ED DUBAY – Thai Family Military Connections/ More Lies Exposed

The evidence is getting overwhelming as ED is caught and further nailed in several lies.  His fiancee’s Thai family has extensive military background, he did live in Wash D.C, his uncle is a 33 degree Freemason.  Think about how a 32 year old could not only let the FE out of the bag, but NO nukes! and Dinosaurs never existed as well. These two are huge stories in themselves.

He’s back now only reading from his book for six hours with THE BEST FE documentary! the BEST!… yet why did he go off radar for 6 months or so while FE was taking off beginning in 2016?  Suddenly, Mel Fabergas at Veritas Radio publishes his 2nd hour of interview for public viewing when Mel has never released 2nd hour of his member only subscription shows before?  Why now Mel?  Why do you not have anyone else on your show regarding Flat Earth if you want to end the secret societies. Why no shows on the Jesuits?  Same with Red Ice radio? nada, nunca, nothing.

Now there are illuminati signs from Orphan Red, who plays the role of FE Bimbo w/ boobies and the video to expose her is taking down immediately.

fe orphan annie


The game is on and the shills, troll, and disinfo agents cannot win against FE truths, logic, reason, experiment and simple observation no matter how long and hard they try. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear alternative truths are waking up more and more and more.



5 thoughts on “ED DUBAY – Thai Family Military Connections/ More Lies Exposed

  1. Laura Lee August 10, 2016 at 2:43 pm Reply

    God called me to expose how that generational satanists transgender their children from infancy… and this is the NWO baphomet worship of the devil. Anyway, look at the pic of Eric’s “dad”…. definite female size hips and body frame. Just look. LOOKS LIKE the body frame of a FTM transgender. (You see when they give testosterone to a female child as a prepubescent transgender… they can suppress a lot of secondary sexual development… and the girls can grow an Adam’s apple and even square the jaw out through testosterone during puberty in a prepubescent transgender.) But really, really look. Eric’s dad has female hips in proportion to shoulders and body. Now, sure, people could debate… but it does really stand out… and is NOT ruled out that Eric is a generational satanist and “he” is transgendered and his parents are transgendered. That’s a “tell” you look for when you understand the NWO. Please do take another look at Eric’s “dad”. Look at those rounded large hips and how in proportion the hips are larger than the shoulder area. What’s that the classic body frame of? A female skeleton. Just look… that’s all I’m saying. I always look. So, to me… flag down on the play. A CIA baby… is a transgendered baby.


  2. Laura Lee August 10, 2016 at 3:19 pm Reply

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYt648MjE9I That’s it for me personally. 2:43… Eric is dressed as a girl with breast area looking like he’s got a stuffed bra type thing going on… looking like a girl… hair in pony tail… girly look on the face… he’s doing the transgender propaganda. He’s fully ripe for being questioned on his NWO transgendered appearance. He looks like a girl who was made a man… and when he poses like a woman… he has no defense that we should not ever say such a thing. He posed it himself. For me, he’s clearly marked. All the evidence others put forth in the vids… and he clearly showed himself as a girl. Come on. Done now. Fully exposed as NWO. That’s the “CIA way”. (As I say, God trained me to look for the CIA NWO baphomet transgender “tells”.)


  3. Akshar August 12, 2016 at 7:00 am Reply

    Oh come on are you serious . Eric Dubay is the single best and most comprehensive source for Flat earth material .

    And Laura Lee , he did that whole episode as a troll toward “Flat earth and other hot potatoes” by mark sargent and patricia . ODD TV and PayDay Monsanto 100% vouch for Eric Dubay who’s been under constant onslaught by shills and disinformation agents alike. Matt boylan, Paul Michael Bayles and the flat earth society to name a few


  4. uniluv2go4 August 12, 2016 at 7:53 am Reply

    I was introduced to the topic of FE by Eric, and found him informative. I just take the
    best and leave the rest. I’m not sure why he is receiving this focus? For sure, if you
    are concerned, then do follow any video he puts out there to see when, how and
    where he veers off.

    I think having differing ways to study FE is helpful, and can provoke good research.
    I know that trying to rip someone apart which is what this was like makes it
    seem petty.

    I can’t see NWO directing FE to go out there. Not unless it was spreading and
    already ‘out there’.

    I can’t see anyone putting value on E.D. I see them controlling him once
    he showed the 200 proofs.

    I don’t recall E.D. talking about the military, or being interested in it.

    But I think for myself, I just want to study FE and try to see what
    stars are about, what really happened.

    If E.D. turns out to be on the dark side, we will know it, see it.

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  5. Russ Hook March 21, 2018 at 4:43 am Reply

    uniluv, the way the JWODOR works is to discredit the messenger if they cannot discredit the message. FE is overwhelming info to most of the brainwashed sheeple, but all the blogs I have read are not easy to dismiss bc they resonate truth and common sense FOR Flat Earth to be true. Meanwhile, the opposition to FE has NOTHING but name-calling and other typical Cognizant Dissonance Behavior. (CDB for brevity) I joined ED’s website (IFERS) a few days ago to learn more, but I was banned for asking too many relevant questions, and giving constructive criticism. I PMed ED, but none of my questions were answered. Actually, ED commented on his website IFERS (or someone posing as him?) about being in the Boy Scouts and U.S. Army. That raised a HUGE RED FLAG with me, bc I am versed on MK, so I did some more digging and found this page.

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