FE Memes O’ Da Day ~ 10.9.16


Thanx to the crew at Whotfetw.com

 flat-earth-memes-396-1 flat-earth-memes-396-3 flat-earth-memes-396-5 flat-earth-memes-396-10 flat-earth-memes-396-12flat-earth-memes-396-17 flat-earth-memes-396-18 flat-earth-memes-396-20flat-earth-memes-393-4 flat-earth-memes-393-5 flat-earth-memes-393-10 flat-earth-memes-393-13 flat-earth-memes-395-2 flat-earth-memes-395-5 flat-earth-memes-395-8 flat-earth-memes-395-10 flat-earth-memes-395-11 flat-earth-memes-395-12-copy-copy flat-earth-memes-395-13 fe-map-1 flat-earth-memes-395-19 flat-earth-memes-395-20

One thought on “FE Memes O’ Da Day ~ 10.9.16

  1. SG Today October 10, 2016 at 10:10 pm Reply

    I believe it would be interesting to know if having a picture of Picard with the text as shown above is fake presentation, or not.

    The “why” part of an answer to this question might be quite interesting.


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