FE Newbie Tries to Awaken, but Can’t “Go There”, yet.

Guy lays out only a few basics and then tries, with lame arguments as to why FE theory is wrong…still puts some good dots together…

(Fyi, Flat Earth Society and ED are shills, but credit for leading out the FE Movement).

On the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory

Flat Earthers believe those who advocated (and advocate) a spherical earth either erred or were part of a conspiracy to keep the truth of a flat earth hidden. Evidence that the world is round is either wrong or fake.

Were a Flat Earther to venture outward (on the disc) and encounter Antarctica/the ice wall, he or she could travel along the coast and traverse, if flat earth theory is correct, 78,540 miles before reaching the starting point again.

If only there were individuals from multiple nations, some independent of governments, who over centuries had circumnavigated Antarctica to reveal its true dimensions!

Individuals like James Cook of England (1772-1775), Thaddeus Bellingshausen of Russia (1819-1821), John Biscoe of England (1830-1833), Hjalmar Rilser-Larsen and Nils Larsen of Norway (1930-1931), David John and William Carey of England (1931-1933), Lars Christensen and Klarius Mikkelsen of Norway (1933-1934), Leonard Hill of England (1937-1939), Nikolay Elin and Roman Panchenko of Russia (1982-1983), Joseph Smith of the United States (1982-1983), Peter Golikov of Russia (1996-1997). The latter was a tourist ship, a cruise.

One could also study people like Jon Sanders of Australia (1982) or Fedor Konyukhov of Russia (2008), men who circumnavigated the south pole alone, nonstop and unassisted.

Or perhaps a Flat Earth theorist could investigate (and join in) the Antarctica Cup, a yacht race around Antarctica. People who circumnavigate the continent are alive and available to interview.

Each circumnavigation revealed the same thing: Antarctica is roughly 11,160 miles in circumference (with sea ice extending out several thousand miles more). Not 78,540. If it was an ice wall around the disc, the diameter of the world would have to be not 25,000 miles, but rather 3,550.

That’s about the distance from New York to France.

Also, though Ernest Shackleton’s famous 1915 attempt to cross the continent on foot failed, explorers succeeded after him. Britain’s Vivian Fuchs and New Zealand’s Edmund Hillary succeeded (1957-1958), as did Boerge Ousland of Norway (1997), Cecilie Skog and Ryan Waters of Norway (2010), and Felicity Aston of Britain (2012).

Conspiracy theorists could cross it themselves, if they so decided (they commonly say it’s too heavily guarded by government militaries, an exaggeration that also assumes governments are devoting the massive resources to and effectively protecting a 78,540 mile strip).

But one might suppose they would insist “crossing” the continent would in reality be a manipulation, nothing more than traversing a rounded protrusion in the ice wall. Perhaps a yacht would be a better idea.

south pole

via National Geographic

Flat Earthers could of course say all the voyages of the past two centuries were a grand hoax, akin to the alleged moon landing hoax of 1969, but there is of course no evidence for this.

Each person involved would have had to either be silenced with perfect efficiency (upon discovering the world is flat and enclosed in an ice wall) or an agent intimately involved in a multinational conspiracy to hide the truth from all.

One thought on “FE Newbie Tries to Awaken, but Can’t “Go There”, yet.

  1. aginghipster1 December 10, 2016 at 12:54 pm Reply

    Yes the earth is flat and we know this. Windowless planes taking wealthy people a few short miles inside of the wall fools no one and only proves what we already know. Why the Treaty? Will you say that Admiral Byrd was insane, a lier of the highest order? Aldren knew. That poor man all those years had to lie. The shame he felt…


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