NASA Discovers Many “Earth-Like” Planets? WTF!

320 TRILLION MILES AWAY, NASA can determine the size, orbit, relation to other “planets”, make up of planet, speed of travel, etc. etc., etc., all from a radio frequency or microwave beam sent trillions of miles through space dust, comet trails, micrometeroids, etc., etc. etc. AND BACK, to make such determinations.   Pure Fantasia folks. It’ all theater and a big lie!

Creating a Hubble Galaxy in Two Minutes

Flat Earth – 100% proof Hubble space telescope does not exist

The Hubble Telescope Hoax

One thought on “NASA Discovers Many “Earth-Like” Planets? WTF!

  1. Tom February 25, 2017 at 7:06 pm Reply

    I believe the basketball player.


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