Fair and Balanced; “ED, self-acclaimed Mr. FE” responds to Bales Accussations

What does it matter? The FE truth is out

Who cares who was responsible, who told it first and who is a shill? Where is the respect and honor for Shenton, Lady Blount, Gerard Hickson, etc.. the real first FE truthers???

fe morpheus

Paul Michael Bales – The Lying Morpheus

There is a slanderous video going around of a jealous liar in a bathrobe making a number of baseless allegations against me which I’d like to address and put to rest.  To begin with, this man – the lying Morpheus – Paul Michael Bales, has been claiming to “have awoken me to” and “taught me everything I know about the flat Earth” for well over a year now in several videos.  In reality, however, I have proof of posting about flat Earth since 2009, whereas he admits to having only been a flat Earther since 2012, and posting about it since 2013.  The only interaction I’ve had with the guy was through a short Facebook correspondence while I was writing my book, The Flat Earth Conspiracy, when he recommended some old flat Earth titles for me to check out.  Anyway, recently Mr. Bales has upped the ante and decided that, not only did he “teach me everything I know about the flat Earth,” but that I am also a CIA Agent, a Freemason, a Hollywood actor, a psychopath, a murderer, a wife-beater, a homosexual, a Nazi, a child-trafficker, a drug-smuggler and much more.  Surprisingly, there are many other such videos claiming similar things about me popping up nowadays and people constantly questioning me about them – so as ludicrous and unworthy of response as these accusations are, here are my answers:

2 thoughts on “Fair and Balanced; “ED, self-acclaimed Mr. FE” responds to Bales Accussations

  1. Rick August 3, 2016 at 3:00 pm Reply

    Where is the rest of the article where Eric answers questions?


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