Need Your Help FE Nation

fe nasa die ge6

Doug Rowland @…CALL HIM and tell him what you think about their spraying us like bugs

301-286-6659…his machine picks up if he’s not in.

Send this around…he admits spraying Lithium on us all since the 70’s…but now, “not during the daytime” how lovely these assholes are…write this guy and tell him what you think of our children being toxicated with chemicals that are shortening their lives, killing the fish in the ocean, accelerating the mass release of methane in the Arctic and used to target individuals with WiFry Mind Kontrol capabilities.

We need this to go viral!


Clemson University Upper Atmosphere Research Program Information Sheet 2015-2016…



One thought on “Need Your Help FE Nation

  1. […] NASA spraying chemicals on us all that will change DNA […]


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