fe ge fe end now nasa

Big thoughts like the Flat Earth occulted from nearly all 7 billion people on Earth,

…and that ALL need to be unlearned and reeducated.

What if that money stolen from us for purposes of extortion and fraud are given back to the people, all structures of government would need complete overhaul and reorganization.

..and self realization of Self and our place as one of the most important cogs in our universal wheel of a round, flat earth home alone in the dome, that all stars, sun and moon rotate around us..

…and the mysteries beyond take us directly back to the mystics of Ancient Cosmogony of 7th heavens and Unearthly realms, above and below

…because on a Flat Earth their really IS an above and below.

Huge thoughts in the FE Activist mind.

nasa must die t

This is the one subject over them all which can change what must change, that can truly bring down Empire in one fatal blow.

As the FE Movement gains “know’ers”, not “believer’s”, action must be taken to organize and change.  Nothing less than a complete destruction of the entire power structure must begin immediately, as inherently stated in founding documents about rights to “ammend or abolish” at will.

They are, and have been for decades, spraying us all through Geoengineering efforts above our children’s heads with toxic aluminum, barium, stronium, lithium, and now vaccines!!!

Are you awake enough to understand if we end NASA, we likely end Weather Manipulation by our overlords since NASA is used to assist in the spraying over all and the money paid into NASA goes to further our incarceration in a domed Earth of continued toxicity to the point we all perish as the Earth becomes unlivable for all but the heartiest of Amoebas.

If you think this is anyway and exaggeration of any sort, please see this vid/doc i made.

The Forest Are Dying; We’re Next. Stop Geoengineering Earth. NOW!

The Greatest Geoengineering Experiment Ever Attempted, And Why We Must Stop it NOW!

So let’s get on with it, stop using our money to fund our own enslavement and treatment of all like bugs being sprayed.

fe nasa must die ge

NASA Is A Government Military Operation Not A Space Agency!!

Starting with taking apart and down Nas-T NASA, and all affiliated fake space agencies, will also help end Geoengineering, which is very likely being funded by money stolen from us through NAS-T.

NAS-T Grounded, Geoengineering Ends.

EZ Peezy, no problema…

…our children won’t die as fast as they are now, if we do nothing…and we KNOW…what is going on above and do, say, act nothing.  Please read this comments from this recent vid/doc, toxic chemtrails are sickening all across the FE world.

FE must align with taking down the evil doers of Geoengineering and all that is affiliated and directed to and fro by, in alliance and execution of spraying mass dimensions of our Mother Earths sky, let alone all the plant, and the trees, and the wildlife, the fish, salt and fresh…so sorry…

sky painting as dark as i’ve seen, new blend of layers, children sick all around, including my boy, who do no vax, no sick…until last week at age 10.  Stomach flu virus along with respiratory illness are associated with the sky painting of late.

To deny the sky now, the sky painting..where all children from here on out will think is “normal”.

The only conclusion when investigating the evidence nearly daily for the past 9 years is that we are lab rats….part of a worse than sociopath mind and evil….and spraying is a NO BRAINER to them, get it?

They are binary opponents who are terra forming Earth, at command of the air space through the Vatican, who care nothing for you, me or all Life you know.


The puppet show is over, the curtain has closed up, because, now, finally, there really is an up, not like on a round spinning ball where water sticks like velcro and people stick to the bottom of the globe, except when they want to go to and fro.

You see, my journey to Flat Earth truth began in my teens when a man planted a thought in my brain about how can there be an “Up” on a round spinning ball?  I never dreamed that some 50 years later I’d keep asking that question.

and now we, we of independent mind, body and soul, are coming to an awesome truth that none of us can even begin to comprehend the magnitude of this..

The Great Realization

hidden by

The Great Lie.

It’s a new beginning, and new beginnings, especially ones of this magnitude require Huge change, so what do change to we want to see?


fe em human being

Whoever is reading this, I’m so glad you are open enough to just consider, ponder and further research, always further research, to come to your own findings in this treasure trove of deception, corruption and Evil that has ruled the 5,000 year male testosterone kill cycle come to a vicious end, just as truth, real Truth unveils to you and I.

Whether B.C. 9/11 or AD, it is a historically very narrow frame of time we are all learning some deep bad ass shit about the world, about us, about such great Deception.

Keep searching and create your own truth channel, local or cyber, because at this dark deep ebony light of dark night of all souls

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