half of the horizon was illuminated by rays of light which were reflected from the ice to a considerable height. It was indeed my opinion that this ice extends quite to the pole, or perhaps joins some land to which it has been fixed since creation.” On October 5th, 1839, another explorer, James Clark Ross began a series of Antarctic voyages lasting a total of 4 years and 5 months. Ross and his crew sailed two heavily armored warships thousands of miles, losing many men from hurricanes and icebergs, looking for an entry point beyond the southern glacial wall. Upon first confronting the massive barrier Captain Ross wrote of the wall, “extending from its eastern extreme point as far as the eye could discern to the eastward. It presented an extraordinary appearance, gradually increasing in height, as we got nearer to it, and proving at length to be a perpendicular cliff of ice, between one hundred and fifty feet and two hundred feet above the level of the sea, perfectly flat and level at the top, and without any fissures or promontories on its even seaward face. We might with equal chance of success try to sail through the cliffs of Dover, as to penetrate such a mass”.

“Yes, but we can circumnavigate the South easily enough,’ is often said by those who don’t know, The British Ship Challenger recently completed the circuit of the Southern region – indirectly, to be sure – but she was three years about it, and traversed nearly 69,000 miles – a stretch long enough to have taken her six times round on the globular hypothesis.”  —William Carpenter,  “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe

Why was the Antarctic shut off limits by military declaration with the Antarctic Treaty System of some 13 countries in 1958, the exact same year NASA was founded? What did they wish to hide? And why did Admiral Byrd send out a fleet of 30 ships just one year after the end of WWII in 1946 with Operation High Jump. Like to high jump a wall?!?

Admiral Byrd rush orchestrates 3 task forces to search all A-Round the Earth on a planned 6–8 month mission yet the entire fleet, including an aircraft carrier, returned in as little as 6–8 weeks’ time. Byrd was then cited and quoted as discovering aliens and flying saucers, just a few months after the UFO Roswell creation/story/ UFO event. James Van Allen went to Antarctica and came back having learned that he had discovered the Van Allen Belt, where the dome was soon known to exist after the nuking the dome tests of Operations Dominic and Fishbowl.


                                                  Journey to Find the Dome

                                       Operation High Jump and the Freemasons fe-ice-wall-2


Immediately upon returning on his first ever expedition to Antarctica in 1927, Admiral Richard E. Byrd (October 25, 1888–March 11, 1957) delivered some 27,000 documents and transcripts to the sponsor of his private sojourn, JD Rockefeller, the wealthiest man on Earth at the time. These papers have never been revealed to the public about what he discovered.

Admiral Byrd was a known 33-degree Freemason, and in 1935 he went down to Antarctica where he established the first Freemason Lodge, New Zealand Lodge 777. Immediately after WWII the US Navy Brass unexpectedly rushed launched the largest military operation ever down to Antarctica called Operation High Jump. Admiral Byrd led the expedition of 30 ships and 4700 militarized soldiers (He also led some of the first expeditions to the North Pole.) The Antarctic mission had 3 task forces that were sent out in different directions and was to last 6-8 months.

Two weeks before leaving on this massive rushed operation immediately after WWII, the commander of the expedition, Admiral Richard Cruzen, commander of the flagship, Olympus, complained to Admiral Byrd he knew nothing about the mission or supplies needed for his men just two weeks before departure. Ships had to be recommissioned, including the rushed shakedown of the new aircraft carrier, the USS Philippine Seas, among the largest carriers of the time. The main force was divided into three groups. The Central Group comprised of the USS Mt. Olympus (communications); USS Yancey (supply); USS Merrick (Supply); USS Sennet (submarine); USCGC Burton Island (Icebreaker) and USCGC Northwind (icebreaker).

fe-patch-antarcticOperation High Jump went down with specially equipped rockets, cranes and snow machines to traverse over the 150 + tall ice walls to venture deep into the Antarctic region yet failed completely on their mission as many of those exploring died when their planes went off course and crashed when equipment failed likely due to the heavy electromagnetic fields from the dome. The mission was to last fe-byrd26-8 months but in just six weeks the entire fleet had bugged out back to the states as Admiral Byrd related fantastical tales of German Nazi anti-gravity UFOs.

He later spoke out in his autobiography, “Alone,” about the ‘hidden forces’ that guided him throughout most of his missions. Just four months previous, the UFO Roswell incidents were being widely reported. More likely is that they were really trying to find out about the electromagnetic field above the ice wall and the edge of the dome, thus the name of the expedition, Operation High Jump. (You can learn more about this on my you tube channel at aplanetruth.info). Admiral Byrd mysteriously died in 1957 and in 1958 the Antarctic Treaty System was created effectively making the entire Antarctic off limits and militarily controlled by the UN.







1957 UN Forms Antarctica Treaty System; Military Bases to Protect Uninhabited Ice ….or to Keep the Dome from Discovery?

 Donald Fagen, from the band, Steely Dan, wrote a song in the late 20th century titled, I.G.Y. A song about the creation of the “International Geophysical Year” of study of the Antarctic regions from back in 1957.  The Antarctic Treaty (ATS) was signed in Washington, DC on 1 December 1959 by the twelve countries whose scientists had been active in and around Antarctica during the International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957-58. It entered into force in 1961 and has since been acceded to by many other nations. The ATS was set up at the same time that NASA was founded and is governed through Washington D.C. and the United Nations. As of 2015, there are 53 states party to the treaty, 29 of which, including all 12 original signatories to the treaty, have consultative voting status. Consultative members include the seven nations that claim portions of Antarctica as national territory. The 46 non-claimant nations either do not recognize the claims of others, or have not stated their positions.


Travel to the Antarctic is highly restricted. Private air travel over it is strictly forbidden. Ships are only allowed to carry limited amounts of fuel said due to a spill that would damage the environment. Most tourist agencies are registered to similar spook agencies connected to Washington D.C. and there are still no live shots from space of the Antarctic, only Google images and maps. Why?


Get your ticket to that wheel in space
While there’s time
The fix is in
You’ll be a witness to that game of chance in the sky
You know we’ve got to win.
Here at home we’ll play in the city
Powered by the sun
Perfect weather for a streamlined world
There’ll be spandex jackets, one for everyone

Donald Fagen ~ I.G.Y.

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