A Flat Earth Awakening Story

Mary Martha said…

I am once more blown away. Is there a door in my brain that Rene has access to? I am trying to drag my family and friends along with me on this journey but they won’t budge. I am alone. I am the weirdo although they say “We still love you.” Gee thanks….Their heads are filled with the Superbowl, Lady Ga Ga and Trump. ( oh and how many Doritos can be consumed in one sitting?) The hostess and host of the Super Bowl party I was at are 250 and 400 pounds respectively, I kid you not. They are dear friends. Kind people. The time bomb is ticking and they cannot hear it. Everyone was enthralled, entranced, engorging themselves while watching millionaires fight over a ball. Worshipping at the altar of TV as their helmet clad gods bash each other senseless. Laughing at commercials that truly are not funny but if you drink enough beer well then. I used to be like them. I thought I was living the American Dream and I have woken up to understand I have been cast in the lead role of American Nightmare. I know who the killer is. I know I am being hunted down. I try and convince those I love to try and escape with me. To think for themselves to free their minds. To shed the brainwashing and remember…..They like where they are even tho they suffer. They blame it on everything and everyone else just as they have been programmed while those responsible remain unidentified per the plan. Grab a handful of chips and down another beer. I cannot unlearn what I know. How many of me are there? Less than .01% of the peasants are awake is my guess. I have never felt more alone in all my life. It is crushing.



4 thoughts on “A Flat Earth Awakening Story

  1. Mario February 10, 2017 at 10:15 pm Reply

    You are not alone, I’m a 68 year old grandpa who know it is flat, sun is near and small they lie with a smile but we are about to change that, do not give up happy awakening


  2. Lakie Clower February 11, 2017 at 1:42 am Reply

    I have been reading about the flat earth for days now, and I truly believe that is exactly what God Made a very special place. Unlike the planet and stars, yet they are for our beauty and knowledge. We are very special and this is a very special place. I can not believe we are spinning, spinning, spinning. The land is too flat and the rivers flow both north to south and south to north. The water tables are stable and the mountains stay in place. Gravity is not what holds this earth together. But God who made it has everything under control. That’s my thought and I believe them one hundred percent.


  3. Vic Button February 11, 2017 at 1:58 pm Reply

    To Martha: Hello my friend, you are not alone on the broader front – FE is growing by the day.
    I had the same the same problem with close ones, but now practicly all have now been converted using SIMPLE arguments/debates – moon hoax is a good place to start – NASA
    actually self destruct themselves. Here are couple of short video clips that worked for me: https://youtu.be/SAZTmp-9FQk
    Another one that does work and shows how silly the idea of living on a spinning globe is: https://youtu.be/NA5emmMqAkU – to understand this more clearly in you head, remember that there is an up and down in so called space, if you consider the spacewalking astronauts repair the “top” and the “bottom” of the ISS – they are hanging from their head while repairing the “bottom” hope this helps.


  4. PennieLane February 22, 2017 at 8:20 pm Reply

    I’m in


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