FE Meme O’ Rama

From E. Dubay’s “200 Proofs Earth not A Globe”

15) The existing laws of density and buoyancy perfectly explained the physics of falling objects long before knighted Freemason “Sir” Isaac Newton bestowed his theory of “gravity” upon the world. It is a fact that objects placed in denser mediums rise up while objects placed in less dense mediums sink down. To fit with the heliocentric model which has no up or down, Newton instead claimed objects are attracted to large masses and fall towards the center. Not a single experiment in history, however, has shown an object massive enough to, by virtue of its mass alone, cause other smaller masses to be attracted to it as Newton claims “gravity” does with Earth, the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets.

116) There has also never been a single experiment in history showing an object massive enough to, by virtue of its mass alone, cause another smaller mass to orbit around it. The magic theory of gravity allows for oceans, buildings and people to remain forever stuck to the underside of a spinning ball while simultaneously causing objects like the Moon and satellites to remain locked in perpetual circular orbits around the Earth. If these were both true then people should be able to jump up and start orbiting circles around the Earth, or the Moon should have long ago been sucked into the Earth. Neither of these theories have ever been experimentally verified and their alleged results are mutually exclusive.

117) Newton also theorized and it is now commonly taught that the Earth’s ocean tides are caused by gravitational lunar attraction. If the Moon is only 2,160 miles in diameter and the Earth 8,000 miles, however, using their own math and “law,” it follows that the Earth is 87 times more massive and therefore the larger object should attract the smaller to it, and not the other way around. If the Earth’s greater gravity is what keeps the Moon in orbit, it is impossible for the Moon’s lesser gravity to supersede the Earth’s gravity, especially at Earth’s sea-level, where its gravitational attraction would even further out-trump the Moon’s. And if the Moon’s gravity truly did supersede the Earth’s causing the tides to be drawn towards it, there should be nothing to stop them from continuing onwards and upwards towards their great attractor.

118) Furthermore, the velocity and path of the Moon are uniform and should therefore exert a uniform influence on the Earth’s tides, when in actuality the Earth’s tides vary greatly and do not follow the Moon. Earth’s lakes, ponds, marshes and other inland bodies of water also inexplicably remain forever outside the Moon’s gravitational grasp! If “gravity” was truly drawing Earth’s oceans up to it, all lakes, ponds and other bodies of standing water should certainly have tides as well.

106) The so-called “South Pole” is simply an arbitrary point along the Antarctic ice marked with a red and white barbershop pole topped with a metal ball-Earth. This ceremonial South Pole is admittedly and provably NOT the actual South Pole, however, because the actual South Pole could be demonstrably confirmed with the aid of a compass showing North to be 360 degrees around the observer. Since this feat has never been achieved, the model remains pure theory, along with the establishment’s excuse that the geomagnetic poles supposedly constantly move around making verification of their claims impossible.

107) Ring magnets of the kind found in loudspeakers have a central North pole with the opposite “South” pole actually being all points along the outer circumference. This perfectly demonstrates the magnetism of our flat Earth, whereas the alleged source of magnetism in the ball-Earth model is emitted from a hypothetical molten magnetic core in the center of the ball which they claim conveniently causes both poles to constantly move thus evading independent verification at their two “ceremonial poles.” In reality the deepest drilling operation in history, the Russian Kola Ultradeep, managed to get only 8 miles down, so the entire ball-Earth model taught in schools showing a crust, outer-mantle, inner-mantle, outer-core and inner-core layers are all purely speculation as we have never penetrated through beyond the crust.

108) The mariner’s compass is an impossible and non-sensical instrument for use on a ball-Earth. It simultaneously points North and South over a flat surface, yet claims to be pin-pointing two constantly moving geomagnetic poles at opposite ends of a spinning sphere originating from a hypothetical molten metal core. If compass needles were actually drawn to the North pole of a globe, the opposing “South” needle would actually be pointing up and off into outer-space.

109) There are no fixed “East” or “West” points just as there is no fixed “South.” The North central Pole is the only proven fixed point on our flat Earth, with South being all straight lines outwards from the pole, East and West being concentric circles at constant right angles 90 degrees from the pole. A westerly circumnavigation of Earth is thus going around with Polaris continually on your right, while an easterly circumnavigation is going around with Polaris always at your left.

97) NASA and modern astronomy say the Earth is a giant ball tilted back, wobbling and spinning 1,000 mph around its central axis, traveling 67,000 mph circles around the Sun, spiraling 500,000 mph around the Milky Way, while the entire galaxy rockets a ridiculous 670,000,000 mph through the Universe, with all of these motions originating from an alleged “Big Bang” cosmogenic explosion 14 billion years ago. That’s a grand total of 670,568,000 mph in several different directions we’re all supposedly speeding along at simultaneously, yet no one has ever seen, felt, heard, measured or proven a single one of these motions to exist whatsoever.

98) NASA and modern astronomy say Polaris, the North Pole star, is somewhere between 323-434 light years, or about 2 quadrillion miles, away from us! Firstly, note that is between 1,938,000,000,000,000 – 2,604,000,000,000,000 miles making a difference of 666,000,000,000,000 (over six hundred trillion) miles! If modern astronomy cannot even agree on the distance to stars within hundreds of trillions of miles, perhaps their “science” is flawed and their theory needs re-examining. However, even granting them their obscurely distant stars, it is impossible for heliocentrists to explain how Polaris manages to always remain perfectly aligned straight above the North Pole throughout Earth’s various alleged tilting, wobbling, rotating and revolving motions.

99) Viewed from a ball-Earth, Polaris, situated directly over the North Pole, should not be visible anywhere in the Southern hemisphere. For Polaris to be seen from the Southern hemisphere of a globular Earth, the observer would have to be somehow looking “through the globe,” and miles of land and sea would have to be transparent. Polaris can be seen, however, up to over 20 degrees South latitude.


1) It is often possible to see the Chicago skyline from sea-level 60 miles away across Lake Michigan. In 2015 after photographer Joshua Nowicki photographed this phenomenon several news channels quickly claimed his picture to be a “superior mirage,” an atmospheric anomaly caused by temperature inversion. While these certainly do occur, the skyline in question was facing right-side up and clearly seen unlike a hazy illusory mirage, and on a ball-Earth 25,000 miles in circumference should be 2,400 feet below the horizon.



4) If Earth was a ball, and Antarctica was too cold to fly over, the only logical way to fly from Sydney to Santiago would be a straight shot over the Pacific staying in the Southern hemisphere the entire way. Re-fueling could be done in New Zealand or other Southern hemisphere destinations along the way if absolutely necessary. In actual fact, however, Santiago-Sydney flights go into the Northern hemisphere making stop-overs at LAX and other North American airports before continuing back down to the Southern hemisphere. Such ridiculously wayward detours make no sense on the globe but make perfect sense and form nearly straight lines when shown on a flat Earth map.

45) On a ball-Earth, Johannesburg, South Africa to Perth, Australia should be a straight shot over the Indian Ocean with convenient re-fueling possibilities on Mauritus or Madagascar. In actual practice, however, most Johannesburg to Perth flights curiously stop over either in Dubai, Hong Kong or Malaysia all of which make no sense on the ball, but are completely understandable when mapped on a flat Earth.

46) On a ball-Earth Cape Town, South Africa to Buenos Aries, Argentina should be a straight shot over the Atlantic following the same line of latitude across, but instead every flight goes to connecting locations in the Northern hemisphere first, stopping over anywhere from London to Turkey to Dubai. Once again these make absolutely no sense on the globe but are completely understandable options when mapped on a flat Earth.

47) On a ball-Earth Johannesburg, South Africa to Sao Paolo, Brazil should be a quick straight shot along the 25th Southern latitude, but instead nearly every flight makes a re-fueling stop at the 50th degree North latitude in London first! The only reason such a ridiculous stop-over works in reality is because the Earth is flat.

48) On a ball-Earth Santiago, Chile to Johannesburg, South Africa should be an easy flight all taking place below the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern hemisphere, yet every listed flight makes a curious re-fueling stop in Senegal near the Tropic of Cancer in the North hemisphere first! When mapped on a flat Earth the reason why is clear to see, however, Senegal is actually directly in a straight-line path half-way between the two.



Flat-Earth-Memes-173-19 13321918_250153818688459_4145042864823510483_n Flat-Earth-Memes-165-3 feo half moon Flat-Earth-Memes-131-9

fe neptune 784cd-antarctica2b-2bflat2bearth2bwith2b2bstations2band2brace fe venus FE MARS fe saturn addtext_com_MDA0NTI3MTcwODc5 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-3

Flat-Earth-Memes-213-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-192-13  Flat-Earth-Memes-211-13 Flat-Earth-Memes-210-20



Flat-Earth-Memes-220-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-214-20 Flat-Earth-Memes-221-19 Flat-Earth-Memes-223-19 fe meme sun orbit fe-nasa-die-ge6 Flat-Earth-Memes-145-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-147-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-146-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-153-16 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-164-4 Flat-Earth-Memes-174-5 Flat-Eart-Meme-24-3 Flat-Earth-Meme-29-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-151-1 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-152-2 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-153-20 - Copy Flat-Earth-Meme-12-16 Flat-Earth-Meme-12-15 jack parsons, crowley occult antarctica byrd fe einsteing fraud fake3 addtext_com_MTM1MTAzMzgzNjE fe bible quote1 fake earth 34 fake earth 666 fake nasa earth earth sex2 Flat-Earth-Memes-72-17 Flat-Earth-Memes-53-11 addtext_com_MTAyOTI2MzM4NDk4 addtext_com_MTAyNjE4MzQ0NjU5 EarthSunMoon addtext_com_MTUwOTE0Mjc4MDk3 fe david dees addtext_com_MTMxMjEzMTU2NjUx Flat-Earth-Memes-22-17 Flat-Earth-Meme-25-1 Flat-Earth-Meme-28-15 Flat-Earth-Memes-60-20 Flat-Earth-Memes-60-14 flat_earth_1587025 Flat-Earth-Memes-72-21 Flat-Earth-Memes-41-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-45-9 Flat-Earth-Memes-45-2 Flat-Earth-Meme-30-16 Flat-Earth-32 Flat-Earth-Memes-32-17 Flat-Earth-Meme-37-10 Flat-Earth-Memes-38-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-38-7 addtext_com_MTcyOTU5NTQ0MzI addtext_com_MTQzMjIwMzc1MzU addtext_com_MTUyNzE1NDYyMTQ addtext_com_MTU0MjI3Mzc0NDE - Copy addtext_com_MTUwODU3MzkxMzY addtext_com_MTIyMzE2MjY1MzM Flat-Earth-Memes-52-6 Flat-Earth-Memes-74-17 Flat-Earth-Memes-75-18 inca_cosmos discwo10 firmament-genesis_cosmology b52e9-yggdrasil Flammarion_Woodcut_1888_Color_2 227cd-nasa-flat-earth KENNEDY-NWO-SPEECH jesuit copernicus flat earth3 f1564-circum2 f9058-483px-samudramanthan c6c5d-167269-004-3e301474 39be0-globe01b

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fe nasa von bruan fe sun moon FE turtle fe moon eclipse refraction fe satellite 304 fe air flights fe satellite no fe mars hoax fe flat egg yolk fe solar cult43 fe isis fe einstein plagarist fe clock3 fe tank china fe puzzle fe sun distance angle fe science aether fe nasa iss spacewalk fe gravity einstein car fe em human being fe bible genesis fe proof list curve lighthouse fe cosmos1


















Flat-Earth-Memes-23-10 Flat-Earth-Memes-23-20



fe cosmos ouroraboros fe comos realms fe cosmos43 fe cosmos2 fe cosmos3 fe dome heavenfe cosmos realms vedic fe gravity fe we are one fe flightmaps5 fe flightmaps4 - Copy fe ge burning earth fe op high jump cover logo fe op fishbowl nuke fe ant ice wall454 fe earth sun orbit distance fe four-seasons-14-728 fe four-seasons-6-728 fe sun moon angle tilt fe antarctic-ice-thickness fe antarctica blog - ice wall fe ant ends-of-the-earth fe sun moon rays fe moon sun same size fe dome blast fe antarctic operation dominic feo em people feo heart em feo sunset fe em telsa coil 44 fe ant south pole fe em thunderbolt fe copernicus art UnivLeiden fe rainbow3 dome2 fe thor fe dome aurora borealus fe quote tesla2 fe bible creation 4th day fe antarctic operation fishbowl22 antractic patch antarctica 32 anarctic wall wifi device wifi school students WKY682G

GE Book II, Nasa Doc. aerosol fe ge nasa doc fe ge nasa doc3


Flat-Earth-Memes-263-18 Flat-Earth-Memes-263-13 Flat-Earth-Memes-263-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-263-10 Flat-Earth-Memes-263-9 Flat-Earth-Memes-263-3



“One Giant Blunder for Mankind, how NASA lost the moon pictures”,

… read the world news headlines in 2006. Just at the time digital imaging was taking apart the NASA photos, they went lost. (Source)

The missing tapes were among over 700 boxes of magnetic data tapes recorded throughout the Apollo program which have not been found.[14] On August 16, 2006 NASA announced its official search saying, “The original tapes may be at the Goddard Space Flight Center … or at another location within the NASA archiving system“, “NASA engineers are hopeful that when the tapes are found they can use today’s digital technology to provide a version of the moonwalk that is much better quality than what we have today.

Arthur C. Clarke referred to Apollo 11 as a “Hole in History”.

Here is a study by analyst Jack White. He has studied this moon landing hoax more than anyone. Here, he puts it to the math test to show the impossibility of what NASA is asking us to believe. I visited several official NASA websites to find HOW MANY PHOTOS WERE TAKEN on the surface of the Moon. Amazingly, NASA AVOIDS THIS SUBJECT almost entirely. Two days of searching documents and text were fruitless. But Lunar Surface Journal, one of the sites, lists every photo with its file number. So I undertook to make an actual count of every photo taken by astronauts DURING EXTRA-VEHICULAR ACTIVITY (EVA), the time spent on the surface out of the LEM.

Here is my actual count of EVA photos of the six missions:

Apollo 11……….. 121 Apollo 12……….. 504 Apollo 14……….. 374 Apollo 15……….1021 Apollo 16……….1765 Apollo 17……….1986

So 12 astronauts while on the Moon’s surface took a TOTAL of 5771 exposures.

That seemed excessively large to me, considering that their TIME on the lunar surface was limited, and the astronauts had MANY OTHER TASKS OTHER THAN PHOTOGRAPHY. So I returned to the Lunar Surface Journal to find how much TIME was available to do all the scientific tasks AS WELL AS PHOTOGRAPHY. Unlike the number of photos, this information is readily available:

Apollo 11……..1 EVA …..2 hours, 31 minutes……(151 minutes) Apollo 12……..2 EVAs…..7 hours, 50 minutes……(470 minutes) Apollo 14……..2 EVAs…..9 hours, 25 minutes……(565 minutes) Apollo 15……..3 EVAs…18 hours, 30 minutes….(1110 minutes) Apollo 16……..3 EVAs…20 hours, 14 minutes….(1214 minutes) Apollo 17……..3 EVAs…22 hours, 04 minutes….(1324 minutes)

Total minutes on the Moon amounted to 4834 minutes. Total number of photographs taken was 5771 photos.

Hmmmmm. That amounts to 1.19 photos taken EVERY MINUTE of time on the Moon, REGARDLESS OF OTHER ACTIVITIES. (That requires the taking of ONE PHOTO EVERY 50 SECONDS!) Let’s look at those other activities to see how much time should be deducted from available photo time:

Apollo 11….Inspect LEM for damage, deploy flag, unpack and deploy radio and television equipment, operate the TV camera (360 degree pan), establish contact with Earth (including ceremonial talk with President Nixon), unpack and deploy numerous experiment packages, find/document/collect 47.7 pounds of lunar rock samples, walk to various locations, conclude experiments, return to LEM.

Apollo 12….Inspect LEM for damage, deploy flag, unpack and deploy radio and television equipment (spend time trying to fix faulty TV camera), establish contact with Earth, unpack and deploy numerous experiment packages, walk to various locations, inspect the unmanned Surveyor 3 which had landed on the Moon in April 1967 and retrieve Surveyor parts. Deploy ALSEP package. Find/document/collect 75.7 pounds of rocks, conclude experiments, return to LEM.

Apollo 14….Inspect LEM for damage, deploy flag, unpack and deploy radio and television equipment and establish contact with Earth, unpack and assemble hand cart to transport rocks, unpack and deploy numerous experiment packages, walk to various locations. Find/document/collect 94.4 pounds of rocks, conclude experiments, return to LEM.

Apollo 15….Inspect LEM for damage, deploy flag, unpack and deploy radio and television equipment and establish contact with Earth, unpack/assemble/equip and test the LRV electric-powered 4-wheel drive car and drive it 17 miles, unpack and deploy numerous experiment packages (double the scientific payload of first three missions). Find/document/collect 169 pounds of rocks, conclude experiments, return to LEM. (The LRV travels only 8 mph.)


Apollo 16….Inspect LEM for damage, deploy flag, unpack and deploy radio and television equipment and establish contact with Earth, unpack/assemble/equip and test the LRV electric-powered 4-wheel drive car and drive it 16 miles, unpack and deploy numerous experiment packages (double the scientific payload of first three missions, including new ultraviolet camera, operate the UV camera). Find/document/collect 208.3 pounds of rocks, conclude experiments, return to LEM. (The LRV travels only 8 mph.)

Apollo 17….Inspect LEM for damage, deploy flag, unpack and deploy radio and television equipment and establish contact with Earth, unpack/assemble/equip and test the LRV electric-powered 4-wheel drive car and drive it 30.5 miles, unpack and deploy numerous experiment packages. Find/document/collect 243.1 pounds of rocks, conclude experiments, return to LEM. (The LRV travels only 8 mph.)

Let’s arbitrarily calculate a MINIMUM time for these tasks and subtract from available photo time:

Apollo 11…subtract 2 hours (120 mins), leaving 031 mins for taking photos Apollo 12…subtract 4 hours (240 mins), leaving 230 mins for taking photos Apollo 14…subtract 3 hours (180 mins), leaving 385 mins for taking photos Apollo 15…subtract 6 hours (360 mins), leaving 750 mins for taking photos Apollo 16…subtract 6 hours (360 mins), leaving 854 mins for taking photos Apollo 17…subtract 8 hours (480 mins), leaving 844 mins for taking photos

So do the math:

Apollo 11…..121 photos in 031 minutes……..3.90 photos per minute Apollo 12…..504 photos in 230 minutes……..2.19 photos per minute Apollo 14…..374 photos in 385 minutes……..0.97 photos per minute Apollo 15…1021 photos in 750 minutes……..1.36 photos per minute Apollo 16…1765 photos in 854 minutes …….2.06 photos per minute Apollo 17…1986 photos in 844 minutes …….2.35 photos per minute

Or, to put it more simply:

Apollo 11……..one photo every 15 seconds Apollo 12……..one photo every 27 seconds Apollo 14……..one photo every 62 seconds Apollo 15……..one photo every 44 seconds Apollo 16……..one photo every 29 seconds Apollo 17……..one photo every 26 seconds

So you decide. Given all the facts, was it possible to take that many photos in so short a time?

Any professional photographer will tell you it cannot be done. Virtually every photo was a different scene or in a different place, requiring travel. As much as 30 miles travel was required to reach some of the photo sites. Extra care had to be taken shooting some stereo pairs and panoramas. Each picture was taken without a viewfinder, using manual camera settings, with no automatic metering, while wearing a bulky spacesuit and stiff clumsy gloves.

The agency wants the world to believe that 5771 photographs were taken in 4834 minutes!





fe flight map fe dome god fe ats country fe sun spot distance fe sky jumping fe 101 spin rotation sun earth fe sun angle distance3 fe resistance fe names fe scientism fake fe byrd freemason fe moon behind clouds fe sun behind clouds fe art (9)s71-18753

The moon casts a shadow at the sun blocking it partially in a partial solar eclipse as it sets on Monday Jan. 26, 2009 at Manila's bay, Philippines. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

The moon casts a shadow at the sun blocking it partially in a partial solar eclipse as it sets on Monday Jan. 26, 2009 at Manila’s bay, Philippines. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

antarctic 238 antarctic 287 screenshot-www stopthecrime net 2016-01-20 10-54-15 screenshot-www stopthecrime net 2016-01-20 11-03-46 sun god apollo moon gravity astronomy. lemaitre new day atmos bestmoon pluto pluto2 pluto4 pluto5 sun horizon sun.earth


6 thoughts on “FE Meme O’ Rama

  1. Demitra M. N. July 29, 2016 at 3:27 pm Reply

    Direct personal perception and experience is all that anyone ever needs in order to arrive at consciously healthy conclusions about the reality in which we find ourselves. A farmer or a fisherman, for example, who has never seen the inside of a classroom, nor studied any thick complicated scholastic textbooks, these people can easily make sense of the world they live in as they go about their daily lives surveying the direct details that emerge from their personal interests, relationships, and experiences. As long as they are not cowed by some “edumacated” person or persons into not trusting the wisdom of their own senses, they will naturally grasp reality simply from waking up everyday, living life, asking questions, and seeking out the answers that are everywhere to be found around them.

    Sophisticated educational institutions that teach subjects like sciences, on the other hand, are deliberately set up to obfuscate and steer the mind away from perceiving this natural world that is present all around us. By programming the mind, by rote and with mind-numbing layers of non-reality, most of which has no connection or relation to the five senses, students of academia slowly but surely lose touch with their inherent intuitiveness and become literally programmed into first envisioning the lies, then believing in the illusory-world overlay-construct of the black-magicians who orchestrate the prison-matrix. After which, the programmed ones go out into the world and actively impose this programming onto others (another aspect of the programming) zealously browbeating their scholastic knowledge when and if necessary. Essentially, these programmed beliefs become the sacred cows that such people clutch to, defending at all costs, because they’ve nothing else — they’ve lost the ability to trust their own senses and, you have to admit, there’s a certain desperation in that. Sad, but true.

    While I definitely support the flat earth conception-movement, I am certain too that the globe model, which is the false overlay programmed into all of us from childhood, is in fact quite literally true in the sense that it is the most important facet of the overall prison matrix that keeps us locked in here. Point in fact, it is the brainwashed collective mind, united in the global-model belief-system, that makes it real in the viable sense. Without our collective cooperation our imprisonment simply could not, would not, be a reality. Hence, what makes the flat-earthers so dangerous to the prison matrix at this time is the fact that as each person begins to let go of their belief of the globe-model meme, the prison system, which relies on our collective conviction regarding what is real and not real, begins to lose it’s cohesive “believable-ness”.

    Bottom line, the growing numbers of flat earthers are literally tearing away at the fabric of the illusion every single day, and so, as every new article and picture gets posted out there by some flat earth adherent or other, and the message manages to convince yet one more person to let go of the false narrative, it is as though another boulder, rock or pebble has hit and destabilized the force-field that spherically keeps us from escaping. Whether our present conception of the earth being flat-ish be perfect in it’s correctness, matters not. What matters is that we no longer feed or energize the false narrative of the global meme by giving it any credence whatsoever. In this way, the whole house of cards can eventually be brought down by a small, but very committed group of people, those who understand that true freedom arises out of wisdom gained, not programmed knowledge.

    The power of flat earthers to hold it together and hold strong, is ultimately the power to all the people. On behalf of the many other flat earthers out there, all awakening to the cause, thank you so much for your own active participation here on this blog. This was a brilliantly entertaining page…thank you so much!


    • jwlpeace July 29, 2016 at 3:37 pm Reply

      Sadly, unfortunately, but predictably the FE movement will likely never coalesce due to the independent nature of the researchers, the shills, trolls and disinfo agents attacking FE and that the debate will never be “settled” by science due to perpetuating the Great Lie. This, to me, is an inward journey of great discovery and realization. My thoughts are that the FE story was leaked by Dubay to forment more divisiveness, just like the LBGT Bruce/Caitlin b.s, the #Blacklives Matter, the Blue/Red never Green “elections”, etc. etc.
      Thanx for the support, very appreciated.


      • Demitra M. N. July 29, 2016 at 4:08 pm

        While it’s sad that at this time we can’t all be on the same page at the same time, it doesn’t mean that there won`t come a time when it will be possible for the majority to be on the same page at the same time.

        Also, we don’t need science to give us it’s blessing in this matter, because the whole science field is based on fraud and therefore they are irrelevant. The FE movement is creating a new foundation for what it means to be scientific and that`s trail-blazing important!

        Nor do we need to be concerned about all the disparate elements which appear on the surface to be working contrary to each other. What I do agree with you about is that this is “an inward journey of great discovery and realization” and in this sense everything that matters is happening on an etheric level all the time. Along these lines I firmly believe that all intentions be they good or not so good, are actively providing a helpful hand in the unfolding of the Great Awakening to it`s eventual brilliant conclusion.


      • jwlpeace July 29, 2016 at 7:01 pm

        What I do find so powerful is that there is no one who cannot use their own power of observation, thought and logic to figure this out if “belief systems” aka indoctrination isn’t too buried inside ones mind.


      • grs July 29, 2016 at 7:49 pm

        Here you are taking a run at the character of arguably the most prolific and important contributor in the FE movement, the guy responsible for re-igniting it, and AT THE SAME TIME you complain about divisiveness within the FE movement. Your arrogant lack of self-awareness is just incredible you should be ashamed of yourself. Just shut it down man. Seriously, and this comes from a guy who defended you when Eric called you a shill awhile back, the movement is better off without you if this is the way you’re going to act.


  2. Demitra M. N. July 29, 2016 at 7:55 pm Reply

    I know what mean. I expect I won`t be all that surprised if, when all`s been said and done, it turns out that most of the people I have been interacting with, whether in real time or on-line, are simply extra fill-ins, because nothing really explains why so few people have a genuine capacity for creative thought. No disrespect toward them intended, but the majority all seem to float through life like dead wood down a stream. 🙂


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