More FE Music to Grove By

One thought on “More FE Music to Grove By

  1. aj August 5, 2016 at 3:43 pm Reply

    The lie that we stand on the surface of a spinning ball is ever more obvious. The full nature of our flat plane Earth is becoming clearer…I feel though there is even more shocking truths to discover about where we’s exact shape, it’s size, what is hidden by our limitations to explore as individuals and small groups. I’ve also the feeling we as flat Earthers are still only half way to the truth so far. It’s good for me to hear of a trinary physical reality. Binary was to machine like..too much like an AI overlay reality.
    Someone said there’s already about 7 million Flat Earthers and growing every day. Soon, even the combined international military that are currently stopping independent travel over the ice wall couldn’t stop a concerted effort of thousands of determined people.
    We need to stop all the infighting first though.

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