The Bible Believers Who Criticize Flat Earth; Really???

(This is from Rob Skiba’s Website)

The Flat Earth – Now THAT’S crazy!

OK. Now, I mean no disrespect here, but to be brutally honest, we must admit that most Christians (assuming they believe the Bible) would have to admit that they would generally agree with at least most of the following…
  • The first man was created out of dust.
  • The first woman was pulled from that man’s rib.
  • A talking snake deceived the woman, and she got the man to eat some fruit, which caused all people thereafter to be “in sin.”
  • They were booted out of a garden and a dude with a light-saber kept them from going back.
  • The two people then had children, and one killed the other. The dead one’s blood then started to “cry out” from the ground.
  • Later, angels came down and mated with women, thus producing massive giants.
  • Through the evil of the angels and subsequent hybrid offspring, the world became totally corrupt and violent, so God wiped out everything except a small population of people , birds, reptiles and animals, who all fit into an ark.
  • Sometime after the Flood, lots of people got together in a valley to build a tower to “reach into heaven”, so God jacked up their languages.
  • A dude was chosen to become the “father of many nations” – even though he was 100 years old and had yet to produce one child with a woman who was almost just as old as he was.
  • His nephew’s wife was turned into a salt pillar, when she looked back to see their former place of residence being obliterated by fiery hailstones.
  • The old man eventually did have a son who had a bunch of kids, and their offspring would later end up becoming slaves in Egypt, but God rescued them because they killed an animal and smeared its blood on their door posts.
  • They were then led by a pillar of fire out to a sea, which was split open for them and they walked through it.
  • After walking through the sea, they went to a mountain and got some stones upon which God Himself wrote 10 simple “rules” for living Godly lives in relationship with Him.
  • Then after wandering around for 40 years (due to disobedience and lack of faith), being fed by something they called “what is it?” that would always just show up for them to collect and eat, and drinking from water that burst out of a rock, which was struck by a stick, the next generation eventually got to go into the “Promised Land.”
  • Meanwhile, a dude with a talking donkey is hired to try and curse them, but he fails.
  • Once in this land, they would march around a high-walled city, then blow horns that were cut off of animal heads… and the walls of that city suddenly came crumbling down.
  • Then they fought and killed a bunch of giants.
  • Eventually we read about…
    • a man commanding the sun and moon to stand still – and they did!
    • a dude would wipe out an entire army with the jawbone of an ass.
    • an ax head that floated.
    • another dude who jumped into a chariot and flew away.
    • the sun going backward for some other dudes.
    • guys getting thrown into a fiery furnace, but not burning.
    • a man being put among hungry lions, who don’t mind his company and leave him alone.
    • a disobedient prophet changes his mind after spending 3 days and 3 nights inside a fish.
  • A Savior then shows up (having been born of a virgin) and He…
    • turns water into wine.
    • walks on water.
    • feeds thousands of people with a few loaves and fishes.
    • cures the blind, heals the lame and even raises people from the dead.
    • gets murdered in the most brutal fashion imaginable, but then raises from the dead 3 days later.
    • flies up into the sky with a promise to return.
  • His followers later do some pretty wild stuff too:
    • One guy’s shadow heals people.
    • another man transports from one location to another.
    • still another passed out cloth that had touched his body and people got healed.
  • Believers in this Savior eagerly await His return, when He comes down from the clouds, riding on a flying horse, followed by a ton of others doing the same.
  • When He comes back, He wipes out His enemies with a sword coming from His mouth.
  • ALL THE STARS in the sky then come falling down to Earth as the Heavens get torched and roll up like a scroll.
  • A massively huge city then comes floating down from the sky and we who believe in this Savior all live happily ever after.
So… with all of this in mind (and many more such things that I didn’t list), I’m really curious as to what exactly is so “crazy” about the notion the Earth could possibly be flat. Just sayin’… all things considered, that’s actually quite funny.
And if you think all of this is whacked, don’t even get me started on the craziness believed by the (largely atheistic) so-called “science” community who believe they evolved out of a slime pit 4 billion years ago, which itself was the result of a microscopic dot exploding. LOL!

– Rob Skiba

7 thoughts on “The Bible Believers Who Criticize Flat Earth; Really???

  1. uniluv2go4 May 9, 2016 at 9:05 am Reply

    We don’t want to trivialize the bible, and when those things arenunderstood, they make sense. Firbexample…stars are no different than what we call movie stars.
    Satan draws 1/3 of the stars (angels), with his tail…
    Not tough…piece of tail, lust.

    But I assume Rob wonders why Christians don’t agree the earth is flat?
    I think it may be for the same reason they go to church on the day of the sun, not Sabbath.
    If you’re Christian and FE? Christian and Sabbath…pretty heavy.
    But I think not so bad really.
    I think there’s conflict standing alone…sitting duck.
    One other slur, noting it is unintended, but the lamppost was spiritually
    the …passover lamb, who Jesus was. And note that this..,wirked.
    The flood does not say…the earth was covered.
    I love logic, find Christianity ligucal, glad to discuss if ppl searching, not just mocking.
    The bible has 75 PROOFS of FE. Even Islam seems to believe FE, but then they contradict much of their work.
    The FE with the dome is the STAGE where everyone is watvhed, where all of heaven knows what satan is doing, since they see realms we often cannot see.
    I have not made headway in either area:FE, Sabbath. Perhaps the time is not right.


  2. Chris & Starry May 9, 2016 at 11:51 pm Reply

    Touche! Much appreciation to Brother Rob & his family.


  3. Manny Clay May 10, 2016 at 2:41 am Reply

    Mr Skiba left out the part that Christ will judge all humanity and the unbelievers would be cast into the Lake of Fire that burns eternally.


  4. uniluv2go4 May 10, 2016 at 5:42 am Reply

    The word ‘eternally’ means…age long…and it is to get rid of sin, destroyers.
    It must be…logical…Jesus is the logos…so, founder of communication.
    God is merciful, eternal burning is not.
    John 3:16 tells us…what happens.
    I am hoping Christians get more courageous, righteously and I work to help with that.
    Imams, ex Imams for Christ do put us to shame. They joyously go out in Muslim lands knowing each day may be their last. They know they are saved.
    I am glad to call them brother.


    • truthfarmer May 10, 2016 at 12:20 pm Reply

      Right. Yah isn’t sadistic and going to make people burn in a fiery death forever. The ones who are haters of Yah will simply be burned up, once. The eternal burning like a Bosch painting is actually a Catholic construct taken from paganism, not from Hebraic scriptures. And believing and loving Messiah shouldn’t be viewed as a “get out of hell free” card. We should all work out our salvation with awe and deep concern about our walks.


  5. […] About the Shape of the Earth _PLAIN not a PLANET The Bible Believers Who Criticize Flat Earth; Really??? _Library of Congress_Newspaper Archives_Search Term:*Flat Earth*_Results: 3026_[152 pages] […]


  6. scammydodgers December 18, 2016 at 9:37 am Reply

    C,mon please, there is the international space station that is manned by people from all nations orbiting the earth , you can actually view it for yourself , there’s even an app to show you where it will be in the night sky at any particular time.
    Of course if you choose to believe none of this is true and it’s all some huge fantastic conspiracy you have to examine your train of thought.


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