MK Ultra Mind Programming & U.S. Presidents

A few months back, BoB rapper came out on Flat Earth responded immediately by Neil DisGrace Tyson the next night on the Comedy Central Channel in an obvious psyop to further stir and conflict the FE conversation/debate/reality.

What few picked up on was his disclosure to also look into “Celebrity Cloning”. Decades ago now, Dolly the Sheep was successfully cloned, now, truth be told, much of our conventional meats in stores are cloned.

Rapper B.O.B Expose Human Cloning

In 2003, a Sausalito, CA based company opened up called “Genetic Savings and Clone” and for $ 40,000 would clone your cat. So the technology for cloning, along with the necessary Mind Kontrol technology has been around for many decades.

Here is a video from mind programming in 1960 using subliminal messaging

Here is President Clinton in an obvious trance directly before the famous “Depends on what ‘Is’ before a Federal Grand Jury,” defense with Monica Lewinsky about whether he had oral or vaginal sex.

And here is President Obama, one of the best NLP practioners in the business, stammering, stuttering and generally lost to words.



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