5 Minute CGI Smartphone Planet Creation – NASA Is Only a PsyOpl Of S**t!

5 Minute CGI Smartphone Planet Creation – NASA Is Full Of S**t!

How easy is it for NASA to fake images of planetary bodies? So easy, we can make the same planets in an astounding 5 minutes (not including the mind-kontrol part). In fact this entire post and thought experiment was done on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cel.

As you will see, the images are every bit as good as the propaganda crap images that are in today’s controlled major mass media and academia. Once people are “conditioned” to believe the so-called experts, most if not all circumspection flies out the window. The Satanists at NASA are rolling in the aisles at our inability to apply critical thinking and deductive reasoning as we throw ourselves down at the alter of pseudoscience nonsense.


    • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 cel
    • 10x telescope lens
    • Gimp Image Software (Linux equivalent to Photoshop)
    • A little cropping and color filters

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