The BBC Vacuum And Gravity Fairytale

NASA Mind-Kontrol Pseudoscience: The BBC Vacuum And Gravity Fairytale

Brian Cox on the BBC does an expose on the Giant Taxpayer Funded Movie Set & NASA Vacuum Chamber in Ohio and alleges to prove that a vacuum as such can prove gravity.
Brian says by removing the gas (air), the bowling ball and feather will fall at the same rate, thus proving gravity exists. Sorry Brian, it only proves objects of different mass and shape will fall at different rates depending on the density and “State Of Matter” they reside in. In a vacuum there’s no density, in a non-vacuum you have density and objects fall accordingly to that resistance.
This is just another example of pseudoscience nonsense that permeates academia and the majority of the population. Rest assured, you could challenge any high school science teacher or college physics professor that you can make a book and a piece of paper fall at the same rate. Once they take the bait, make a hardy wager and enjoy your earnings, you can never lose because it’s outside their paradigm.


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