Aplanetruth.info; #1 World Ranking of All Flat Earth Websites 2016


Aplanetruth.info Ranked #1 in Alexa World Rankings 2016 of Flat Earth Websites

I used the ALEXA RANK CHECKER to find out the rankings for 12 flat earth websites: aplanetruth.info, atlanteanconspiracy.com, enclosedworld.com, flat-earther.co.uk, flatearthconspiracy.com, flatearthhub.com, jeranism.com, marksargent.com, testingtheglobe.com, theflat.world, thegeocentricgnostic.com, and whotfetw.com. Note: The lower the result means the better the position in Alexa Ranking.


Out of more than a billion websites, here’s how they scored (in flat earth and on the internet) …

  1. ATLANTEANCONSPIRACY.COM: 258,038 (not a dedicated FE website)
  2. APLANETRUTH.INFO: 492,643
  4. WHOTFETW.COM: 887,992
  6. FLAT-EARTHER.CO.UK: 1,636,908
  7. MARKSARGENT.COM: 1,823,683
  8. JERANISM.COM: 1,902,287
  9. ENCLOSEDWORLD.COM: 2,329,400
  10. FLATEARTHHUB.COM: 6,317,287
  11. THEFLAT.WORLD: 9,818,864


One thought on “Aplanetruth.info; #1 World Ranking of All Flat Earth Websites 2016

  1. D December 31, 2016 at 11:42 pm Reply

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work : )


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