NASA Short List of Frauds (Prep for Prosecution)

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Layering Hoaxes And Patent Fraud: Who’s Better Than NASA?

Absent of any other sources to verify what we’ve been told, we have had to prostate ourselves to the so-called “experts” despite irrefutable evidence that NASA is nothing more than an elaborate financial embezzler and pseudoscience peddler. In The Occult Roots Of NASA And The Ongoing Fraud: Part One & Part Two, we established a bar of credibility stating that“Fraud Vitiates Everything”

In short, once fraud is detected everything that sits upon it is now in question. Your credibility is shot! Who would disagree with the logic of found fraud destroys the validity of everything? It’s reasonable, predictable and has the power to instantly change the direction of one’s perception, even those that were held sacred. Fraud has no limits by those who engage in it and it’s been around a long time. Do you think real fraudsters stop at just one fraud? Or do you think they keep going and going until they die or get caught? The answer is a simple one. Why would you ever stop lucrative fraudulent activity if you haven’t been caught? So the chance for systemic fraud once initial fraud is found becomes a virtual certainty.


NASA’s 5 undeniable frauds Part 1:

1. The Occult and Satanic roots of NASA

2. The Apollo Moon Landing Hoax

3. The 1986 Challenger Disaster Hoax

4. The International Space Station Hoax

5. The ongoing involvement and manipulation by Freemasons

NASA’s 10 undeniable frauds Part 2:

6. Satellites Exist Hoax

7. Satellite Deployment/Launching Hoaxes

8. Hubble Telescope Hoax

9. Hubble Image Hoaxes

10. The Space Shuttle Hoax

11. Sky Lab Hoax

12. Earth Images Hoax no actual unaltered images exist!

13. Apollo 11 imagery and telemetry lost by NASA in 2007  hoax (they have possession or destroyed?)

14. Earth has changed to an Oblate Spheroid, no longer round like a billiard ball

15. All NASA patents and licenses are now potentially fraudulent

*some items on both lists may be a secondary hoax originating from a primary hoax. example: If satellites don’t exist how can Hubble? If Hubble doesn’t exist how can the images exist? The hoaxes build-up like sedimentary rock, the next layer covers over the previous layer. In “Fraud Vitiates Everything” the discovery of initial fraud/hoax must invalidate all claims, statements, proofs, references, abstracts, etc., that utilize any or all parts of the primary hoax as a basis for the secondary fraud/hoax and so on.

In addition to “Fraud Vitiates Everything” we will use Occam’s Razor to separate science from science fiction.

(The Aristotelian principle that entities must not be multiplied beyond what is necessary. This principle became known as Occam’s (or Ockham’s) Razor or the law of parsimony.  In science, the simplest theory that fits the facts of a problem is the one that should be selected)

By recognizing the root fraud of NASA, it isn’t even necessary to offer alternative proofs to refute NASA’s claims of human space travel since they cannot account for the fraud that has already been found. NASA can throw all the equations, images, videos and technical doublespeak in support of their space travel fairy tale, but until NASA overcomes the overwhelming evidence of root fraud what’s to talk about?  Well, lets take a few potshots’ at NASA anyway since they’ve been lying to us since 1958.

That being said, I thought it would be appropriate to give you a current sampling of “activities” NASA has been engaged in while under the direct auspices of the military industrial complex. Many people forget that NASA is under the military command and not a government agency like the CDC, IRS, or FDA. (what a fine trio) 

Would it piss you off if you found out that many NASA employees were caught watching child pornography ?

Would it piss you off if you found out that NASA has been involved in geoengineering and spraying Lithium into the atmosphere?

Funny, we can send out probes to the edges of our solar system but somehow we can’t figure out a way to end starvation and famine. How is this possible!! Or maybe better said “why is this even happening?”  The answer is the Worldwide Rulers Of Evil, The Jesuits and their Hofjuden (court jews) Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and Freemason minions.

NASA is one of the main pillars of propaganda utilized by the Jesuits for the past 500 years to control humanity and create a crippling power differential of extant knowledge. This knowledge of the Flat Earth cosmology and cosmogony has been relegated to the dustbin of “dark” occulted knowledge and used as a pile-driver on man’s collective psyche. With their Freemason minions at the helm, it’s been a tool of spiritual oppression and pseudoscience garbage wrapped up in a massive embezzling scheme. The hoaxes below bring truth to the previous sentence.

5 thoughts on “NASA Short List of Frauds (Prep for Prosecution)

  1. rwederfoort May 17, 2016 at 7:17 pm Reply

    Reblogged this on ronaldwederfoort.


  2. Ryan May 18, 2016 at 5:14 am Reply

    Just a correction: the IRS is NOT a government institution, it is, like the Federal Reserve, a privately owned corporation. Otherwise great article.


    • jwlpeace May 19, 2016 at 7:32 pm Reply

      Yup! and why do our 1040’s go to one address and our checks go to another? because they checks are cashed in Puerto Rico to the owners of the IRS, the City of London. so our tax dollars get divied up btwn the Vatican and the London banksters.


    • BurntToast October 31, 2016 at 10:17 pm Reply

      I’ve never heard of this; where can I find reliable sources to learn more?


  3. Boingrod October 31, 2016 at 1:06 am Reply

    I have watched unaltered regular video recorded footage of astronauts orbiting the earth. Doing regular routine this and just fooling around. Images of the earth from out the windows. Tom Akers (an American astronaut) is from near me. He has visited my school. And a friend of mine is friends with him, so he visited our classroom and showed us private videos.
    Tell ppl to wake up all you wanted, but not everything is a giant conspiracy for the sole purpose of fooling the masses.


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