The 7 Planes of Existence

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Just as there are seven colors in the rainbow and seven tones in a musical scale, each with a different vibratory rate, there are seven planes of existence on the spectrum of creation. The slowest speed of vibration occurs on the physical plane; the highest, on the buddhaic plane. From the buddhaic plane, energy returns to its source, the Tao.

Just as there are seven colors in the rainbow and seven tones in a musical scale, each with a different vibratory rate, there are seven planes of existence on the spectrum of creation. The slowest speed of vibration occurs on the physical plane; the highest, on the buddhaic plane. From the buddhaic plane, energy returns to its source, the Tao.

Physical plane: The densest of the seven planes; where we presently reside.

Astral plane: The second plane of creation. Its medium is concrete emotional energy. It is where our consciousness is focused between lifetimes and when we’re finished with the physical plane.

Causal plane: The third plane of creation. Its medium is concrete intellectual energy. It is Michael’s plane of existence.

Akashic plane: The central, neutral plane of creation that interconnects the other six. The distilled knowledge of the universe is recorded there.This is the records generated of everything that happens in the universe as it occurs. The appearance is that all matter and energy have a sort of built-in digital recording device, storing its entire history in a photographic code, but the records are actually windows into the past. The records show events exactly as they were experienced, so the information in them begins raw-it is not clarified, understood, and assimilated until a consciousness takes responsibility for doing so. Once it is fully assimilated, it is stored on the akashic plane.

Mental plane: The fifth plane of creation. Its medium is abstract intellectual energy, emphasizing truth. The infinite soul who incarnated as Lao-tzu taught from this plane.

Messianic plane: The sixth plane of creation. Its medium is abstract emotional energy, emphasizing love. The infinite soul who incarnated as Jesus taught from this plane.

Buddhaic plane: The highest plane of creation. Its medium is pure or abstract kinetic energy. We experience the buddhaic plane just before fully refocusing our awareness in the Tao. The infinite soul who incarnated as Buddha taught from this plane.

The Tao has created many universes, or overall experiments. (I am not speaking here of parallel universes.) Our universe is based in part on the law of seven. It permeates the Michael teachings and many other teachings, as well as being applicable to musical scales, colors of the rainbow, and so forth. Seven consists of two sets of three connected by one.

Twelve is another significant number in this universe, and it relates to seven. For example, the seven-note musical scale is a series of whole and half steps. It is drawn from the twelve-note chromatic scale, which is all half steps.

Apparently, other universes are based on different mathematical ideas. Some of our previous grand cycles may have been in other universes, especially if we have had a high number of them, since this universe is relatively young.

Michael brought up the topic of other universal schemes in relationship to the seven roles:


In this universe, the Tao fragments into the seven roles, like white light bent into the seven rainbow colors through the particular prism that this universe offers. A different universe might have a different prism that results in something that cannot be understood in this universe. Our system of seven is only one way a perfect whole can be differentiated.


This universe has seven planes, or dimensions. (A diagram later in this chapter illustrates them.) Three are ordinal (concrete), three are cardinal (abstract), and one is neutral, providing connection. The most ordinal plane is the physical, which is concrete energy. Its position is mirrored by the most cardinal plane, the buddhaic, which is abstract energy. The astral plane (concrete emotion) is the middle ordinal plane. It is mirrored in position by the middle cardinal plane, the messianic (abstract emotion). The causal plane (concrete thought) is the highest ordinal plane. It is mirrored in position by the lowest cardinal plane, the mental. This mirroring balances the universe. The higher planes are about pure energy, love, and truth; the lower planes are about manifesting them. The fulcrum of the balance is the neutral akashic plane. It connects all the others through the akashic or record-keeping aspect of each plane, which feed into it.

There are etheric, nonsolid levels of the physical plane both lower and higher in frequency than our physical bodies. Some people with psychic skills can see them. The fact that they can be physically seen indicates that they are part of the physical plane. We cannot physically see what is nonphysical, although we may translate our nonphysical perceptions into physical images. The etheric substance lower in vibration than the solid physical connects it with the Tao. This is the realm of devas, or nature spirits; it could be called the “lower physical plane.” The etheric substance higher in vibration than the solid physical connects it with the astral; it is in the realm of what could be called the “upper physical plane.” It is the domain of “ghosts,” and some extraterrestrials. The ethereal life form of the “higher sentients” who lived on earth before the “fall of man” was also of the upper physical plane. What we consider solid substance, as well as other vibrations that we can directly perceive such as light and sound, exist in the “middle physical plane.”

It might be more accurate to view the planes as being in a circle rather than a line. This is illustrated in the following diagram. Each spiral loop is a plane of creation. The six spiral loops that make one big loop, like a “Slinky” toy with the beginning and end connected, are the planes we experience in a progression. The loop in the middle is the akashic plane; it is not directly part of the progression because we do not actually have a cycle of experience there—it is a resource for the universe as a whole, and provides the Tao with a distillation of all that has been accomplished in this universe. The point of beginning (“Entrance”) and end (“Exit”) is in the Tao, the undimensional ground of all being—this is where we start and finish the game. The pattern filling each loop representing a plane matches that of the plane on the same axis; for example, both the astral and messianic planes are on the inspiration axis, and both are filled with a checkerboard design. The fill of the loop representing the akashic plane is a darker version of the neutral gray pattern that fills the circle representing the universe as a whole, signifying the akashic records that extend from the akashic plane and interpenetrate all the planes of existence. The akashic plane is directly accessible from the causal and mental planes, illustrated on the diagram with straight lines.

Although this model demonstrates the progression of sentient consciousness, it should not be construed as meaning that only the physical and buddhaic planes have direct contact with the Tao. The diagram illustrates this by showing the universe (the inner circle) as being contained within the Tao (the outer circle).


Since the Tao is the ground of all being, every plane has a direct connection with it. The Tao is inherent in any vibrational frequency; those on any plane can “arrive” at it “coming or going” through either increasing their frequency to “all frequency” or decreasing it to “no frequency.”

On the physical plane, by transcending the material illusions round about and entering into a space of no space and a time of no time, you experience the Tao. You can get there by descending through the earth vibration or ascending through the heaven vibration. The solid roles generally find the former to be easier. The fluid roles find the latter to be easier. However, any role can do both. This is available only when balance and nonattachment are achieved.


Incidentally, Michael normally uses the word Tao in place of God(depending on the beliefs of those listening) because God is usually personified as a judgmental and hierarchical male figure. They may also use the word God to signify the overall consciousness of the manifest universe, as opposed to its source in the dimensionless Tao. In that case, we are each part of both the Tao and God. As microcosmic individuals, we are sparks or units of the Tao experiencing this universe as separate essences. God could be seen as the macrocosmic individual, the larger “chunk” of the Tao who, as a whole, inhabits this universe and experiences the overall expansion and lessons the Tao seeks.


There are Seven Planes (or Realms) of Existence in which All-That-IS, in Its limitless expression as Creation, just IS. It is important to understand these Planes in order to clarify why and where our beliefs, programs, contracts, commitments, initiations and healings originate. We operate physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as part of and connected to all the Planes. Every Plane is working in our body in complete harmony to create life at all times. Every Plane operates within this Third Plane, where we, as humans, reside.

Since we utilize and work with these Planes both consciously and unconsciously, it is essential that we learn to respect the awareness that these Planes bring forth. Every plane brings forth their ability to heal. Every healing modality and healing practitioner taps into the Planes. But not all are aware of the most direct connection first–the 7th Plane– the energy of All-That-IS.  Our personal programming, along with the planetary and spiritual programs, are embedded in the collective group consciousness. This consciousness is often run by fear, so more-often than not, we feel separate from this always existing energy. In truth, we are always connected no matter what we do, think or feel. We have just forgotten our connection. ThetaHealing® brings us the opportunity to reawaken and remember this connection and to use it to help mankind evolve in the highest and best way.

Why do ThetaHealers® go to the 7th Plane to view and witness first?  Each Plane has an increasing movement of atomic structure. Our human body vibrates at a certain rate; and if we travel to or do healings from a particular realm, it makes it difficult for the body to keep up.  Going to the 7th plane first:

              * eliminates ego and sickness

              * allows us to witness healings w/o distress or hardship on our body

              * allows us to know the Highest Truth

              * aligns us to travel to any Plane so that we can move between the Planes with consciousness and communicate with

                  physical elements.

              * stops us from being committed or obligated to the laws or rules of other Planes of Existence

As a ThetaHealing® intuitive, I use my abilities of deep focus to tap into the Seventh Plane, and in doing so, I can view and visit any of the Planes.  It’s like having a non-stop flight eliminating regulated layovers that aren’t part of my direct landing. And then if I want to travel more, after arriving at my original destination point, I know that I’ve made a conscious connection first and am free to travel unencumbered with the freedom and compassion of the 7th Plane of Creation. Having these constant interactions with the Planes, in moving from the 7th Plane, it becomes clear which Plane each healing modality sources from. We are so blessed to be aware and receive the gifts of creativity from each of these Planes.

The Planes of Existence have veils between them and are divided into degrees, systems and numerous sub-categories. In many “New Age/Thought” writings, the Planes of Existence are often referred to as dimensions. This is misguided. In the vastness and understanding of Creation, dimensions actually exist within the 6th Plane–the Laws of Creation, and there are millions of dimensions. When you hear, “we are rising our frequency to the 5th dimension”, what this is really saying is that we are becoming aware of our deep connection to the 5th Plane–the Masters, Angels, & Guides–releasing the beliefs of duality so that we really remember and claim our magnificence (without being egoic/egotistical).

In working with the Planes, we are actually sourcing from more than one Plane at a time–a marriage of the Planes. Each Plane has an interchangeable consciousness which works with other Planes. The example below, is a very linear awareness of the Planes. The energy of Creation is really spiraling.

seven planes of existence

The First Plane of Existence: is where molecules come together to form non-carbon based matter. This is the Mother Earth power. Examples of the 1st Plane elements are rocks, minerals, crystals, and Earth (soil). Taking mineral supplements such as calcium and magnesium, are provided from this Plane and give support to our physical structure/bodies.
The interchanging of consciousness between the Planes is exemplified  through the connection of rock being composed of slow moving atoms. Atoms come from the Sixth Plane awareness–the Laws of Creation.

Water, which exists and works on the first three planes, is charged from electrons created at the 6th Plane.

The Second Plane of Existence: is the first time the molecules coalesce with carbon.  This Plane includes Organic matter– plants (live off Light and air and are highly evolved), herbs, trees, vitamins, viruses, bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus. A sacred dance is created between the Plant Beings along with the Earth/Air Spirits to interconnect between the First and Third Plane of Existence. As mentioned from the First Plane, water resonates at this level as well.

The Third Plane of Existence: is an illusion, the reality being what we, as humans, create in it. It is playground to work with emotions, passion and creative thought forms. It is a place to learn to control our thoughts and master our fears as fear is the only thing that keeps us thinking that we are bound to this illusion and separate from All-That-Is. The more beliefs we change through All-That-IS, the faster we can shift through all the Planes freely, no longer bond by Karma (the Law of Cause and Effect from the 6th Plane). Animals also exist in this Plane.

Between Third and Fourth: is where waywards (discarnate spirits) get “stuck” between the Earth and the electromagnetic grid/energy (again, part of the Laws of Universe–6th plane).

The Fourth Plane of Existence: is where totems (animal spirits), shapeshifters, and many ancestors’ spirits reside. People who work constantly on this Plane are called Shamans. It is the plane where the soul waits to take form again (reincarnate) and genetic beliefs get passed on. Language originates from the Fourth Plane and is used by Third Plane inhabitants. There was a time when we once could hear and see all–we would just “know” without the use of language.
Many limiting belief systems come from this Plane.
“I have to give up my senses–eyes, ears, voice etc–to heal.”
“I have to suffer to learn/grow.”
“The more power I get, the weaker my body becomes.”

“To embrace punishment shows my strength.”
“I must die and return to spiritually grow.”

“It’s  impossible to heal others for money, only trade.”
These programs show why certain Shamans feel they must take on the ailments of their sick ones. With the changing of our thought constructs, these deep commitments no longer have to be created or accepted as the Highest Truth.

The Fifth Plane of Existence: is the astral plane based in dualism–of both love and fear, where the battle of good and evil (or extreme adversity) is fought and replicated on the Third Plane. It is a very divided realm with a clear separation between the “Upper” and “Lower” aspects of this realm. There are the High vibratory energies who live at the “Upper spectrum” like the Higher Self, Gods, Goddesses, Guardian Angels, Legions of Celestial Angels, Master Angles, Guides, Christ, Buddha, Jehovah, Yahweh, Heavenly Mother and Father, and the Councils of 12 (heads of soul family gatherings). Then there are the “lower” 5th Plane realms of the Fallen Angels, demons, nephilums, Satan, Belzabub etc. These divisions do not intermingle among each other though they are very aware of their existences. More about these Realms are in the Advanced ThetaHealing Book.
Ancient history commitments such as Oaths and Vows of poverty, chastity, celibacy are found on this Plane.
Examples of beliefs from this Plane are: trading one’s power for another, having to prove oneself right or battle against an opposing force with sacrifice.
“Transitions have to be dramatic/ hard/ difficult.”
“I have to be alone to be close to God”
“I have to suffer to prove myself to God.”
“I have to punish myself to grow and progress.”

” I have to sacrifice my life to save the world.”

“I have to sacrifice myself to know I’m loved by others.”

“I need pain to gain.”

“I go through hell and high water to live each day.”

“I have to battle evil.”

“I’m a warrior/warrioress that has to fight for God.”

The Sixth Plane of Existence: involves the Laws of Creation which regulate and balance the very fabric of Creation-pure Truth and accountability without any polarity or adversarial position. There are billions of Laws some of which are Light (color), Sound (tone), Karma (cause and effect), Attraction, Justice, Wisdom, Balance, Gravity, Magnetics, and Electricity. This Plane also includes the formation and awareness of numbers, which can be expressed as patterns and symbols (astrology and numerology).  Under the Law of Time is actually Dimensions, sacred geometry, and the Akashic Records. There is no Law of Love as Love just IS.

The Seventh Plane of Existence: IS Pure Love, Always Conscious and the Highest Truth. It just IS. IT was. IT will always be. The realm of The Creator, All-That-Is, ALL of Creation creates all the other Planes as IT exists throughout everything. In ThetaHealing, we have been given a meditation that allows us to ‘remember’ our connection to this All-That-Is-Creation, as there is no possible way we were or have ever been disconnected from IT. Yet, it’s one of our greatest fears that show up in the belief work.

In being aware of working from this connection, we can witness the gathering of energy and how it is utilized to co-create with the Creator-of-All–to manifest spontaneously, to witness instant healings, to change any thought form (illusion) with the absolute energy of love and joy immediately. It is “The Awakened State.”
The more people who tap into the Group Collective Consciousness to witness change at this Seventh Plane, the easier it will be to shift human consciousness. We can evolve together and have instantaneous healings all the time.

For a visually beautiful video explaining the Planes, my friend and fellow ThetaHealing® Instructor from Israel, Illanit Yaffe, has done a wonderful job.

The Advanced Theta Workshop goes into expanded details about the Seven Planes of Existence, how they operate, how we have used them and can now work with them differently. The workshop will assist each student in strongly connecting to the Seventh Plane to clear the beliefs and programs that keep us bound to the other Planes due to contracts, vows, oaths or promises. Freedom becomes encoded as staying present in Creator-of-ALL’s perspective with love and compassion.

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