FREE Your Mind Conference 5; And Not One Flat Earth Truther!

fe mind control

How Free of a Mind can they really have?

No one speaking on Geoengineering, No one speaking on the Jesuits, No one speaking on child pedophillia abuse by governments, military, vatican, etc.,

And No one speaking on the hottest subject for decades to come…The Flat Earth.

A Conference On Consciousness, Mind Control & The Occult
Philadelphia, PA | APRIL 07-09, 2017

Exclusive Ticket Sale Opening

For Past Conference Attendees and Mark Passio Supporters Only

FYM 5 is going to be huge! We wanted to give past supporters the first opportunity to purchase tickets before we sell out. We are also giving you an exclusive price. This will be the lowest ticket price option this year and it’s only going to be offered to you for a limited time. Please help by purchasing your tickets now.

This year we are so excited to announce a rare and exclusive talk by the legendary Michael Tsarion!

Speakers announced thus far include:

  • Mark Passio
  • Michael Tsarion
  • Adam Kokesh
  • Michael Cremo
  • Jim Marrs
  • Freeman
  • Ty Bollinger
  • Jay Parker
  • Dr. James Fetzer
  • Lennon Honnor
  • Laura Eisenhower
  • And many more

The Great Work continues! Join us

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