Aplanetruth.info Ranked #1, Geocentricgnostic.com #3 in Alexa World Rankings 2016

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Hi All Flat Earth Truth Seekers ~
This is wonderful validation for the hard work those that are putting their time, energy and research into posting FE news, views and experiments on line for all to comment, review, critique….but most of all to those that can and do think for themselves.
Thanx to Whotfetw.com as well for the research here. 
If you’ve been paying attention the Sargents, Jeranisms, Steere’s and Skiba’s get all the air play on each others webstites and videos, but never, ever is the first ever FE website, Aplanetruth.info or the ever growing more popular, thegeocentricgnostic.com, invited on their shows much less acknowledged by any of them, ever as viable FE source and research. (not that i would accept!)
It’s been 1 1/2 years now with this site up and running and over 900,000 views, plus another 1.9 million and 12,000 subscribers on my you tube channel. I can see the interest grow daily as more open their minds to the possibilities of such occutled truths as FE Theory, mass mind control deception and a no longer hidden 5,000 year history of who we really are and why we are here.
Onward and ever stronger in conviction and activism to awaken the 7.3 billion who are still asleep, take down all that is NASA along with all geoengineering activities, and end 5,000 years of Jesuit rulership through subversion, murder and propaganda.
Oh yea, and probably most importantly, to all actively help & assist to unlearn and reeducate all the children before they too are succumb to such mass propaganda that got most of us to early to know any better.
Thank you, and Onward Flat Earth Nation


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Flat Earth Website Rankings On Alexa

Recently, everyday Mark Sargent has been posting a video showing the Google metrics (searches) for flat earth and comparing that to the metrics for various mainstream media topics to demonstrate the ever increasing interest in flat earth.
So I thought I would look up various flat earth websites and check out their Alexa rankings. According to Alexa their traffic estimates and ranks are based on the browsing behavior of people in their “global” data panel which is a sample of all internet users.
I used the ALEXA RANK CHECKER to find out the rankings for 12 flat earth websites: aplanetruth.info, atlanteanconspiracy.com, enclosedworld.com, flat-earther.co.uk, flatearthconspiracy.com, flatearthhub.com, jeranism.com, marksargent.com, testingtheglobe.com, theflat.world, thegeocentricgnostic.com, and whotfetw.com. Note: The lower the result means the better the position in Alexa Ranking.
Out of more than a billion websites, here’s how they scored (in flat earth and on the internet) …
  2. APLANETRUTH.INFO: 492,643
  4. WHOTFETW.COM: 887,992
  6. FLAT-EARTHER.CO.UK: 1,636,908
  7. MARKSARGENT.COM: 1,823,683
  8. JERANISM.COM: 1,902,287
  9. ENCLOSEDWORLD.COM: 2,329,400
  10. FLATEARTHHUB.COM: 6,317,287
  11. THEFLAT.WORLD: 9,818,864

And to all others who are doing there own studies and posting, who have FE blogs and you tube sites, who speak to their neighbors and friends knowing the resulting ridicule and personal attack to come…yet do it anyway.

And to you/we the Awakening Ones. WE are all learning this new/old story of our common cosmology. We cannot be stopped in that the most profound of truths HAS set us free…and like all Capricorn’s, they climb the to the mountain top mostly alone, because they simply must. They must know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…whatever that means!

All our doors of perception are opening at once and the Bart’s and Blue Pill Dreamin’s and even the oddball Uniluv2, you guys and gals let me know that the work is not in vain, in silence or in irreverence.

All this site has ever meant to be is an invitation to inquiry about things I’ve found interesting, revealing and outright fabrication of the largest scale imaginable. It’s truly just a ride, but what a time to be alive, to be feeling, acting and most of all….doing!

To you all Flat Earth Nation, stay strong, speak out, educate, educate, educate…always the first step on even the longest of quests and journeys as FE subject cosmology is.




How I’m Feelin’….





One thought on “Aplanetruth.info Ranked #1, Geocentricgnostic.com #3 in Alexa World Rankings 2016

  1. Laura Lee August 17, 2016 at 6:18 pm Reply

    Thank YOU for all you do! Just occurred to me. We need to peer network to be successful as a group. Meaning… all of us with active YT channels should mirror a tape and refer to your channel so our listeners become your listeners; all of us with websites should mirror an article and link to your site so our readers become your readers. Referral. Network. Word of mouth. Together we are stronger. God bless you!


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