Dali Lama “Publicly” Denies Flat Earth and Mt. Meru

Remember Him?, as he was used by the powers that be during the New Age rollout, yet you hardly hear form him anymore in mainstream news?

My life was changed when I broke my back at age 40 and growing up in a Western Medicine family of doctors was told to get fusion surgery. Six months later, after yoga 4X a week, and a good chiropractor, I had a new, younger, more plyable body and a mind at the beginnings of learning about Buddhism and there “take it or leave it, I don’t care…” approach to their practice, thought and actions.

That was 20 years ago and Vedic/Buddic teachings still teach, guide and help me to this day. That is why learning of the Dali Lama publicly declaring not only Flat Earth, but Mt. Meru to be false, is such Big News to me, as well, I’m sure, to many of you.

Yet think about it for a moment. If the powers that control all allowed the Dali Lama to declare the Earth was Flat, a whole new mass of followers would awaken as to our true reality that we are Co-Creators with the Divine and the Uni-verse has conspired to put us right smack dab in the Center of It All!

How powerful would we all become? What would that do to the current paradigm structure designed and controlled by the Jesuits?

Another way to look at this, is that he is discussing Flat Earth now on his own website at the exact same time that B.o.B. caused Neil DisGraced Tyson, the NASA shill, to refute B.oB. on the Comedy Central TV, that all liberals watch for their “news”.

Co-incident or Co-incidence?

Flat Earth topic is now going mainstream as more awaken and they bring out the Big hitters to debunk, ridicule and attack….

…this is what winning looks like…Onward



Dala Lami Rejects “Publicly” Flat Earth and Mt. Meru

   Spiritual brothers and sisters,” His Holiness responded, “I’m very happy to be here again, although Geshe-la is no longer here. I’m happy to see that his students and followers are fulfilling his wishes. The great masters of the past like the Buddha himself and Nagarjuna are no longer with us, but their teachings have survived for more than 2000 years.

“As a follower of Buddha Shakyamuni, I am proud to think of myself as a simple Buddhist monk, just as I am also proud to consider myself a student of Nagarjuna. These great teachers, great thinkers, great philosophers and logicians did not rely on the Buddha’s teachings just because they were his own words; they analysed and investigated them. The Buddha advised that monks and scholars who followed him should examine what he said in the light of reason. Subsequent Indian teachers like Nagarjuna, Chandrakirti, Buddhapalita and Bhavaviveka did just that. Likewise, over the last 30 years I have engaged in dialogue and discussions with modern scientists, one of whom, Richie Davidson, is sitting here with his wife.

I’ve learned a great deal from Richie, who investigates and analyses things like a student of Nalanda. And as a student of Nalanda myself, I have publicly rejected ideas like the existence of Mt Meru and a flat earth, despite the unease of some abbots and scholars.”Spiritual brothers and sisters,” His Holiness responded, “I’m very happy to be here again, although Geshe-la is no longer here. I’m happy to see that his students and followers are fulfilling his wishes. The great masters of the past like the Buddha himself and Nagarjuna are no longer with us, but their teachings have survived for more than 2000 years.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaking at Deer Park in Oregon, WI, USA on March 6, 2016.


He then goes on to state we are entering a light of Reason”

His Holiness went on to say that the Buddha’s teachings and the Nalanda tradition in particular are entirely based on reason.

Where have we seen this new “Age of Reason” declared on its Capstone in ancient Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrity and Heirogylphics?  Oh yea, the Georgia Guidestones calling for the culling of humanity by some 95%.

Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones


Buddhists KNOW Flat Earth Disc


As with other ancient and cultural cosmologies, the Tibetan universe is composed of the classic elements fire, earth, air, and water. These four elements exist and function through a fifth element, space. The parallels between these cosmologies and other geocentric models makes them interesting examples to include in lesson plans centered on ancient cosmologies, such as the GEMS activity “Ancient Models of the World”.

In Tibetan astro science, two distinct flat-earth, stationary, geocentric cosmologies are recognized, both developed in India and later translated into Tibetan. The first is the Abhidharma system, expounded in the 4th or 5th century Indian text Abhidharmakosha (Treasury House of Knowledge) by Vasubandhu, and the Kalachakra system (Wheels of Time), whose root text was translated into Tibetan in 1027 A.D.. Both systems are mandala-like world systems made of concentric oceans and mountain ranges centered around an axis, Mount Meru. The known world exists on one of the four major continents (with other minor accompanying continents), the southern continent, called Jambudvipa. Mount Meru is lapis-blue on our side, which explains why it cannot be seen, but instead blends in with the sky’s color.The heavenly bodies orbit around Mount Meru.


When motivated through the accumulated karma of all the sentient beings that existed in the previous world system, the space particles begin the process of forming a new universe from the reformed elements. First air particles coagulate to form  wind, which then causes the fire particles to join and create lightning. From this process water particles form rain, and the resulting rainbows herald the joining of earth particles. The order of this “creation” is mirrored in the structure of the world system in the Abhidharma and Kalachakra systems depicted above, with the air disk being the lowest layer of the base of the world, topped in succession by disks of fire, water, and earth. Sentient beings begin to populate all possible realms (e.g. various hell realms, animal, human, and deities). During this stage, humans are granted an “infinite” lifespan (until the end of the age). When this process is complete, the Stage of Formation ends. The Stage of Abiding is subdivided into many eras, in which the lifespan of humans changes. We are currently said to be in a degenerate age, when the lifespan is decreasing and is about 80 years.

The Stage of Destruction begins when no more sentient beings are reborn in the hell realms, and the hells begin to empty out (as various beings exhaust the karma that brought them there in the first place). Likewise, all higher realms of existence are emptied out in sequence.

Finally the world system is destroyed by a great fire

Our Time Now ????????????



One thought on “Dali Lama “Publicly” Denies Flat Earth and Mt. Meru

  1. Bobby April 9, 2016 at 6:27 pm Reply

    Mt Meru looks just the same as the Wardenclyffe Tower. He had either seen it or knew it is there, and modelled his tower on it. It was never about sending radio signals across the pond. Westinghouse could not allow free anything. B


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