Some P900 Flat Earth observations

One thought on “Some P900 Flat Earth observations

  1. December 28, 2016 at 10:48 pm Reply

    Hi, I have subscribed to your site for a while (I think a bit over a year now) and find it great. I was introduced to FE by a good friend of mine and a few years ago and the bug bit. I am retired and started investigating several branches of science and physics and have been putting together notes which are now becoming fairly large. In 2014 I sent several questions through to MENSA for answers or comment and after several excuses gave up trying to get replies. I got kicked off the close minded Science Forum twice for daring to challenge the sciences. Although some of the subjects are possibly irrelevant, would it be ok if I sent you a copy for a bit of a sanity check? Subsequent to writing content some years back, I have seen other submissions on the WWW e.g. Sun rays through cloud etc. It is still a work in progress with several more subjects to cover and some content to be expanded on. Thanks for all the posts and furthering the education of the sheeple, hopefully someday everyone will wake up before the world is totally screwed Best regards Barry Mollett


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