How Our Electromagnetic Plasma Uni-verse May Work Inside Our Dome

Still need to resolve:

  1. The physics, or electromagnetic properties as to how the Sun and Moon move to their outer and inner limits between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer throughout the year.
  2. How the Sun and Moon speed up and slow down between Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
  3. How high, how thick, how impregnable is the Dome?
  4. Is Tesla technology of Free Energy using Dome principles available to all today but being kept secret?
  5. Was the Dome put in place to keep us from contaminating the ROU (Rest of Universe)?
  6. How would tides vary in different areas based on an Electromagnetic Plasmic field inside a dome?
  7. What Plasmic Principles effect the Hot, Warm Electric Golden Sun light and the Cool, Silvery Magnetic Moon light that make them glow and give off heat and coolness?
  8. More?

One thought on “How Our Electromagnetic Plasma Uni-verse May Work Inside Our Dome

  1. BurntToast December 10, 2016 at 10:55 pm Reply

    As far as things to resolve:

    I didn’t see mention of how the sun and/or moon constantly change direction to travel in a circular path. Perhaps more of a spiral since there is lateral motion between the two tropics.

    Another one might be why the motion is limited to between the two tropics? And why the tropics are identical distances from the equator.

    One test of the defined FE path of the sun would be to provide evidence of the changing angle of shadows on any part of the earth directly on the equator. As FE diagrams everywhere portray this, the sun’s shadow would only be east-west at noon on the equinox. In the hours before and after, the shadows should diverge from an E-W line.


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