Classic Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks!

Classic and timeless Alex Jones, Bill Hicks. Enjoy.

The Atlantean Conspiracy: Alex Jones is Bill Hicks!

2 thoughts on “Classic Alex Jones aka Bill Hicks!

  1. Laura Lee Dykstra June 8, 2016 at 2:55 pm Reply

    Bill Hicks AKA Alex Jones is also a female to male tranny. The NWO satanists trangender the children from infancy in addition to many other SRA practises. Bill Nye is Billy Nye the science tranny. Alex Jones… a tranny lesbian woman made a man trying to cry on cue… coming off as not a man… not a woman… histrionics befitting a tranny. Bill Nye… huge head… way too narrow sloping shoulders… and quite a figure as a female to male tranny… like the rest of them. Bill Nye attended the same $37,500 a year DC prep school as a fellow graduate leader of the CIA agent, the daughters of Obama, and many more elites. The insiders are all transgendered from infancy. It’s the baphomet worship of the NWO.

    Bill Hicks AKA Alex Jones TRANNY.

    Bill Nye the Science TRANNY.


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