Sage of Quay Radio – Jamie Lee – The Flat Earth Revolution


Mike and I had a blast making this show and interview. I have not listened to it yet because I get tired of my own voice…I’m sure some of you can relate, but the message needs to get out to the masses nonetheless.

My First FE book will be out in two weeks. I will be releasing another Chapter and final chapter soon here. I will offer purchasing 25% discounts through this site plus shipping, no handling fees. If you would like first copies with discount, signed or whatever, please email me @

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2 thoughts on “Sage of Quay Radio – Jamie Lee – The Flat Earth Revolution

  1. Naomi Smith November 6, 2016 at 4:21 pm Reply

    Listening to your talk with Sage of Quay. Great conversation! Re: ‘testify’ and testicles — maybe that’s why a wife cannot testify against her husband — it’s anatomically impossible!

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  2. Brother December 28, 2019 at 6:53 pm Reply

    “Ther might” still be a chance….

    To: The Fullerton

    I understand that I am preaching to the choir here….

    As these JP8 jet fuel aerosols are being used as a super accelerant when exhausted as chaff over vast areas of Australia…  

    As all of this is happening, we should be thinking of new ways to use technology and our current platforms to create an even stronger awareness of truth to the reality and cause of these blatant attacks on all life…

    It starts with all of us coming together, to more greatly help others abandon their currently programmed herd mentality, and hive mind state of thought/thought of state…

     We have to put all of our egos and differences aside to come together, and use our common higher frequency of the love of truth to change the future, and the real climate of things…

    We are all brothers and sisters… Truth, Togetherness & Love is the only answer.

    Thinking of you Australia:

    Little River Band from Melbourne Australia:

    The truth is Cool.

    Much Love.


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