Thank You! You Will Be Missed


R.I.P. ~

This past week, the most excellent Flat Earth daily news website repository for the past year has shut down. the What Happened on The Flat Earth News This Week.

Now they have shut down the site due to personal health issues needing attention.

You will be sorely missed. You connected the FE community like no other site has. Every day, dozens of post. Connecting dots like no other, so others can awaken and learn.

You work has been recognized by FE Nation to honor you with inclusion into the just created Flat Earth (modern day division) Bioneers Hall of Fame.  Congrats!

Selfless and spot on. Ripples outward, not even an email contact!

Great thanx and appreciation Mighty Ninja, Backyard Job, and the rest.

WE’ll keep soldiering on, in your wake and honor.


Yet the movement continues to grow and FE Nation grows stronger with ever more conscious awakened Ones by the day.


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One thought on “Thank You! You Will Be Missed

  1. Vic Button October 29, 2016 at 7:10 pm Reply

    Thank you, “What Happened On The Flat Earth This Week” i will miss clicking onto your site to see the up to date information etc. I appreciate all the work involved putting it all together – a fantastic job well done – good look for the future.


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