FE Memes and Themes #7

Flat-Earth-Memes-225-13 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-225-18 Flat-Earth-Memes-239-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-238-1 - Copy Flat-Earth-Memes-238-13 Flat-Earth-Memes-238-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-236-18 Flat-Earth-Memes-236-19 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-15 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-16 Flat-Earth-Memes-235-17 Flat-earth-Memes-234-12 Flat-earth-Memes-234-19Flat-Earth-Memes-228-7 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-4 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-6 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-9 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-12 Flat-Earth-Memes-213-18 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-1 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-3 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-11 Flat-Earth-Memes-212-16

2 thoughts on “FE Memes and Themes #7

  1. greg July 9, 2016 at 4:27 am Reply

    Haha… If the earth is flat, why does the sun rise then travel across the northern sky and set in the west in the southern hemisphere if the earth is flat? You need to travel more …

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  2. Danny July 27, 2016 at 9:27 am Reply

    You can clearly see that the sun and the moon are on a path what will never change. If the sun was 92 million miles away the whole tempreture of the earth would be more a less the same from the equator to the poles, meaning there would be no ice at the north and south poles. When the sun rises in the morning it’s a lot cooler than it is at mid day when it’s right above your head, then the same happens when the sun is setting. If you are in sunlight at any time of the day anywhere on the planet the tempreture should be more a less the same because the sun’s meant to be 93 million miles away!
    The only way we can get ice at the poles and big tempreture differences is it the sun is really close to the surface somewhere between 3000 and 4000 miles from sea level.


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