Retro FE 2015; Intro to FE History, Research & Conspiracy. Part I

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  1. Pegz October 5, 2016 at 5:40 pm Reply

    The geocentric and the heliocentric coordinate systems are whether the sun orbits the earth, or the earth orbits the sun. Is the earth or the sun the center of the universe, and is the earth stationary. The FE questions science accuracies of the heliocentric models celestial movement, gravity, speed, distances, the shape of the earth among other issues of geocentric and heliocentric coordinate system belief and disbelief. As a retro research overview, it seems answers depends on the beliefs of who is asked ….

    From the ancient religious, mythology, legend and folklore perspective, there were without question cultures that explained the earth and the heavens as an abstract metaphysical science—metaphorically, allegorically and poetically as a plane within circles of celestial bodies. The ancient model of celestial bodies are in a believed hierarchical order within a 360° constellation sphere on the 4 pillars of fire, air, water and earth. This by no means suggests error or ignorance as some may think. However, modern-day science considers abstract philosophical or ancient oral metaphysics explanations of cultural traditions archaic.

    Claudius Ptolemy (Almagest) educated in Hellenistic Alexandria Egypt (100-170 C.E.) was by far the authority for the geocentrism accepted model (1200 -1400 years). He followed the tradition of his day of the earth and the universe being a sphere within a sphere, the earth being central in the universe of spheres and at rest using the advanced geometry of his time for astronomy. It was Ptolemy’s earth centered astronomy system (geocentric) Copernicus (On The Revolutions Of The Heavenly Spheres) debated in favor of his heliocentric theory. However, the scientific geocentric and heliocentric astronomy coordinate systems are based on specific points of reference and are in and of themselves mathematically and scientifically multi dimensional.

    In ancient history emperors and kings for countless centuries closed down diverse secular schools or communities of science and philosophy like the Magi, the Kabbalah, the Essene, the Gnostic etc. including schools of the Hellenistic culture like those of Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato by putting to death their leaders and destroying their community if they became a believed threat by unifying a group that could possibly challenge the ruling empire’s religious and political laws (theocracy). There were then, like today, countless people that wanted freedom to think for themselves. They were hungry for a knowledge and a freedom that wasn’t dictated by a government. Many of these type societies went secret or underground. Many elite went to study in the advanced eastern schools.

    The C.E. Christian Greco – Roman empire in its state of moral and political decay (a common cycle in all civilizations) was in serious cultural religion and political leadership contention. There was little trust and a lot of superstition and conspiracy. Christians became divided into their ideology as Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, Jewish Christian and the Eastern Orthodox sects. There was serious suppression of education and parts of the empire was thought of as going backwards educationally, especially in math and astronomy in comparison to the previous Islamic golden era. The Greco-Roman empire’s territorial and religious administrations had little respect and tolerance for the agnostic public or those of a different political opinion or religious denomination. They were ruthless or biased in general behavior towards these groups. Because of leadership differences and biblical interpretation many Christian territory leaders would not honor festivals of the empire’s diverse cultural times of rest, took bribes on legal contracts favoring one culture over another as well as their own time contracts of leadership and public service. Many leaders used loopholes to abuse tax, tithe and usury laws. These cultural leaders over time hated each other with a passion in favor of popes, kings and queens royal blood lines. The European worldview at that time was still in the power of its advancing military financed by the expansion of exiled slave type labor for meager wages. Besides the empire being stagnant educationally, it was politically, financially and spiritually oppressed by the hell-fire condemnations, their leaders predictions and public rhetoric in expectations of a dominating eastern Hebrew-Arabic political type power, the Christian Messiah’s 2nd coming at any time and the ancient earth legends of the end of an age apocalyptic type cycle. The Papacy has been called antichrist within Christian rivalry since Constantinople.

    Around the mid 1500s C.E. it had been known for over a century in the empire there was a time slippage with the equinoxes and solstices not falling on the same date each year based on the Julian calendar’s solar-lunar geocentric predictions. At this point in time the equinoxes and solstices were off by about 10-12 days according to the Julian calendar which disrupted the spring equinox agriculture, the Passover and Easter festivals based on lunar and solar synchronization for their narratives to be honored as correct. Paul III appointed a new calendar reform to be studied under his Jesuit leadership. Copernicus a Catholic clergy was among several astronomers of his day that worked on the calendar. When Pope Gregory XIII took office the new Gregorian calendar was accepted under the Jesuit direction of Christopher Clavius who built his calendar model upon the previous Julian calendar and the astronomy of Aloysius Lulis golden number algorithm. At this point the Roman Catholic claiming the one true church authority left Christians to accept the Catholic rule, convert or move out of its jurisdiction as parts of Europe was at that point facing a horrific and deadly religious war that ended with an estimated 8 million casualties over its 30 years duration.

    Heliocentrism is believed to have been debated as the central fire on and off among scholars and academies since Julius Caesar’s (Julian) calendar reformation of 46 B.C.E. Whether the central fire of the philosophy was reference to the natural sun or an esoteric-exoteric precept also has its debates. However, the Copernican model was initially banned for religious reasons of not being geocentric, the earth was changed to a wandering planet and no longer the center of the universe. If there was a conspiracy in this case it would be between divisive political factions using religion and science as a method for control. The heliocentric model admitted by Copernicus as having some flaws at the time was due to the Roman Aristotelian academic astronomy scholarship’s geocentric requirements of perfect spheres and perfect spherical orbits which he was trying to follow, even though the math between different tables of celestial measurement of the poles, sidereal stars and the tropics of cancer and capricorn observation showed conflicting results. Copernican heliocentric model was placed on the back burner until a renewed public interest was created some years later by Copernicus’ final published work, Tycho Brahe, Galileo’s trial, Newton and Kepler.

    It was during this time that publicly and academically the mechanics of science and abstract philosophy education slowly became two distinct, divided and separate disciplines with different points of view. The academies of natural philosophy or metaphysics eventually closed. The religious position is philosophically the earth and man occupy central importance on the earth and everything revolves around the earth and the plan of salvation for man to be reconciled to their Creator. Major religions opened their cultural academies for their educational interpretations of what God and salvation means to man.

    The position of secular science beginning with the Copernican revolution is how the universe mechanically works is best explained by empirical knowledge-based evidence. The sun’s position dominates the whole solar system. The planets orbit the sun. The earth and man is not the center of the universe, and the natural universe has no special purpose–marked the beginning of a new era.

    The European protestant empires were the last to recognize the secular heliocentric model in adjustment to their doctrinal interpretation of the bible as a tolerance of the science revolution (John Calvin’s doctrine of accommodation). However, when they did, it wasn’t long after Catholic and Protestant biblical usury laws were also doctrinally reformed in favor of interest on loans moving the western world forward in a capitalist scientific and industrial worldview.

    Carl Sagan at the height of his career “Cosmos” PBS series was astonished at the secular science illiteracy at the time that he allegedly misquoted a highly controversial Arabian Sheik who put out an edict against those who did not believe in a flat earth in his book,“The Demon-Haunted World“. The Sheik’s spokesman had apologized in a media statement that the edict referred to the flat land under the Sheik’s feet when he learned he had publicly offended his own Arabian secular educated who have their history of advanced math and astronomy long before the western world’s acceptance. However, it was true that the Sheik in his early 80s at the time was not secularly educated believed in geocentrism and a flat earth even though most Imams today do not agree with some allegory parts of the Quran as a mathematical astronomy interpretation as many are scientists and some are scientists in space programs.

    In most all mediums of recorded antiquity, the earth is pictured and described in shape as the same enclosed geometric planar solid shape as the sun and moon. The universe in some cultural motifs has the believed egg (horizontal and vertical) spheroid type shape. However, in ancient art, the artist would have struggled with dimension and perspective as we still do today on flat surfaces. Did the ancients believe an egg was flat? Did the builders of the pyramids, the ziggurats, the lush ancient cities of ancient time, the believed technological advanced golden age of Atlantis and its magnificent structures, or the accuracy of the Mayan calendar created by those who did not know the difference between spiritual and spatial dimensions?

    Ancient cultures may have symbolically called the shape of the earth a circle, a sphere, a spheroid, a disc, shield of Achilles or something else circular like the egg as we linguistically and semantically communicate today, since our ancestors have understood arithmetic, algebra and a 360° geometry since ancient Mesopotamia written on clay tablets. The spatial difference between a 2d circle and a 3d sphere must have been understood mathematically in astronomy and astrology around 300 B.C.E. (Euclid spherical geometry) when the earth is referenced as a sphere among Plato and Aristotle schools of science and philosophy. It was around this time period under Alexander the Great when ancient astrology and astronomy started to separate into two different disciplines. Advanced astrologers worked for the king’s court and in the temples with the priesthood for the philosophy of using predictions and prophecy created by believed celestial movement. The astrologer held an advisory only position for the comparison of predestination, free will, or determination by choice used for the writing of laws by the court and/or priesthood. Astronomy is considered to be strictly the nuts and bolts mechanics of the universe. Ptolemy’s Almagest was written for astronomers and Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos was a comprehensive work of celestial cataloged movement for astrologers going back to 730 B.C.E. Afterall, it is our ancestors advancing educational legacy that is our eastern and western philosophy and science foundational worldview today.

    Our earth as geometry is considered a plane, and ancient metaphysics viewed the human existence on planes. For example, the ancient layperson believed there is the heavens, the sky between heaven as in horizon above the dry land and sea, and the underworlds (cycles or circles of life). Today we observe our physical bodies, our earth’s atmosphere, our earth’s ecosystem as well as the planes of our neighborhood planets and the depths of space in our solar system as multiple dimension in relationships to our human worldview. There are 7 planes or spheres of circulating atmosphere. The earth has 7 planes to its believed core, as well as 7 continents on its surface. The human life cycle from birth to death has 7 planes, spheres as ceremonial rites of passage, 7 sacraments of the spiritual life, the 7 virtues, 7 cardinal sins etc ..

    Is there anything created that cannot be divided mathematically into planes, realms, spheres, sections or steps for scientific knowledge, classification and understanding? Because we have been conditioned to believe there is a natural hierarchy or order in the physical realms, there is also a believed hierarchy in the spiritual. Consider Dante’s Inferno or Divine Comedy. However, the archaic superstitious misconception of the underworlds is they begin at the earth’s equator going southward. So it seems aside from this cultural superstition our European ancestors understood mathematical planes, spherical perspective, the dimensions or cycles within cycles on earth and in deep space within constellation astrology and universal astronomy. We didn’t come up with these concepts today without prior education and knowledge from our ancestors.

    This being said is not an effort by me to disprove or prove anyone’s cultural religious belief system (I have no desire), but to only point out, the ancient texts, including the bible is a collection of writing with many authors covering a large expanse of time that included their natural geographic environment, cultural traditions, the different language of the writers, their educational resources, their worldview past, present, and future at the time of writing and later on in their languages’ transliteration.

    If there are not serious problems with textual criticism among the ancient religious texts there would not be countless denominations and there would be no need to have hermeneutic, apologetic and transliteration departments within major religions for their ancient text’s meaning. The number one problem according to theology scholars in the study of ancient text is the accurate transliteration of the text’s meaning. The second problem is taking verses out of their overall context to prove or disprove many controversial issues. As we all know, religious textual criticism debates have been going on for countless centuries to divide and to dominate. Think of all the war and death over religious interpretation of who–what god is and who are the chosen.

    The word earth within the OT alone is translated as dust, dirt, dry land, soil, ground, territory, nation, country, heaven and land suggesting the whole (cosmos) dry land and the heavens, land of the plains, land of the north, land of Israel, land of our forefathers, land of Canaan, land of Yahweh etc.. not just the compassed horizon circle with a vaulted arch dome covering that expands and contracts. The point here being, the word earth in biblical text has multiple points of view not just one narrow circle bisection of the whole. The earth is also described as having a navel, it can shake and tremble, be turned upside down, as well as wobble like a drunkard, which is interesting.

    Whether the bible or other ancient texts were written by inspired holy men or are historical documents of spiritual or secular science authority of one group (theology) over another (secular science) is a different discussion, however throughout ancient history (science and philosophy) was considered one and the same until the reformation, yet many of the founding science fathers also served in the clergy as is the case in many fields of science today.

    According to ancient text, the Creator was present before any of our solar system’s created celestial bodies including the earth as a life habitat. This is the foundation throughout the book of Job and at the beginning of the book of Genesis. The energy in light expanse from the Creator somewhere in the deep north of what we today call space, the heavens, or in ancient allegory is still controlled by the same Creator – Source – Absolute, Intelligent Design which is the immovable pillar or foundation of the creation universe. For secular science, the point of singularity or big bang theory, everything evolved from a point somewhere in our outer space and that unknown point set the pattern of the universe by a chain of development as “evolution” which is considered by secular science its unmovable foundation.

    To say that the northern hemisphere pole stars never move may or may not be an accurate statement. There is supposedly a lot going on in that region of deep space in relationship to earth’s history on many levels. Because of the precession of the poles estimation 26,000 years, all the stars, and other celestial bodies appear from the earth to shift in a circle west to east at the rate of .014 degree each year (360 degrees in 26,000 years) so there is movement. It is believed our sun is 26,000 light years from the center of our Milky Way galaxy. There is debate on the accurate calculation of precession based on what points of reference are used for the measurement.

    The foundational FE point, what is the actual shape of the earth and is the earth central and stationary in its relationship to the rest of our solar system and the universe. If the earth existed before the creation or the big bang, then it seems correct to believe the earth may be the center creator of the whole universe and the universe revolves around the earth. However, if the Creator or a point of singularity existed first (as both are not physically visible) then everything created from that point would revolve in relationship to that axis mundi.

    With this being said, it doesn’t mean the spiritual reality, the quality of physical existence, or the earth and other celestial bodies are not important; they are, but for the sake of truth and balance, it seems our putting things into a perspective that most lay people can actually relate to today is relevant science and valid to everyone’s human and spiritual rights. I personally don’t think most cognizant adults believe everything is a lie, but I do think most people know how lies are mixed with truth to embellish, to hide something and/or take advantage, and usually it’s to avoid consequences, for power and/or to deepen financial pockets in some way.

    If we shall know the truth, and the truth shall make us free, then FE truth (to be taken seriously) will let the religious dogmas, political agendas and secular science theory chips fall where they may and will not cater or slant towards either one, but will simply present research and let everyone with an open mind come to their own conclusions.

    Quantum physics and mechanics as well as electrodynamics theorem suggests the heliocentric and the classic Newtonian universe of gravity (gravity being the interaction between objects and the weakest known energy) is not the stand alone science standard 500 some years later to explain the universe. Does quantum theory have all the answers, NO. One has to ask though, what happens first in movement (gravity) or the cause (energy). According to Newton, energy can never be created or destroyed only transferred. The energy of positive and negative atoms in all matter in their electromagnetic spectrum or their molecular magnetic potential in the classic and electrical magnetic field, as a background fabric of space is not considered static or without torsional movement around and within objects. Atomic or magnetic charged particles in their spin can be matter as solid, liquid, gas or plasma (earth, water, air, fire).

    If circulating solar wind (gas) blowing away from a high pressure system in a planet’s atmosphere turns to the right in the northern hemisphere or above its equator and to the left in the southern hemisphere below the same equator, or solar air drawn down into a lower pressure system rotates counterclockwise in its northern pole and rotates clockwise in its southern pole, this phenomenon suggests spherical circulating magnetic movement attracting and combining opposite poles of wind shear pressure.

    Science has discovered the sun’s and the earth’s electromagnetic poles move and exchange polarity over periods of time which creates disturbances in climate change as well as earthquakes, tsunami waves, volcanoes, the ring of fire and the continental shifting to a central mass above and below sea level reacting to the central torque of force created by these magnetic poles. What’s happening first? Gravity as in attraction, or the energy?

    The torus effect of an electromagnetic force of energy in the solar system interwoven background or grid are most likely caused from the different temperatures of circulating solar wind shear in the waves of radiation from the sun’s (spots) magnetically charged energy flares and/or coronal mass ejections mixed with the speed and spectrum of light as a charged plasma, like within the heliosphere of our solar system’s electromagnetic influence. The planet’s magnetic force field of positive and negative reaction moves the planet’s poles towards its dominating source of energy which for the earth is our solar system’s sun. What’s connecting everything in the universe? Gravity between objects or the magnetized energy causing the attraction?

    Our sun’s heliosphere encompasses all the accepted 8 planets of our solar system that are controlled or influenced by its energy from one end of that spectrum being closest to the sun (the 4 inner terrestrial plane(t)s and the other end of the spectrum being the end of our sun’s electromagnetic influence the 4 outer more gaseous plane(t)s. It seems then, from the end of least influence in our solar system as a point of observation towards the Milky Way galaxy center, based on the planet’s distance (earth is said to be 92.6 million miles from the sun), mass and the electromagnetic torque force fields of each planet, the earth, the other planets and their moon(s) appear to be rotating and orbiting clockwise in their respect to the sun at rest (heliocentric prediction of celestial body movement).

    However, from a different point in degrees or angle of the same spectrum of epicycle observation from the Milky Way center, because of the sun’s angle and gargantuan mass (100 times the size of the earth), the sun appears to be (as we on earth observe) cycling above and across the earth as if the earth is at rest (geocentric prediction of celestial movement). What may be magnetically, electrically and gravitationally happening within the heliosphere spectrum to maintain the epicyclic balance of our solar system is each planet and its moon(s) and the sun itself are orbiting in their plane of centered mass to their own electromagnetic reaction to the toroidal center of our Milky Way galaxy. Our galaxy supposedly (100,000 light years across) is also rotating in respect to its centered energy point in the northern universe (the barycentric coordinate prediction). The chariots circling a central torus fire are not stationary.

    We on the earth (point of observation) being an interconnected part of this solar system and universe are mentally and physically observing and experiencing this truly amazing complexity of energy like a zero point within the waves of spiraling torus vortices as photons of light entering the pupil of the eye within our atmosphere of energy from all the celestial movement, solar radiation, asteroid belt atomic particles as solids, liquids, gases and plasma including h2o mixed with varied solar wind shear pressure fed by the circulation of our sun’s electromagnetic flares or mass coronal ejections. This electromagnetic energy in its light spectrum of; transmission, absorption and reflection phenomenon (life in the blood circulation between spectrums) could be why the earth’s position in our solar system is a photon photosynthesis portal–(all life cells utilize adenosine triphosphate ATP in the TCA or Krebs Cycle–the cell’s solar battery that supplies the electrical charge for its energy) as our solar system’s protected reproductive place of rest for a multitude of its life forms to meet, become fertile and flourish in this life cycling energy environment.

    The FE projected coordinate 2 dimensional model looking down from the universe pole above the center of of our galaxy as a north pole to east counterclockwise point of reference is based on the earth and the universe being spherical. What about the projected south pole to west clockwise points of observation that reflect depth, volume or mass and its alignment to our galaxy’s center through the constellation of Sagittarius as in a torus levitating wheel within a wheel. Consider the black sun and the 33rd parallel phenomenon.

    Why does the FE with the outer ice wall have to be totally stationary? Consider Saturn. Although Saturn is mostly a gas planet we can observe the electromagnetic torus effect of its poles and the thick ice and rock particle rings around its center and the odd hexagonal shape vortice on its polar region. Consider Jupiter and its horizontal solar wind surface bands of gas, huge torsional storms, faint outer ice rings and the magnetic polar rain of the aurora borealis as we experience here on earth at its poles.

    A 2 dimensional earth circle with ice around it on the background of space, like all other observable celestial bodies (as above so it is below) on the plane of a electromagnetic spectrum or field, may seem odd, but a outer frozen wall on a 2 dimensional cycling circle of h2o is no more strange to our human limited senses than a cycling atmosphere and ecosystem of liquid and frozen h2o on a 3 dimensional sphere according to its magnetic field of torus, if one really thinks about it.

    The h2o molecule does have a bent positive and negative molecular structure which gives water drops their natural curved shape of stickiness in their adhesion and cohesion. H2o as a solid is ice, liquid as water, gas as clouds and as electrically charged h2o plasma arcs in lightning. If the earth is a magnetized center with a magnetic atmosphere there has to be multiple negative and positive vortices of longitude and latitude like a grid system of transmission, absorption, and reflection as its natural created intention, but with technologies it could possibly be manipulated as an energy matrix. Gravity is the weakest attraction between objects, but the energy is electromagnetic according to their charged subatomic matter pulling everything towards the earth’s magnetic poles, then it seems it would not matter if the earth is flat or a spheroid.

    It seems coordinate systems only depend on the points of observation in this multi dimensional world as all celestial bodies are still in their original place of origin or in the cosmology order of their original design. The earth is not an island unto itself, it depends on the dominant magnetic energy of the sun, the solar system depends on its galaxy, the galaxy the universe, and the universe depends on its point of origin, its Creator. All celestial coordinate systems are, is the different points of view, observation and measurement in perspective of multi dimensional energy in its movement of the same spherical universe, created by the same Creator from a point of origin. Coordinate systems are mathematically based on one point considered stationary (at rest) to the measured points moving.

    What does science say determines the shape of the earth or any celestial body? The flat plane 1st dimension compressed energy of a collapsed celestial body in its torus of magnetic energy compassing its determined east, west, north and south measure (science calls it the accretion disc). Seems like the flat compassed circle of the ancient texts, to me. The 2nd dimension magnetically charged particles come together in their torus spin cycle forming solids, separating liquids, gas and plasma forming a magnetic sphere horizon on its accretion disc or plane. The 3rd dimension rotation and orbit separates horizon into the multiple depths of its individual planes–in depths of atmosphere as its regenerated form. The 4th dimension is 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions repeating in their determined rhythmic cycles in time. Science projects at CERN if they could break down the smallest magnetically charged particle of an atomic spin cycle in the large hadron collider they may be able to define the exact composition of what (energy) a god type particle may be.

    It seems, earth as a mathematical 2d projection based on a sphere universe appears to be a flat circle, a 3d mathematical CGI aerial or atmospheric projection of the same earth appears spherical. However, if we could observe our earth in real time movement, it is supposedly a spheroid more flat than round. Being 5’6” observing our natural environment on an estimated 7,900 mile atmosphere around my little world of mountainous woods, as I have not traveled higher than the public airlines, sometimes the earth seems flat, other times it seems spherical. I can watch the heavens day and night, there is a slow flowing or floating movement in the sky to my human observation without any technology.

    At this point, in view of my research, our known past history and what is happening on FE, I don’t feel motivated to choose either coordinate system, dimensional map projection or geometric earth shape, or the shape of any celestial body lunar or solar for that matter as if one is better than another or that I could change either celestial movement if I didn’t like it. I have no complaints of our natural world. Some prefer the lunar and follow the phases of the moon. Some prefer the solar and follow the phases of the sun. Some want the civil calendar to start on the spring equinox others the winter solstice. Those who follow the moon think they are better than those who follow the phases of the sun, and vise versa. Yet, it’s all about point of observation and perspective. Can a lunar day be better than a solar day other than one is about 50 minutes longer depending on the celestial movement and the math calculation to a specific point of observation. Is the man or woman who is amazed by the wonders of the moon or the stars at night and is thankful, any better than a person who is thankful for the sun against the blue sky during the day, yet both are giving thanks at the same time in a point of view to the Creator. However, both earth images, the azimuthal map and the blue marble atmosphere CGI come to mind now when I think of the earth.

    What does concern me is our human and spiritual rights in this solar system was given to us all freely in this environment with all its resources belongs to all its inhabitants to share equally. Yet, there is a den of dividing war mongering thieves among us, who control 99 percent of us and the earth’s resources through no spiritual, legal, honest or logical reason other than the 99 percent have been conditioned or controlled to believe it is morally, scientifically and politically correct to do so. Why? Because we don’t have royal blood? What determines royal blood? I question what really happened to mankind thousands of years ago that today the physical 99% think they have to bow down to a physical 1%. Who made royalty, time and money man’s taskmasters? Why is a person valued most on their gender, youth appearance and how much wealth they have or what part of the earth they are born on? Why will man disrespect his or her environment, sacrifice the animals, murder, kill, terrorize, torture, rape women, little girls and boys, steal, use many methods and weapons of mass destruction for self destruction, for what? For who?

    How many natural cataclysmic events of the ages has severely traumatized, caused memory loss of our ancestors to our real origin? Why would a god fear mankind’s unity enough to traumatize mankind like at the tower of Babel, which believed archeological ruins were demolished by Alexander the Great. Why would a god or evolution choose a favorite people to destroy or dominate the less favored or weaker groups? Something is wrong at the religious and political podiums, in the evolution labs and at the public school blackboards.

    Aside from all the contradictory and divisive information everywhere coming at the human psyche to mentally sort and comprehend, it is believed our human 5 sense reality can only perceive about 13 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum of what our world is. Knowledge is a powerful tool. For the good or for the bad.

    Religions, science, government and political agendas could (I’m not saying here everything is a lie, all people in these organizations are evil, or are in behind the scenes boardroom awareness) publicly hide behind or promote anything like an invisible angry warring god, rumor of wars and celestial threats, confusing coordinate systems, the physically unseen point of the big bang, evolution, carbon dating, expanding universe, global warming, extraterrestrial life etc..

    If our universe is as big as we are being led to believe, what are the odds of there not being life elsewhere? How will that life be defined? Science predicts to find extraterrestrial life within the next 10 years. We don’t fully understand or know our own origins yet. I like many question how true to scale our solar system, galaxy and universe is compared to what we are being told by science, religion and governments. Outside of our 5 limited senses, rote education, basic earth centered coordination principles and the closest observation of the constellation astronomy of our solar system, we haven’t a clue except for our conscious intuitive awareness as our guide.

    The laypeople of 99% do not have a real way to verify all information, the mesmerizing religious or secular space science outside of supposedly inspired texts, controlled science journals, government controlled maps, 1000 page updated amendment laws full of loopholes that no one, especially the lay public would read, controlled news media and controlled CGI photoshopped images. It’s the same old hierarchical government and scientific religious principles of the secrets, the fine print, the red tape, esoteric-exoteric, lay people-professional doublespeak language of a hierarchical pecking order making the worthy and unworthy jump hoops to the power and control. When there is obvious conflict, this is what conspiracy theories are made of.

    With that being said, I cannot overlook natural energy explained as an electromagnetic influence and response within the universe like the helical torus of the spine is the most common natural flow of balancing all types of energy in its cycles of reproducing embedded and coded information into its intended shape and purpose from the micro-atomic to the macro-galactic from a microscopic life cell nucleus to a multi dimensional celestial circle, disc, sphere or planet solar system.

    Immanuel Velikovsky created a huge uproar in mainstream science with his science and biblical research in his book “Worlds in Collision”. Whether one chooses to call all his work pseudo or not, in view of how science today is projecting future electromagnetic technologies, to me he made an interesting hypothesized suggestion back in the early 60s that whatever the tower of Babel may have really been, that if it came in contact with the electromagnetic field it could have easily destroyed memory and altered DNA. Microsoft recently announced plans to cure cancer within 10 years using a magnetic DNA altering chip that will destroy cancer cells. As with everything else, this technology could be used for good, or for bad. Who will decide.

    Most of all, in all this FE debate, I find it hard to believe that the life force we all naturally observe and experience with our every breath can be physically, mentally–spiritually stagnant or stationary. If one is paying attention, our natural world speaks volumes of movement.

    Because of electromagnetic charged background fabric potential or torus in all relationships being in a movement of energy, stated in so many scientific and philosophical ways from the metaphysics of ancient times to quantum physics of today, I don’t think the earth being in a natural protective plane of atmosphere for its many forms of life can be ignored as a point of importance in our solar system and universe, even though earth may not be the central universe point. I don’t believe the earth as we know it today can be a stagnant stationary celestial body in respect to its energy axis mundi regardless of the earth’s actual geometric shape in whatever circle plane, disc or dimension it is viewed. I don’t agree with science that states that our universe has no purpose. Science knows how the brain mechanically works and science can produce artificial intelligence, yet science or religion doesn’t have a clue what human consciousness is. Sentient consciousness experiencing energy whatever name one chooses to call it in this physical life, is a purpose.


    • jwlpeace October 6, 2016 at 3:47 pm Reply

      Lot of information yet, respectfully, you never get to the heart of the entire conspiracy.

      The Jesuits created the Big Bang Theory, Jesuit Father Gorge Lamatre. Look it up in links in header of this website. Copernicus’ book, that all heliocentrism is based from, was published on his death bed and dedicated to the Pope. The Roman Catholic Church is the longest, and owns the most patents on celestial observatories and telescopes. Newton was a known Freemason and before he was President of the Royal Institute of Astronomy, he was Chief Minter for the Queen of England. NASA was created by a executive movie film maker and NAZI War Criminal. All, ALL videos of moon missions mysteriously have been scrubbed. Jesuits run the White House. The White House was named after the “Apostal of Maryland”, Andrew White. Look it uP!

      How can you do such extensive research and miss all this?

      Bonus questions that NO ONE can answer?

      What date was the Federal Government in Wash. D.C., that holds the office of President, were Congress who makes law resides and where the Supreme law of the land is held?

      Why was it named the District of Columbia?

      What is it a District of?
      What was the city named in Maryland before Jesuit John Carroll donated the land right after he created Georgetown U. where Bill Clinton went, where all US top military brass go, and Fordham, were Trump went?

      Was Wash D.C., in 1871 the birthing of the “new Jerusalem” as the Jesuits say and this is why they named the adjoining states VIRGINia and MARYland? the Virgin Mary????


      • Pegz October 10, 2016 at 10:57 pm

        Respectfully, you have a Very bad habit of answering all your post’s responses the same way. I have addressed what you mention here many times in an agreement on this site many times. I said what I said here though for a specific reason to prove something to myself that I’ve had other researchers point out to me as a real problem with this site, but I didn’t want to believe it. You keep shooting FE in the foot over and over with your conflicting personal beliefs and obsessions. You evidently can’t see it. Unless you are purposefully making fun of FE. Its your site, you certainly can post your beliefs as you choose. You have some good material, but its mixed with a lot of confusing and conflicting stuff. However, I don’t have time to sift through it. I move on.


      • jwlpeace October 10, 2016 at 11:03 pm

        Maybe this is why my website is the most popular website in the world Pegz? because its so confusing to you?.
        Happy travels. Peace.


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