Flat Earth Reality: Why So Much Resistance?

One thought on “Flat Earth Reality: Why So Much Resistance?

  1. poolman January 2, 2017 at 4:47 pm Reply

    Having learned this truth recently, I can see why so many prefer to avoid it. The flat earth validates scripture and exposes the false religions of science and politic. It totally influences every notion we hold as true. We are all equipped with senses that confirm the flat earth, but we have all been well indoctrinated to not trust our own perception.

    I am confident that those who truly seek truth will eventually make this discovery. Based on the amount of ridicule and disinformation regarding this subject, it becomes obvious the hidden hand fears the revelation.

    I am trying to wake others, though many prefer to remain asleep. I think this year will be a turning point. Keep spreading the good word.


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