FE Activism: Calling Out All Alt Media to Shut Down Pedo Zen Gardner Site for Good

Much of the truther Alt Media is censoring Zen Gardner aka Don Ferguson aka occult child pedo leader for 27 years. However many sites have not said boo about all the exposes (!) and outing of this fraud who has passed himself off as one of the top alternative news truthers in the business.

I have sent a demand letter that he expunge all my posts off his site and to close down his site for good. I ask all others to seek the same from any websites you know of that have posted his work as well. This proving once again, that nearly all the world media is still a huge psyop.

Thanx and Onward,






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2 thoughts on “FE Activism: Calling Out All Alt Media to Shut Down Pedo Zen Gardner Site for Good

  1. H. Lorenzo August 18, 2016 at 7:28 pm Reply

    Hey, while I like very much and respect what you’re doing…I may suggest, that old saying, of he with no sins throwing that first stone, what makes you think you know for sure, about zen/don or anyone….how or when they have changed their lives and intent for the better. Not at all condoning ”any abusive actions”, but who really knows the heart of another, or what they have to go through before they ”wake up”. Honestly, have you done nothing you’re ashamed of in your past, youth. If you said yes, I probably wouldn’t/couldn’t believe you. Judge a man from his current actions, in my opinion, not some past/perhaps….that no one can know for sure.

    Zen has shared plenty, way more than plenty of great info over the years, helping untold peeps to their own personal evolution. So what, about someone’s past…and you can’t say from one pictures…”his eyes” say a different truth, I see them different, a man perhaps ”sad” about his past actions. The worst can become the best, and the other way around, and in all honestly, your judgements on this leave me wondering about your personal perspectives on all else. Hate is hate…and forgiveness is always good.



    • jwlpeace August 18, 2016 at 7:45 pm Reply

      first, he only mea culpa’d after he was threatened with being outted. He still won’t come clean. My past has been well dug through my friend, and if they had anything at all on me it would of come out long ago…throwing rocks at glass houses and all. The guy is a douche who presided over abuse of children and then posed himself off as some alt truth doogooder and now, only after the fact, is he admitting, yet not coming fully clean. How anyone can defend such actions and non actions is beyond me.

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