The Luminaries; Final Proof We’ve Been Lied To Big Time


There are so many physical proofs that the stars are light energy beings that can be verified through telescope and high zoom off the shelf cameras.  Planets are “wandering stars”, and light energy beings as well.

This is irrefutable evidence, yet those with beLIEf systems unwilling to think critically, see clearly and understand deeply how great the Greatest Deception in All of Modern History has been perp’d on 7+ Billion people for over nearly a century is mind boggling in itself.

It’s all a fraud. NASA, the Vatican Telescopes, the Astro-Nots who never went, all a big Truman Show.  The masses in this generations existence willl never all get it, but over time, the truth, the verifiable with your own tests, vision and thoughts will discover the truth of our common cosmology.

This is why astrology still works on a flat earth. ‘Energy, frequency and vibration is all that we are’ said the Greatest genuis of the 20th century and beyond said



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