The Cavendish Experiment — Pseudoscience at Its Finest


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The Cavendish Experiment — Pseudoscience Nonsense

Don’t be surprised if at some point an indoctrinated globehead pulls out the Cavendish experiment as proof of gravity and tries to shove it in your face. Fear not, the Cavendish experiment is another pseudoscience piece of nonsense that has never been replicated and is taken as truth in the fraudulent world of scientism. In essence, the Cavendish experiment was initiated in 1797 by Henry Cavendish that supposedly can measure the gravitational attraction of two massive bodies. From there the legend grew to measuring the mass of the earth, moon and planetary bodies. There’s only one problem, it has never been replicated and is full of more holes than a piece of swiss cheese, but yet it’s still used today as a if it were science fact.

Here’s an article by Scientific American stating that the Cavendish Experiment is the basis of measuring planetary weight. How do scientists measure or calculate the weight of a planet? Here’s a quote;


Because we know the radius of the Earth, we can use the Law of Universal Gravitation to calculate the mass of the Earth in terms of the gravitational force on an object (its weight) at the Earth’s surface, using the radius of the Earth as the distance. We also need the Constant of Proportionality in the Law of Universal Gravitation, G. This value was experimentally determined by Henry Cavendish in the 18th century to be the extremely small force of 6.67 x 10-11 Newtons between two objects weighing one kilogram each and separated by one meter. Cavendish determined this constant by accurately measuring the horizontal force between metal spheres in an experiment sometimes referred to as “weighing the earth.”

But yet here’s an article called: Easy to show Cavendish Experiment is a fake #151 New Physics #260 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed  that totally destroys the Cavendish experiment and says;


Every one can witness, that no matter how large and massive of two balls, of steel you make and place them close together, that there never, ever was a perceptible attraction by Newtonian gravity of one for the other. But everyone can build the tiniest of bar magnets and notice that as you bring the two closer together, that the snap at one another in attraction.


Also, the asteroid Ida and its moon Dactyl. Anyone doing the Cavendish Experiment and believing it, should look at the asteroid belt, that all the asteroids should have moons based on Cavendish Experiment, but the fact is, that gravitational bonding is a rare phenomenon, because, well, gravity is not Newtonian and that gravity is EM-gravity.


So the Cavendish Experiment is a fairy tale experiment, and not physics. Physicists should be ashamed of that experiment, not proud.

This is just another example of pseudoscience nonsense that has been intentionally passed along as fact, when in reality it’s complete Bullcrap. Trust your senses not mathematical formulas that try to explain away your own senses and perceptions.



12 thoughts on “The Cavendish Experiment — Pseudoscience at Its Finest

  1. Otis Murrell May 21, 2016 at 8:05 pm Reply

    it would be nice to have this article a bit more verbose and perhaps more rigorous. I don’t think it would convince many re’rs.


  2. Adam May 21, 2016 at 11:20 pm Reply

    Any experiment that cannot be repeated is not science. Plain and simple. There’s so much pseudoscience out there that is passed off as actual science, it’s ridiculous. In order for anything to be deemed scientific it must meet specific criteria. It must be able to be measured, observed, tested, an experiment conducted and the results must be repeatable. End of story.


  3. Akshar August 11, 2016 at 5:24 am Reply

    The link you posted on the Cavendish experiment is this

    It does nothing to destroy the Cavendish experiment. Wrong link?


  4. simon February 23, 2017 at 12:34 pm Reply

    This experiment is recreated by just about every uni physics lab every year (at least where i come from). It has not only been repeated but it has been refined in many ways to give even better results. There are of course several other ways to now also define the force or G. As i know this will come as surprise but techniques and technology have progressed a bit in the last 220 years. Try searching google scholar for “determining gravity constant”. It is a good place to start.

    What logic do you use to think that this experiment that was managed by a guy in 1797 couldn’t be replicated today 220 years later in a state of the art physics lab?

    I found it amusing that the link you put in as one of the supportive proofs of Cavednish being wrong does not appear to work. And although it was pointed out to you in a comment 8 months ago still appears to be incorrect? :o)

    The Yt video is a joke: As although it correctly states that mass attracts mass that in itself is not a quantified term. It is the amount of mass that makes the difference. The amount of force generated is completely reliant and proportional to the mass weight of the object. And why did he keep comparing he Cavendish experiment to satellites/meteors etc? One concerns a static weight the other he is comparing it with are in motion – completely different ball game and basically irrelevant. Meteors themselves are in a gravitational orbit themselves around a central object lol ..

    Two completely different variables. But then we do know how pseudoscience likes to compare totally non comparable things and then scoff when they don’t gt similar results. And to answer his question – no, it does not matter what material the masses are made of.

    The fact we have magnets can’t even remotely be considered as proof that gravity does not exist, One has little to do with the other. Totally different dynamic forces at work.

    I do wonder if this comment gets published. It would speak volumes if it did not.


    • jwlpeace February 23, 2017 at 2:50 pm Reply

      Seriously! Are you even aware the top Astrophysicist for fake NASA, as recently as last year, claimed they had “no idea what gravity really is”. So why doesn’t the Moon ‘fall’ into Earth? Show me how gravity can move the oceans but cannot stop a butterfly, or cloud, or smoke stack exhaust going this way and that? Or how astronots can space walk above the Karmin line (60 miles up), yet the Moons gravity, 1/6th the power of Earth’s gravity, can move our might oceans up and down twice each day, while increasing gravity on the backside of the 23.5 tilt??? WTF up dude, if you want. Otherwise move on plz, your arguments are illogical, unsound and attacking those of us with brains to think for ourselves don’t need to waste our time with such nonsensical commentary nor be ridiculed because your programming has been complete.

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      • simon February 23, 2017 at 3:50 pm

        Not knowing what gravity really is at its most finite or microscopic does not equate to – not understanding its function, how to measure it, and then apply those measurements to other objects. Gravity is intrinsically linked to the amount of mass weight of an object. It would be the same logic to suggest that because we do not (yet) understand how bone cancer works enough to make a cure we should call in to serious doubt the shape of bones and which ones connect to which in our body lol oh and forget that we can see the shape of the bones with x rays – there are all part of a conspiracy.

        Oceans/Butterflies. The amount of Gravitational force is and has always been completely proportional to the mass of an object. so i shall ask you simple question. How big in mass do you think the words oceans combined is compared to a butterfly? – and there is your answer. Every time you step on set of bathroom scales you the scales are there in between you and the earth – measuring the difference between your body mass and the pull of the earth. If you have rival hypothesis as to what is going on there then by all means set up an experiment to give results to help support that rival hypothesis.

        And as far as the stupid “Cavendish experiment has never been recreated” – you can literally buy ready to go Cavendish kits for universities lol. here is one >

        I am not even sure what you meant by increasing gravity on the backside of the tilt means. And the tides are in perfect sinc with the movement of the moon and sun, although the shape of land masses does influence the exact flow in and out of some areas. The words tides a re little more than quite low long wave travelling around the earth.

        How much mass do you think make has? And you understand even the basics of physics so poorly that you don’t appear to get that gravity acts differently on the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas).

        No idea what your issue is with spacewalks/Karman line. as you did not explain the problem.

        I do have to make a correction though, a couple of the things i raised in relation to the yt vid were in fact from another video. The video in this blog does make several of the same mistakes though (including others which if you really want me to tear it apart i shall add if you wish). The assertion that the Grav constant experiment has never been recreated is beyond silly and shows you have likely never been anywhere near a physics lab in your life.

        Tell you what , you are conspiracy theorist.. what about this for an idea for an article. Why not do a blog on the achievements of conspiracy theorist’s. You know how many legitimate conspiracies they have uncovered, discoveries that have progressed mankind, any inventions built etc. That would make a really good read i think. There is really only one thing that they have ever been any good at, and that is generating money for themselves by selling rubbish to folk because they have identified a market. So, no self interest there then. Dubay? ever done an experiment in his life? nope.. hates CGI.. yes. yet oddly all his vids rely almost entirely on CGI to get his message across. And because most of the stuff he tells you does not actually occur in reality. He’s having great fun though selling interviews, books and YT advertising whilst living in what is essentially a tax haven.

        Want to think for yourself? go and join your local amateur ham radio club and they will show you how to carry out something called EME off the moon. The sdie effect of which will be that it verifies the exact distance to the moon, which really strangely is damn near exactly the same as was worked out by parallax 2000 years.


    • Colin July 11, 2017 at 8:21 pm Reply

      I really did not expect to learn anything here. Thanks for the links. This website is kind of crazy. Didn’t know people actually think the earth is flat, thought it was a joke


  5. hdog May 20, 2017 at 12:31 pm Reply

    Organised crime is a criminal conspiracy. Elliot Ness was a conspiracy theorist who brought down Al Capone. I’d rate that as an accomplishment by a conspiracy theorist.


  6. Denis F September 6, 2017 at 4:54 am Reply

    This experiment is performed by physics undergraduates and even high school students. Equipment can be purchased online for under $1,000 – or even made at home (as Cavendish did).

    I have performed this experiment myself multiple times – and no Flat Earther has ever come up with a rational explanation why this isnt measuring the effect of gravity.

    The experiment successfully demonstrates that gravity exists, and that the force is very weak (which debunks many of the FE arguments (“If the earth is round the why doesnt X happen” e.g. pouring water on a lemon and showing that it falls off ).

    Either do the experiment for yourself – or go watch some students do it at your local physics department.


  7. Ratko47 September 6, 2017 at 6:53 pm Reply

    Wow the amount of globular earth theorist doing damage control in the comments is astonishing, nothing passes the level of triggering that GEs get when their gospel is under attack


  8. Noki September 14, 2017 at 1:30 am Reply

    Wow the amount of flat earth theorist doing damage control in the comments is astonishing, nothing passes the level of triggering that FEs get when their ignorance is under attack.n


  9. DaleBryTheScienceGuy November 4, 2017 at 7:22 pm Reply

    Your comments are outdated nonsense! You state that there are no asteroids with moons, and that gravity should have provided them. Well, guess what? Most asteroids have moons! Ha ha ha. Heehehehee!


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