Alt. News asks: The Flat Earth Conspiracy: Is NASA Fooling The World?

The Flat Earth Conspiracy: Is NASA Fooling The World?

Columbus was the only one of his time who believed that the Earth was round; everyone else believed it was flat. The Flat-Earthers thought the Earth didn’t fall because it was resting on huge elephants. But what were the elephants resting on? On the back of a gigantic turtle. What was the turtle resting on? It was swimming in an ocean. Did the ocean stretch all the way down? No answer. While the Earth does look flat, is it safe to decide that it is flat?


2 thoughts on “Alt. News asks: The Flat Earth Conspiracy: Is NASA Fooling The World?

  1. Demitra M. N. June 3, 2016 at 4:22 pm Reply

    In my spiritual health studies of the human body it has been made clear that each of us is a torus field of energy and in this regard, we can all be said to be a spinning globe of energies. But despite this fact, this is not at all what we SEE nor what we experience when we look at and/or interact with other human beings. Whether we are standing up or laying down, what we see and experience about our bodies is the overall flatness of a plane. This is precisely the issue with the land mass beneath our feet.

    From the standpoint of higher dimensional levels, it may very well be that the earth is indeed a spinning globe of energies, precisely as is the human spirit, and yet the manifestation of these energies in the physical realm automatically express themselves differently.

    And so, while it is true that we (all lifeforms, including the Earth) are all live torus fields of energetics, when each of us coalesce into our respective physical masses, we must adhere to the logical rules of physicality, and therefore none of us ever appear to ourselves, or even to others, as perfectly shaped, spinning globes of energy, even if that is our essential spiritual condition.

    The Earth, my friends, is (physically) Flat.


  2. Johnsbury June 3, 2016 at 10:00 pm Reply

    While this is interesting that others are beginning to take notice of us, their response ends in more psyops, like this article. Expect to see more damage control from TPTB.


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