Welcome to FE Research Sofia Smallstrom

Another Intellectual free thinkers speaks her truth of a vast conspiracy and amazing discovery of thought and purpose.

Also check out her blog.

In a recent blog post entitled “The Long and Winding Flight” Sofia asks “Why is it that planes flying from South America (Santiago, Chile, for example) to Australia (Sydney, for example) take such a long route (15,000 miles) and refuel in North America or Canada? Also, South America to South Africa (Capetown) and also South Africa to cities in Australia? Thousands of miles out of one’s way … St-rrr-aange!”

One thought on “Welcome to FE Research Sofia Smallstrom

  1. grs May 1, 2016 at 1:26 am Reply

    It’s been fascinating to watch the FE act as a kind of litmus test of integrity for conspiracy-minded commentators. I’m glad Sophia passed it. 🙂 Any of those invested in physical space aliens, etc, have some hard thinking to do, lol.


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