NASA Admits They Don’t Use Real Images From Space

All NASA has to do is show ONE live camera of Earth, just one. They could of put a camera on the Moon anytime they wanted over the past 40 years, yet have never, ever done this. Why? if they truly wanted to shut up Flat Earth Nation forever, one live, real pic of
Earth, just one.


3 thoughts on “NASA Admits They Don’t Use Real Images From Space

  1. Chris K December 3, 2016 at 6:57 pm Reply

    Anyone can explain?
    Yesterday 3 December 2016 NASA released the so called sharpest and best closeup pictures of Pluto’s surface.
    Sounds great and looks great.
    But why is it that this equipment was not able to take any picture and closeup of the earth globe when it was on its alleged way to Pluto.

    Any picture likre the ones we were presented with from the alleged close- in to Pluto and any closeup details from the earth would have ended any speculations about the earth shape immediately.
    But NASA did not ( or shall I say could not) take any shot of the earth globe.
    Answer please….Anyone??????


  2. essiep December 5, 2016 at 10:01 pm Reply

    Probably, the have better things to do than waste time on the lunatic fringe.


  3. semaj December 6, 2016 at 1:37 pm Reply

    The lunatics are well catered for with so called images of Pluto who are so thick and cannot or will not understand why some proper photos of earth are so important! Does it ever dawn on the mushy pea brained public that NASA always refers to pictures as images and many so called pictures of the moon landings, earth and astroNOTS in space were retitled images rather than photos when the intelligent few started questioning what they were seeing. I remember the so called ‘live’ moon landings as they ‘happened’ in 1969 and my Dad’s comment was “question everything”! Where is the 360 degree pan of the lunar surface that ANY of the ‘landings’ could have shown which would have gone a long way to prove the events? Please do not tell me there is one because once again NASA showed a composite of a so called 360 view to try and answer this question.
    Not wanting to waste time on the lunatic fringe is also the excuse for not training Hubble or any super telescope for that matter on the ‘landing sites’. If we can see even small detail e.g. craters from 250,000 miles away with the naked eye then why can’t a telescope show us ANY landing site details? Please don’t reply with the Luna Surveyor clap trap which has as much validity of the ISS live feed joke.


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