FE MVD Spirit in the Sky

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One thought on “FE MVD Spirit in the Sky

  1. Pegz April 23, 2016 at 6:07 pm Reply

    I’m sorry this comment is long, but maybe there will be something in my research that will be helpful to someone searching the bigger picture.

    We know through our observation of living life on earth that there is movement. Is the movement the Earth rotating around the sun or is the Earth wobbling on its axis? Is it the sun and moon rotating above the Earth? Or is the sky, outer space, intergalactic space, cosmos or heaven that is moving? Is the Earth a flat plane under a dome or a round sphere? How is it that everything that mankind has absolute no control over is not in a total chaos? I will explain where my thoughts are in my quest concerning the flat earth so far …

    Can geocentric or heliocentric be an either or point of reference? It seems it is perspective, the point of view (in the eye of or the center of) the observer that is causing a lot of confusion…

    Geocentric (earth) basically means our natural (some call it the bare eye) perspective from the Earth or within the Earth’s atmosphere. The earth is our home and the majority of us don’t know or have experienced anything else. Our natural peripheral vision after all is limited.

    Heliocentric (sun) means our abstract eye perspective above and outside the atmosphere of the Earth, and how the different celestial bodies of all shapes and sizes operate in space in their relationship to each other.

    However, the Sun and the Earth are where Creation originally placed them, so I have no reason to doubt the master architect knows how to sustain the creation and the life placed within it. If someone is an Atheist, Agnostic or a Creationist rest assured the natural world and its cause is the most intelligent.

    All the sciences including theology do not own or have all the answers to this sacred created construct called creation. So political, physiological, theological and psychological points of view thrive and everybody ( 95% of us are followers) are tossed to and fro with the consequences coming at us from all directions. Why? It is about ego, greed and control. Plain and to the point.

    Earth is called a planet (if planet is even the correct definition). I question the definition because the ancients simply called the created dry land “earth, ground, soil “. You guys can research this, NASA admits they don’t fully understand our one of a kind planet within our solar system that has plate tectonics , layers of lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere as a biosphere within its closest bordering atmosphere that sustains all life called the (habitable zone in NASA language).

    There is controversy among scientists as to the true nature of “earth” and whether or not earth should be called a planet. I’ve heard scientists without any reservation toss out the term plane, disk and sphere referring to celestial bodies and the earth at times. I do think there is more to it than is being openly discussed. It could be the union of governing bodies wants to keep religious fanaticism out of their hair, as well as keep secrets from the public at large because of government’s national defense initiatives, plus any scientific projects or experimentation that could cause public riots if we understood the extent of what may be going on and how it will affect our future.

    As you dig deeper you will also find that Scientists believe and theorize based on their satellite observations in deep space , that we (mankind) are pretty much alone within this huge universe. Yes, there are a few possible “habitable zones” in other solar systems that are light years away from our solar system…. that may at some point be able to sustain life, but are not as evolved or as advanced as our earth according to them. We are headed into a space race with China and who will inhabit MARS. The implications of all this I think is rather serious. Who is going to rule space?

    Of course at any time it could be said there is bones from aliens on Mars in the near future building upon the theories of many that mankind has alien DNA. Well, duh. Mankind’s physical bodies are of solar stardust and the spiritual conscious mind is not of the physical earth. If we don’t know this by now in over 2000 years into this common era, where have we been. So far, in my opinion NASA is not telling us anything for the most part that we don’t intuitively already know. We are just not focused or paying close attention…

    It seems then, the earth’s physical birthright had to be determined at some point and (made unmovable) within the master code of a solar system, that works within a galaxy that operates within a whole Universe. From observation, if everything else not created by man has a system, law, a code, a language or DNA that defines it… why wouldn’t the Earth or the Earth’s Galaxy the Milky Way or the whole universe for that matter. When you really get into this, it is very humbling.

    Creation means: the act of founding or building something, the cause, the origin or the starting point. Creation literally and figuratively means “foundation”. I think it is honest to say, everything not created by man, foundations are unmovable, not in man’s control at the very least. All though science may keep trying and botch natural things up to the point of no return and we all go down to the depths of the earth and sea like other civilizations have before us.

    Heliocentric means “the sun” is the center of the earth’s solar system. “Everything” within our solar system including humanity who are limited by our protective atmosphere of the Earth is in a line of a spinning energy that depends upon our sun to spawn it. Here is where geocentric and heliocentric agree … nothing physically in existence can exist, have energy within our solar system without the aid of our sun.

    Surrounding our sun and our solar system is the heliosphere, a radiation protective barrier or bubble that has within it the sun’s energy solar wind and circulating electromagnetic fields. This electromagnetic field or solar wind bubble can deflate to a point exposing the earth’s atmosphere to dangerous solar radiation or expand and attract other planes or planets into it. The Van Allen belt is the closest to the earth. All these different radiation belts are somewhat confusing, but I hope you guys are getting the basic idea depending on where your research is leading you…

    Geocentric and Heliocentric within the science community at large from what I am seeing are mostly about coordinates or a sense of direction, distance and time like using a flat road map. Geocentric is horizontal (horizon) and equatorial. Heliocentric is Sun (ecliptic). Then there is Celestial and Galactic astrological and astronomy coordinates. The astrolabe is suppose to be very accurate. Most maps in antiquity were more political and religious than true to scale, and the celestial bodies were mixed with mythology making it difficult to know for sure what the authors were describing.

    I have heard scientists comment, is it fair of us to assume that our earth, our solar system, and our galaxy is the center of the universe? What if there is other life out there in our cosmos, how and where do they see the center of the universe. NASA science makes it seem like we are a lost civilization with no sense of direction of where we are. Or who we are. In a weird way, without any ancient history or archeology would we have a clue?

    Think about being deep in space. What would space be like if it had absolutely nothing in it. And would this empty space be called finite or infinite. Draw a imaginary line across empty space. All space above the line is infinite maybe where the Creator and the heavenly host dwells. Everything below that imaginary line is called the created finite space. Before thinking about anything else we at this point have a parallel universe flat plane. Plane means a level of existence, thought or development.

    On the finite flat plane modern Science calls the moment of creation “the point of singularity”. This point of singularity has a beginning, energy expanding to a point and cycles back on itself to a single point, as a event in the horizon or black hole (Steven Hawkins) theory. Keep in mind as you read this the event horizon and a event in the deep horizon of space are not the same thing. Science calls a event in the horizon a circular place of intense trapped light energy cycling like a firewall … a theory of thermodynamics. However, these scientific theories are based on the law of expansion and contraction that are foundational from the Master Creator.

    This point of singularity explodes forward into empty finite space creating a mass of particles and all the different 3 dimensional celestial bodies within a huge solar cloud of heat and electromagnetic radiation. According to science, the flat planes of the planets within our solar system being so close together suggest they were created about the same time or from the same point of singularity. Keep in mind a flat plane of existence is 3 dimensional mass (planet, if correct term) in space with a circular orbit of other celestial bodies moving around it or directly above it.

    Ancient texts like the Bible and the Vedas say Absolute is upon the edge or above the circle or compass of the universe. There must be a place a central point of reference within the infinity plane that the Creator created from that is hidden from mankind’s physical sight and conscious perspective. From a central place in the infinite universe “GOD SAID” which is like waves… of intense energy and vibration of sound, language and music of the greatest unseen force of consciousness creating with light on the finite tapestry below infinity as the point of singularity explodes into existence.

    According to ancient texts above the sun’s orbital plane is the center of our Milky Way galaxy the origin and controller of our sun. A place of concentrated light energy, a bulge or womb. Around this place … of light, ancient text call it the white throne, the sea of milk or the crystalline rock sea …. the place of divine judgment, a life energy like physical electricity bursting forth — with intense solar energy circling around it from all four corners of the whole cosmos. It seems then, the rivers of heaven flowing down and above the earth mentioned in the bible and ancient mythologies are most likely the white bands of celestial dust clouds or the arms of the Milky Circle visibly arching across the night sky. The earth’s north corresponds to the Orion arm, band or river and the earth’s south contours to the Sagittarius arm which directly aligns earth with our galaxy’s center. I think it is interesting there are 4 major bands or rivers.

    When Moses recorded history about his culture, he starts by saying Creation began with heaven and earth. There is nothing in that statement that says they were or were not created at the same time, but it does say what happened first and second in a order. It is very possible that our galaxy was already present and the biblical creation is about the birth of our sun the firstborn of many stars and then the planets take shape from the particles of the remaining forms of mass creating our solar system.

    Following statements in the chapter of Genesis are the chronological order of a physical creation. The sorting out of positive and negative atoms into being from chaos within the finite by separating intense heat (fire) from dense matter into dry land mass (earth) from, liquid gases (water) and atmosphere (air) in a intense energy field of the light spectrum. Then, there is a chronological order of life forms, then during the 6th order consciousness is formed within in the mind of mankind.

    In between each of these chronological order of events there is evening and morning marking an orbital cycle of separation in space like multidimensional celestial bodies upon a flat plane of empty space.

    With the infinite Absolute there is no time, only cycles. At the end of Genesis 1 and the beginning of Genesis 2 after the 6th order of events in the creation process there is a pause, rest or closure in creation and the 7th cycle begins, however there is no conclusion of evening and morning ending creation’s 7th cycle, the circle of life. The imaginary line drawn in deep space divides infinite and finite space time. How mankind views and experiences time on earth is not the same as space time or time with the Creator and the heavenly host.

    It is a place where the circle of life closes back on itself with a pause, then the cycle begins again. A place where everything including mankind comes face to face with its origin. Some call it a time portal, Babel, Ziggurat, Pyramid, Jacob’s ladder, Mt Meru. It is the place where the sun climbs upward in a spiral vortex to its highest peak of energy over all the kingdoms of the world (cosmos). The sun recognizes from that place, it is not the ruler of itself giving honor to its Creator and returns backward declination to its beginning enduring 3 earth days in the dead of winter equinox, then the sun rises and ascends up the vortex of its cycle of life again.

    Observation of our natural world speaks to us plainly, we are a creation of cycles within cycles, within cycles all depending upon each other like flat planes of parallel universes pictured beautifully in the seed of life.

    Our ancient ancestors were intelligent astronomers and astrologers searching for the great Architect as it is inherent in most people’s life time to do, no matter what race or culture they are from. All races have cultures. Cult-ure is equivalent to religion. We all were born into our cultural belief systems or traditions that were based on what our ancestors knew and understood about the natural cycles of life pictured in the constellations. But our ancestors were also very idolatrous, pretty much like most of humanity still is today.

    All organized religion’s celebrations are based on the cycle of the equinoxes of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Whether a culture’s religious beliefs uses a solar or lunar way of counting time makes no difference. They all orbit under the galaxy’s intense electromagnetic fields circulating in all directions under the infinite universe.

    I believe ancient texts were describing a flat plane existence. There is evidence to suggest in ancient texts the flat plane could be the milky circle, the earth, or both. Our milky way could be symbolic of the wheel of life. I believe the milky way galaxy itself (whether that is its correct name or not) is a visual pattern effect of our flat existence. I find it interesting that our galaxy’s image is the very image of a Hurricane cycling vortex upon the earth’s seas or a Tornado vortex upon our Earth’s atmosphere.

    The famous “Flammarion” painting accurately pictures at the top left the wheel within a wheel, you can see the arms of the milky way, you can see the center eye of the Milky Way and above that you can see the circle upon the highest of the finite plane like a window into infinity. Possibly a parallel plane of man’s origin. As above so below.

    If light is traveling in straight lines as our human eyes perceives and electromagnetic fields travel in spirals around the earth and planets, then the celestial bodies have to be way more flat than perfectly spherical. It seems from research barring that every NASA image is not a total lie, just photo shopped images, we do in fact live on a flat plane of existence in a spherical atmosphere, not on a globe.


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