Testing Flatards; A Mocumentary


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We are now in the “laugh at you stage”. Instead of using proof, logic, reason and evidence, we are mocked….and almost 1/4 million views since Dec. .’16 = WINNING

7 thoughts on “Testing Flatards; A Mocumentary

  1. Tom February 9, 2017 at 12:00 am Reply

    What is the point of posting this video?


  2. Ben Sake February 9, 2017 at 10:25 am Reply

    Typical mathematicians — disconnected from society. You don’t win over someone by insulting them. The video is clearly aimed at the globalists in a desperate attempt to keep them from the truth. I’ll go over discrepancies on the actual Youtube channel.


  3. Ben Sake February 9, 2017 at 10:52 am Reply

    Just in case my comment gets deleted on that channel, I wrote:

    Typical mathematician — disconnected from society. You don’t win over someone by insulting them. The video is clearly aimed at the globalists in a desperate attempt to keep them from the truth. Lucky for you, there are some of us flat-earthers that can see things objectively and logically. With that said, I thought your video would have been EXCELLENT had you not insulted the opposition. You sound like a young buck though, so I’m sure in time you’ll learn to present better.

    I won’t work out the same math you did, I’ll just presume you are correct and that you were honest in your calculations. Cross-checking you would be a waste of time because…

    1. Not all flat-earthers believe that the AE map is the “true” map of the earth. I’m one of many that believe a “true” map is yet to be revealed. In the meantime, the AE map is a good reference point to give an “idea” of what the flat earth looks like. So, needless to say, doing any kind of calculations on the AE map, especially in regards to navigation, would be silly for the exact reasons you pointed out — and any flat-earther that believes it’s accurate is 100% deserving of the degradation the author portrays at them.

    2. You claimed numerous times that your calculations “prove” the earth is not flat. Not it doesn’t, and if you keep up that kind of propaganda, you’re never going to get far in discovering ANY truth. Your video discounts the AE map as an accurate flat-earth map, that’s it. As soon as an accurate map is out, you’re going to find yourself in a pickle. So here’s a tip: in your future videos, put your ego aside and don’t make silly presumptions. It makes the globalists look that much more indoctrinated.

    3. Funny how you didn’t mention how planes are or are not affected by the coriolis effect, which they would be on a spinning globe. If the coriolis effect can effect something such as a bullet from a rifle or a frisbee, then what kind of an effect do you think it would have an on object, such as plane, that has left the earth’s surface for hours? Good luck landing a plane that succumbs to those effects.

    4. As for the effect at the end. . .how going on a straight line on a flat earth would cause your compass to gradually change it’s heading — yes, this is true and it DOES happen. A simple experiment is taking a flight from Tokyo, Japan to Los Angeles, California (which I’ve flown countless times due to business). Most jumbo jets now come with a personal TV panel that allows you to watch movies. . .and even allows you to view the flight path and information of your travel! If you were to look at the in-flight map, you can clearly see that “for some reason” the plane is NEVER travels in a straight line to Japan or vic versa. It always curves northward, heading you into Russia and Alaska. And to be clear, yes — I have seen the mountains south of the Bering Sea everytime. Why doesn’t the plane ever go in a straight line? AS A MATTER OF FACT, why does the plane go further NORTH the more you travel inwards to America (i.e. NY or Atlanta)? Answer: because it IS going in a straight line. . .on the flat earth.

    Look for yourself: http://www.flightconnections.com/
    Simple lookups: NRT to LAX, NRT to ATL

    Finally point #5: I noticed you were very careful to not say that YOU have actually taken any direct flights from South America to Australia. Until you do take one of those fake direct flights, you BELIEVE it’s possible. it is NOT fact, no matter how loud you scream it.


  4. Jeffrey B February 9, 2017 at 6:01 pm Reply

    Dude, your flight logic doesn’t make sense. Find a round globe (go to a library or something) and take a string or piece of twine. Stretch it between Tokyo and LA and make sure it’s taut. This is the shortest distance to get from Tokyo to LA. When you do this what path does the string take? Duh!…right over the Bering Sea!! Of course you’re not going to be flying directly East it would be a much longer flight. So yes, the compass heading is going to change throughout the flight. Do the same for your NY and Atlanta flights and you’ll see the same flight path. North then slowly changing to South. Didn’t they teach you that in like 6th or 7th grade?


    • Ben Sake February 9, 2017 at 9:34 pm Reply

      why cant u globe supporters have a decent conversation without insulting the opposition? fear of the truth? anyway, i did that experiment before in a classroom globe and i had different results. if your globe suppports the same results as mine on an FE map, then the experiment is null and void for both models.


  5. Ted Sago February 10, 2017 at 12:43 pm Reply

    This “CoolHardLogic” (CHL) character,who for some reason won’t trade under his own name,is he perhaps Ian Collins of LBC talk radio UK? I don’t have a link but,if anyone is interested, check out any of Collins’ many YouTube postings and listen for yourself. Collins has an uncannily similar voice and the same vocal mannerisms and pejorative shock jock style, always toeing the official line and revelling in “debunking” conspiratorial calls on his LBC shows.
    Re. the above video ,of all the things that went over my head, I would particularly like someone to explain to me why CHL claims “Flattard Airways” would always reach their destinations flying in circles along the lines of latitude on the FE map he uses?


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