What If?

by David Beverley Sr.  ETV Educational Technology

In regards to this info – it’s good to see that not all conform to what is agreed upon by the “masses” simply because:

NASA publishes it

Famous people postulated it (Einstein, Copernicus, Newton)

By the way – what if we are ALL WRONG.

What if:

Space is absolutely NOT  a vacuum.   My guess – for what it is worth  – is that what we call “space” is full of water.

The Bible describes the creation and tells us that there are WATERS ABOVE  and WATERS BELOW.

Gravity MAY BE  a “concocted” ideal – it is not real (what we call gravity is really simply an effect of  “levels of buoyancy”) –

Also  —–    MATH does NOT PROVE ANYTHING.  It is simply another means to state/describe  what you observe.  Just because we can write a fanciful equation

to explain something DOES NOT PROVE IT TO BE CORRECT  or factual. Mathematics is a language, with symbols and its own phraseology —

for example – you can have a logic statement (math falls into this) and it can be a completely sound, logical argument. But if your

first premise is in error – your logic may be sound – but you will still be in error. The outcome will be askew – not truthful.

By the way – some of the most prominent mathematicians are stating that math proves nothing.

Modern physics is beginning to “wake up” and lose its strictly “material world” ideals  and is realizing the “meta-physical” and/or spiritual aspects

of how everything actually exists:

We are not made up of particles – tiny atoms – but EVERYTHING is “waves” — frequency.

– another Biblical reference tells us that God (YHWH) spoke all creation into being.

The particles that we observe – only exist the moment that we look at them (try to get our brains around that????)

What we perceive as atoms are merely amplitude increases in the waves that make up the matter that you may be examining.

The sun is NOT nuclear – but it is electric –

Light IS NOT A CONSTANT – so it is a poor baseline/metric to be used to measure anything.

You can view a terrific presentation on the failure of institutionalized science:

When Radical Ideas Challenge Conventional Science | EU2015


In response to your “gravity is an outcome of spin – not mass” —–

If we use “rotational speeds”  for our “gravity measurement” —  what if we are NOT rotating?

By the way – assuming that the earth IS SPINNING —-  AND assuming it is a globe —

(I know you will think this is crazy – but the Earth HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN TO BE A GLOBE   – we have been TOLD that it is a globe.)

The equatorial spin is faster than the polar  or near polar spin — so we would feel MUCH LIGHTER at the polar regions.

Having been to BOTH POLAR REGIONS   I can tell you — I didn’t feel lighter.

On another note – we are now being TOLD that the Earth isn’t a ball/globe at all   but PEAR SHAPED – This is being told

by numerous “faces of NASA – like – Neil DeGrasse Tyson     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E9G8fbnZ24

so how do we explain all of the NASA Earth-from-space images   that show an almost perfect sphere????

Having worked at NASA  —  I can tell you that every “Earth from space” photo  (photo?)  is a composite of datasets

from spacecraft data – manipulated to show what the earth looks like from space.  many of these supposed datasets aren’t even in the

visible light spectrum – but are processed and “colorized” to show that NASA picture of Earth.

David Beverley Sr.

ETV Educational Technology

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3 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Olukayode Tiiye January 26, 2017 at 8:55 am Reply

    well done


  2. Tom February 24, 2017 at 3:12 am Reply

    re: “Having worked at NASA — I can tell you that every “Earth from space” photo (photo?) is a composite of datasets’

    This is true, getting film delivered back to earth from space is too expensive.


  3. Tom February 24, 2017 at 3:13 am Reply

    re: “The sun is NOT nuclear – but it is electric ”

    This is also true; they replace the batteries during the night (or was it during an eclipse?).


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