The Legalization of Child Pedophilia; A Very Sick World

The Legalization of Child Pedophilia; A Very Sick World

December 29, 2016  by Aaron Kesel

WTF?!! California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution

Pizzagate wasn’t only meant to raise suspicions of a pizza shop owner in DC and a whole DC strip. It was meant to convey the meaning of “cheese pizza” as pedophiles use it – code for child pornography. Now California Democrats have done the unthinkable – they just essentially legalized child prostitution by passing SB 1322.

SB 1322 states that children caught committing prostitution can no longer be arrested and charged with the pay for sex crime law. The law bars law enforcement from arresting underage sex workers only allowing them to temporarily detain kids caught in very limited circumstances.

Yes, you read that right, you don’t need glasses this isn’t a dream you can stop smacking yourself in the face to try and wake up. This is our sick reality.

Image result for rape trees

Rape trees are trees or bushes that mark where sexual assaults have occurred by arranging the victim’s undergarments on or around the trees branches or on the ground. “Rape trees” are commonly and increasingly found along the United States and Mexico borders as illegal immigration grows.

‘Rape Trees’ Common Along Immigrant Smuggling Route

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3 thoughts on “The Legalization of Child Pedophilia; A Very Sick World

  1. jwlpeace January 1, 2017 at 7:31 pm Reply

    Seriously Burntoast, did you read thru the mountain of evidence the mountains of testimony from abused children, the 85 women who testified against convicted Pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, who is long time best buds with Clinton and Trump? Do not throw out b.s. statements from “”. This is an extremely serious matter and for you to suggest we are out of touch with reality, suggests either you are completely naive or a shill protecting the status quo. Either way, you could not be more wrong and legislation is pending.. why are you even on this site? all you do is disagree with everything…


  2. Zimba January 2, 2017 at 2:30 am Reply

    The article isn’t telling the full truth. The police can place the “child prostitute” in protective custody without arresting them.

    There is no such thing as a “child prostitute.” Children in that situation are VICTIMS of a crime, not perpetrators of a crime.

    Whenever California does something truly progressive like this, people freak out. Over time they come to realize that we’re right, just like it was with medical marijuana.

    To everyone that is screaming that this is a bad thing: do you think that children who are being pimped out and being molested by johns should be charged with a crime? really? shouldn’t it be the pimp and the john that are arrested and charged with crimes?


    • jwlpeace January 2, 2017 at 2:56 am Reply

      Thanx for the comment.

      very good points. everything is more complicated than we first realize..but who is behind stopping them in a State whorporate politicos trying to do the right thing because they themselves are likely involved, and that is how many got office…

      it is critical to fully understand who are Masters truly are and how long the rulers, who make the rules and break the rules, we all follow have controlled everything, and i mean everything, to their own agenda, purpose and needs.

      but good point on the true victims here, the children
      as for MJ, Big Pharma is behind a world wide push to make it okay
      Australia, Mexico, Ireland, etc. all at the exact same time because they found Ganja Religion??
      Nope, its much more techno spiritual science than that, my friend
      having to do with transhumanism, nanotechnology and Ahriman,
      the dark side of Satan. MJ allows our higher consciousness to ascend in all and keeps their
      touchless torture devices from commanding and controlling all of humanity, or “Human REsources”
      through communication and computer fro Total mind Kontrol.
      learn about touchless torture, i have many articles posted here.

      Politicians are not the victims but low level pimps in a much, much bigger game
      and if you think a vote or completely corrupted regime since Rome, who faked NASA, as just
      a sidebar to their work
      where we obey Roman Latin Law to this day, yet not one can say what Latin Is

      but for the ongoing awareness to help in our own communities and tribes.


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