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3 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. uniluv2go4 May 8, 2016 at 11:26 pm Reply

    I am caught between wanting to share some good stuff on yahoo, and feeling it would not work, generally. Just alert the sold out atheists, give them room to attack.
    So, I think the question is…how? R and S is religion, there’s also science, other areas.
    I answer questions, include FE, but posting is different.
    I’d only do it if I knew a way to draw FE readers.
    So many are…sleeping (soporific), complacent.
    And …it CAN HURT. There’s a time, soon, I think.


  2. uniluv2go4 May 8, 2016 at 11:27 pm Reply

    Teachers of little Albert Einstein said he was a poor student, inattentive, sloppy. I bet Nikola’s teachers never said that.


  3. Pegz May 11, 2016 at 5:55 pm Reply

    All things are interconnected in some way.There are patterns to everything created. Just something to think about…

    A cycle began, and there were two brothers who led a journey of slaves from a country. This people followed a star trail threw the sea to a wilderness. This group set up camp and began the task of organizing their new freedom in developing a nation. The two brothers began the plan on how to manage the people and keep them unified and focused in purpose.

    All the people brought wealth and talents with them on their journey. The two brothers had the people give some of their wealth and talents to build a temple in the middle of their encampment. This central place was logical since the brothers were the brain and the organization of this new kingdom.

    One brother was the ruler over the physical government duties and the other brother managed the devout affairs of the mind to remain loyal in the plan of purpose. The two brothers not only had to find ways to manage this stubborn and strong willed people to keep them unified, they had to construct resources in which to grow a government and supply an army to protect their borders.

    The greatest currency in the land was gold. Not all the people had gold, but people had many talents and other things valuable. So the brothers devised civil laws and when the people violated those laws if the punishment didn’t require their life, they had to pay a tax or tribute to the court of the temple. The brothers also devised moral laws and when they were broken the people paid a tithe or sacrificed a animal as the general custom was to share with the temple for mercy or die the eternal death. When the people had financial increase from their labor or talents they were to give a tithe to the temple to manage the nation’s affairs. In the earliest beginning, the temple was the place of sacrifice, the court, the treasury, the central bank, and the school for children of parents who could afford to pay for their education.

    As this nation grew in stature and increased in government wealth, it built an army to go out and take possession of the land they believed promised to them with their armed forces. They destroyed the neighboring people, took their lands and resources, their wealth, raped their women, killed their children and destroyed their temples.

    The survivors of the war had to keep the nation’s laws devised by the two governing forces to become citizens, or else be cast out, or die a death as a dissenter. Great Holy men of the Creator walked among these nations pointing out they were misguided in doing this forceful aggression and violence in the sight of their Creator. These messengers were for the captives, not for the free. These holy men were put to death by the nation’s leaders for the words of condemnation was for them, but some twisted the words to beat the captives subconscious into submission to the leaders.

    In time, these nation’s everyday life goes seriously wrong, and there is internal unrest among the people who have become sick, weak and impoverished by the fate of their nation’s warring oppression. The unrest causes their home, their nation to split in war and the one becomes 2 opposing nations. Then these nations come to nothing as they and all their wealth and prized temple possessions are absorbed into more powerful nations – finite pyramids too, and in their time will also give way to a builders curse.

    Every nation starts with its own talents, wealth and natural resources. Every nation has its restrained borders, a civil government and laws. Every nation has its priesthood and moral laws. Every country has a (temple and capital) built inside their nation. Every nation has national or patriotic pride. Every nation has a religious cultural self- righteous intolerance it forces upon others as the method to protect or enlarge its resources or borders.

    Lies become bigger lies. Greed attracts more greed. Violence generates more violence. The cycles repeat as cycles do until one day all the nations are drawn to a central point on the earth, a tower, a capital, a temple, a pyramid, a Mt Meru, a Mt Mariah, a Jacob’s ladder as the plan of old.. builds into a great war of lies as the leaders of this age become trapped by their own delusion… May the oppressed who know their salvation – stand up straight wherever they are crying out ..that synchronized moment will appear, and all chains will unlock by the curse of the pyramid’s illusion.


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