The Flat Earth. Is Science a Lie? Rob Skiba’s Provoking Interview On Enrichment Radio.

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The Flat Earth. Is Science a Lie? Rob Skiba’s Provoking Interview On Enrichment Radio.

The Flat Earth : Bible Verses That Translates To A Flat Earth

18 thoughts on “The Flat Earth. Is Science a Lie? Rob Skiba’s Provoking Interview On Enrichment Radio.

  1. truthfarmer April 25, 2016 at 2:38 pm Reply

    For me, the number one issue when considering a paradigm shifting potential “new” truth, is whether or not it is in line with scripture. There are three instances in the OT where the Sun was stopped, moved back twice, and held in one place for an extra day’s length the other time. Then, when Yeshua was impaled, the sun was darkened for three hours. That length of time is much longer than any eclipse. Should the earth be a spinning ball, the instances in the OT where the sun was halted would have been extinction events. Since we have no record of that, if one solidly believes the spinning ball earth, it leaves room for scripture to be false, in the face of “science” as we are taught. So, the flat earth, with the sun and moon moving above in the firmament, is completely supported by scripture. And that is a very big deal for me.

    While I am not saying I understand every single thing in scripture, I do believe it is true, and if I don’t understand it, that means I have more study to do. Even outside of the Hebraic writings, the other ancient civilizations had the same idea about a flat, domed earth. So did we really get that much smarter all of a sudden?

    The question we all have to ask others is if they are willing to check their preconceptions out completely against what we can readily see with our own eyes. Some people get really mad about this and don’t even want to look at evidences that are readily proven…Like NASA. So, it’s not for everyone.But since it is apparently the biggest lie ever, people need to know. Heck, not too long ago, I held to globe view with no qualms at all. I even believed we went to the moon. Silly me.


    • jwlpeace April 25, 2016 at 5:42 pm Reply

      Does your readings of scripture include the Dead Sea Scrolls, 20 missing bibles and Nag Hammadi Library of the Gnostic Christianity tradition? We are so young in our brain/heart development in this material plane, yet all answers lie (and Lie!) within, IMHO, not without.


      • truthfarmer April 25, 2016 at 6:02 pm

        I’m guessing you mean like the Peshitta and the Samaritan scriptures? Yes, I read everything related, like Jasher, Jubilees and Enoch and the Apocrypha. I don’t give everything equal weight unless there are additional witnesses though. The established Church has lied to people for entirely too long, and the time for their slies/deception holding sway is falling as well. If one seeks the truth,, they will indeed find it.

        Flat earth and the Hebrew scriptures are a perfect fit. Global earth and the religion of scientism (evolution, geoengineering, genetic modification of life forms, fraudulent banking, and fraudulent history and fraudulent science) are against the Hebraic scriptures.

        I know you don’t share my spiritual views. Not trying to push them on you either, just posting some of what I know in hopes that others coming across this that may share more of my spiritual views will be encouraged to continue checking for themselves.


  2. Pegz April 25, 2016 at 8:52 pm Reply

    I’ve noticed Rob Skiba and his videos show up on this web page a lot. Is he affiliated with “The World’s Last Chance”? And who is “The World’s Last Chance” and what do they have to do with the Flat Earth Movement? Just wondering for honesty and clarification…..


  3. jwlpeace April 25, 2016 at 9:06 pm Reply

    Don’t know, don’t care, its about quality of content for me, these guys seem legit UFN, until further notice..


  4. Nell Armswrong April 25, 2016 at 9:07 pm Reply

    The Bible is a tale simplified for the simplistic creatures of the earth ,ie…humans…who have NO need to understand the workings of the universe but only need heed the wrings and exhortations of Solomon…paraphrased as “go forth and LIVE YOUR LIFE…to the UTMOST ENJOYMENT”…THAT is the essence of the Bible.


  5. truthfarmer April 25, 2016 at 9:38 pm Reply

    He is not affiliated with WLC. For my two cents, stay the heck away from WLC. They lead people off a cliff by twisting scripture up. There may be a lot of really great people involved with WLC, but they are waaaay off on the seventh day.They may be correct on other things. I don’t know if they are onto FE or not. Kinda looks like it.


  6. Pegz April 25, 2016 at 10:19 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I noticed the WLC videos that’s all. I wouldn’t be interested in joining their group anyway.


  7. jwlpeace April 26, 2016 at 12:37 am Reply

    good to know, thanx. that piece linking the MIT Jesuit with the creation of Big Bang is historic evidence, IMHO. no matter what else one thinks of the source. how many people understand the entire Big Bang Theory was created by a priest! Give me a number…and you’re too high! this is huge/


  8. truthfarmer April 26, 2016 at 2:37 am Reply

    I haven’t looked at their videos. I’ll need to do that. If they are on to some good and true things, that is cool. Not interested in shooting the messenger or anything. 🙂


  9. Pegz April 26, 2016 at 2:58 pm Reply

    I do appreciate the point from where you are coming from and will try to keep that in mind going forward. How many people know that the big bang’s founder was a Catholic Priest you commented …. I doubt very few. I didn’t until I started researching the flat earth model. I believe most will think in this day and time, what difference does it really make. Would it be huge if a Jewish Rabbi was the founder? Would we have the same reaction if the big bang theory came from a Muslim Imam for instance?

    The point of singularity theory states that the beginning of the universe started with a primeval atom. And that atom split. Obviously the discovery of how atoms work is huge for nuclear fission. But what I think science is missing in the whole thing is who made the atom to begin with? What energy caused the atom to explode? Was anybody there when Creation happened? Who split the atom (adam) in to the positive and the negative. I want science to explain that enormous hidden energy that no eye can see.

    Explain how electromagnetism can work without positive and negative poles. There is positive and negative in all energy. Evolution says life began with a cell. Science honestly thinks that people who believe in a Source, God, Absolute, Creator doesn’t know this. BUT who created the cell? What is the unseen positive and negative force inside the cycle of a cell. What is that unseen thing that sustains, starts and stops the cell process? Have these people lost their friggin minds?

    Science teaches that it is uneducated to believe in a Intelligent Designer. I think science can only balance itself on its own ball, but for so long. It is going to spin out of control and finally call itself “GOD” or invent some artificial intelligence that they say is GOD.

    Why is the Vatican full of scientists? It is a belief that Catholic Children are far more educated than Protestant children. Most Protestant Pastors have very little education in comparison because they are caught up in denominational controlled colleges and they pastor in denominational controlled churches. And those denominational churches are tax exempt corporations and answer to the IRS. Come on people, wake up !!!

    I highly recommend for anyone researching anything to do with the flat earth and space “if” not already done so… is to really listen to what Neil Degrasse Tyson has to say about those who believe in the Intelligent Design and the general public at large.

    It is not about him personally, he does make some good points. The problem is the “mindset, the attitude, the point of view” that people waking up to this whole mess (we the followers) will have to deal with when the elitist have their meltdown and the whole power struggle unravels…


  10. jwlpeace April 26, 2016 at 3:19 pm Reply

    you lost me at “Neil Disgrace Tyson”
    So then what created the “primoridial atom” and what was the “primordial atom” made up of if it was created (by whom) from nothing? What was before the beginning ala “Pre-history”, its all a language trap to keep us from knowing our CoCreator and that the whole Big Bang B.S. was contrived by a Jesuit Priest!!! Busted! All B.S. throw it out, start over, it’s ALL A BIG LIE. you must retool your brain and start over with what you observe and what you don’t feel, like gravity, or the Earth moving at 1,000 mph and see the Sun move across the sky, it’s so basically plain, plane and simple, yet we’ve been programmed for decades by pros who know our minds better than we do.

    Neil DisGrace Tyson, along with Bill “the LIe” Guy are both registered ACTORS with SAG cards, so was Ronald Reagan, if that tells you anything?


  11. Pegz April 27, 2016 at 5:04 pm Reply

    The point with the video (maybe not the best example, there are probably better ones out there) is the general attitude “science” has towards anyone who may believe in a “Intelligent Designer”. Tyson is only one icon of many in big science that is promoting or merchandising a ideology.

    Science (including big pharma) is HUGE business. Science doesn’t care for people who believe in a “Intelligent Designer” especially in their labs. Why? It is a ancient and out of date thought process.

    Could it also be something to do with moral ethics (a sense of a right and wrong) someone who believes in a “Intelligent Designer ” will most likely have.

    If commerce of any kind can control the natural sense of the conscious right and wrong (good and evil) they can control people totally. No matter what their moral value system. The public (the followers regardless of who they are) will then come back over and over again to buy their product or participate in whatever ideology they (whoever they are) are promoting.

    In reference to the “big bang” theory, the primordial (primeval, ancient) atom according to the theory of the Catholic Priest exploded from within itself. This atom to form a whole solar system would have been HUGE putting it mildly somewhere in outer space. I don’t know what atoms are so powerful to possibly self explode other than what Plutonium, Uranium and others ?? So we are talking about a HUGE rock out in space that an enormous unknown unseen energy compressed to make the explosion.

    The big bang theory is of course about the sun and its power in nuclear fusion and man’s discovery of laws that make nuclear fusion. Is there a Jesuit connection? Maybe so… so be it, the truth is the truth! Why is CERN so important and finding the so called “god particle”?

    Does man or (science) think they are so intelligent that they made these laws themselves? Science is simply discovering things about our “Intelligent Designer” that we are a drop in the ocean a part of in comparison. My thought is Science is going to finally take things too far and bring about the end of our civilization if the “Intelligent Designer” allows it. Maybe this is where the people waking up comes in… to make that difference.

    I did some digging and found this recent article: I hope it helps. It is very revealing.


    • truthfarmer April 28, 2016 at 12:07 pm Reply

      True science is a methodology and the results are measurable, repeatable, and all about discovering how things work and what things actually are. It made a move to being a religion most notably after Darwin. It has now become a “god” in it’s own right with a priesthood order predicated upon numbers of letters behind one’s name and the ability to hold cognitive dissonance as a constant reality and hold derision for those who believe in a Creator.

      The problem is that current day “science” isn’t honest about it’s religious structure. In order to advance and be accepted within the Church of Science, one must be anti-creator and pro-cosmic fart. “Intelligent Design” has no place in the Church of Science. And they refuse to answer the bottom line question. If there was a big bang, where did the material that made the BANG originate?

      The really sad thing is that science, in it’s pure state, is very good and a useful tool….But hope for mankind and our humanity is not to be found in the Church of Science.


  12. jwlpeace April 27, 2016 at 5:41 pm Reply

    there was no Big Bang, it was all made up, promoted and propagandized by Roman Catholic Priests
    who were supposed to be the Pro Creationists, yet promoted big bang heliocentrism,


  13. Pegz April 28, 2016 at 4:38 pm Reply

    Thanks guys for your valid points. A quote from the article I mentioned “Just as London and Paris are built on more ancient Roman or even older remains, our Milky Way galaxy also has multiple generations of stars that span the time from its formation to the present.”

    That statement stood out to me, because all religions today are built upon the ruins of others. Our ancient ancestors were very intelligent astronomers and astrologers. They, being from different cultures and parts of the world like today – borrowed and exchanged knowledge and ideas from each other.

    They were not as dumb as someone today in our modern science might assume. They knew our solar system and our constellations from bare eyesight well. They knew the heavens affect our everyday life and they were more in tune with the natural process of life and the earth than we are today. The earth is our home, we are within this atmosphere for a reason.

    The sun, moon, planets and constellations are where they were placed for a reason. The sun and our moon are very important to the natural balance of all life. It is easy to see why our ancestors called them gods, or worshipped their cycles knowingly or unknowingly.

    How do we go about our everyday life without the sun rising or the sun setting? Almost everything we do in this life centers around the different seasons of the year. Many farming communities still plant crops according to the cycles of the moon just like in our ancient history.

    So for those who attend religious communities caught up in days, times and years, what difference does it make if one watches the sun come up and thanks the Creator verses the one who watches the sun set to welcome the evening rest and thanks the same Creator.

    Yet, organized religious war mongers lead armies to war slaughtering innocent, poor families and run them out of their homes so they can build temples on the ruins of these imaginary enemy’s temples.

    Organized religion’s hands are full of innocent bloodshed, whether of innocent animals or people. We’ve all participated in or suffered from organized religion one way or another….

    As I’ve said before, our history testifies against us all. The truth is not in the churches, synagogues or mosque’s either or there would be a loud cry out from them all to stop the violence and stop raping the earth we all share from her sacred and natural garments. Instead of promoting or making a name for themselves to gain numbers and dollars and prove some self righteous point.

    Earth is like the mother hen who wraps her wings about all her chicks…yet, (we) all the inhabitants of the earth will decapitate her in a moment and watch her blood wash across the religious alters made of human hands, for what ??? The almighty dollar and a piece of gold to pass along to the tax collectors.

    How sad and pathetic we have allowed ourselves to become…. There is not one religion or one of its sects or denominations out there that can prove it is better than another… Not one.


  14. jwlpeace April 28, 2016 at 5:13 pm Reply

    After religion comes spiritual awakening to realize its not all about you but that we are all connected to Source without definition or name. remember, the best of us are just using 15% of our brain potential, and even less of our hearts true abilities to LOVE one another as ourselves.


  15. Pegz April 29, 2016 at 1:40 pm Reply

    Perfect. I want to backtrack from what I said earlier about there being no truth in religions, because my saying that is not truth.

    All scriptures has the truth in them. The Bible for one even though it is missing a lot of important books, is brilliant. The problem is ancient scriptures were written by spiritually inspired men who worshipped the one Creator, but they also wrote from within their cultural points of view.

    If religions would rise above their “CULT ural differences” they would see the ONE Creator and the Truth” more clearly. Cultures and languages are beautiful in their own birthright, the problem is because of Cult ures eating so much good and evil …. they (we have all done this and are guilty) are still extremely self righteous. And those of us who are awakening if that is the correct term know “the war truly is between the ears” and the kingdom is truly within each one who diligently searches for it.

    For those who are interested, do a word search on what a CULT actually is. Spiritual awakening is about seeking pure knowledge and not the propaganda mixture of good and evil. If the delusional shackles would come off religion’s eyes…. what a powerful and positive force it would become, but until a huge awakening, its still like the blind leading the blind.


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