WASHINGTON, Dec. 30— After three years of investigations, the Federal Office of Research Integrity today found that Dr. Robert C. Gallo, the American co-discoverer of the cause of AIDS, had committed scientific misconduct. The investigators said he had “falsely reported” a critical fact in the scientific paper of 1984 in which he described isolating the virus that causes AIDS.


A White Paper On The Viral-AIDS Hypothesis

By Robert Willner  1994

The history of medicine contains a plethora of instances in which physicians have acted tragically under “consensus of opinion” rather than relying on substantial scientific evidence. This practice has its origins in the long-held concept that medicine is an “art” rather than a science. In recent decades, the major advances in technology have allowed us to emerge from the “dark ages” of diagnostic and therapeutic doctrines that were often based on personal prejudice and “medical politics”. Unfortunately, we have also fallen victim to fraudulent scientific papers because of the inherent trust we place in our colleagues engaged in arcane areas of medical research. In the early 1980’s, physicians became aware of what appeared to be an emerging epidemic which is now known throughout the world as AIDS. Along with all of my colleagues, I eagerly followed the releases from the “authorities” about the progress of the disease and the involved explanations related to behavior of the new retrovirus which was given the designation HIV. In spite of my relative ignorance about retroviruses, I became suspicious that something was awry when retrovirologists, who had spent twenty years and in excess of twenty billion dollars in research on viruses, became involved in extensive apologetics with reference to HIV. They began to use terms such as “mysterious” and “intelligent” in the ever growing number of additional hypothetical explanations needed in the attempt to clear up the contradictions arising with reference to the original virus — AIDS HYPOTHESIS. I underscore the work hypothesis to remind my colleagues that the so-called AIDS virus has never been proven scientifically to cause any disease, let along AIDS. Every scientific pronouncement is without laboratory proof and is mere supposition.

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