Dubay & “They”?



Eric Dubay deserves a lot of credit for bringing to light the Flat Earth model and theory, that had not been in the consciousness of the masses for decades.

I learned a lot from his early work and his book and appreciate all that he brought.

He also brought to light the Dinosaur Hoax and the great discrepancies about Hitler and the Holohoax, that one had to wonder how a 32 year old could learn, discover and disclose so much…

…unless maybe he was controlled.

Now though, he is delegated in the background of the FE Movement and has focused his attention on mainly criticizing others, cross dressing and making foul languaged rap videos while his forum site is now just a shell of what it once was for others to converse and educate themselves.

He gives no support or credit whatsoever to anyone else of the now tens of thousands of researchers, investigators, thinking individuals who are awakening and growing their consciousness to our new possible reality of our role in the Cosmos and the Great Conspiracy.

He has claimed, over and over again,  that he just wants to “get the word out” on FE, yet all you here from him now is how he is solely and primarily responsible for bringing the FE movement to light and that he is the one that deserves all of the credit and should be so praised that he had to make a video about his legacy.

His new rap song, of the vulgar language kind, is another attack on others, instead of focusing on research, investigation, experimentation and thought logic.

His opening lyrics of the rap song indicate he is being controlled in that “they” won’t allow him to make any more books or to post on You Tube or etc

…yet he can post a rap song on You Tube. That’s apparently a-okay with the “they” and that if they keep him quite it could kill the FE Movement.. …but he’s got a plan.  Has he, and Is he controlled or is it just a super-sized ego that drives him today?

Either way he deserves credit and a thank you from all.  Just so sad to see him reduced to this kind of effort today.


They got to me guys. They’ve been torturing me. Taped my eyelids open and forced me to watch V Sauce. They made me dress like a woman. They won’t let me write books or articles anymore. I can’t even make informative YouTube videos. They’re forcing me to release poorly mixed rap music, trying to kill the flat Earth movement. But don’t worry, it’s alright, I got a plan, hold on tight. I’m just gonna make best damn poorly mixed rap music that I can. Gonna cram solid grams of Eastern truth into this jam like it’s name brand Gerber baby brain food from Japan. Like Ayn Rand in a can, the truth’s in high demand, and the man can’t stand when Eric wrecks his plans. Got them searching foreign lands, got them eating out of my hands, like oh we just discovered gravitational waves, damn.


15 thoughts on “Dubay & “They”?

  1. clbrto April 3, 2016 at 8:47 pm Reply

    I too appreciate and admire the work of Eric Dubay. Lately, have been beginning to wonder if he couldn’t use a good burger (yeah, we differ on the vegan thing).


  2. Sara April 3, 2016 at 10:21 pm Reply

    Give the vegans a break..many are quite nutrient deprived and act somewhat unhinged at times.


  3. joy clayton April 4, 2016 at 8:02 am Reply

    Excellent work by you both, needed.
    Christians believe demons, Satan exist.
    Satan (if we can assume…or pretend?)..knows our flaws.
    E. D. was arrogant …not uncommon.
    He did get it going and is being attacked for this.
    We always have a part, are not ‘innocent’. E,D. was polite, did not use bad language;
    he is possessed.
    Demons are foul, use bad lang6age…key wird…USE.
    E.D. thought he could just TELL everyone secrets the powerful want hidden.
    That is arrogant, foolish. These are occultusts, satanists or more likely luciferians
    which are higher on the power scale.
    E.D. is a good indication to be…as Jesus saud, ‘we as a serpent’.
    I am watched, you are very watched. So, if you have any belief,
    try to watch…and pray.
    Thank you for expanding and just exploding the work begun by E.D.
    I hope he recovers. Horrible for him.


  4. truthfarmer April 4, 2016 at 12:28 pm Reply

    Sorry he appears to have lost “ground”. I kind of wonder if something may have been focused on both Tiger Dan and Dubay. When really high profile people in a burgeoning movement lose their marbles, people use that to tear down the entire movement.

    In veganism, the biggest deal is losing the cholesterol and nutrients we need to keep our brain working correctly. Raw eggs and raw milk from a good place would help a lot! It’s pretty difficult to remain actually healthy and vegan. Vegetarian is much easier to be well nourished with if you really, truly have issues with meat.


    • uniluv2go4 April 5, 2016 at 4:50 am Reply

      Many vegans do think they are ‘better’ and meat eaters are ‘low’.

      Eric seemed to be one, but that’s not important.
      This site wrote great stuff on mind control.
      Once Eric was noticed, I think stuff ‘began’ in his life.
      We’ve watched…chemtrails experiments, noticed the strange death of Joan Rivers and the video likely causing this.
      E. D got noticed. He WAS…polite, careful, not rude or sexually …diffrrent…no evidence.
      If he’s under influence…drugs, mind ccontrol, demons…any of that,
      then we have an ad homing attack.
      ‘Oh, Eric, the cross dressing rspper?…him?,nah, I don’t care what he says’.
      And this works.
      Get bad stuff on ppl, Everything is thrown out.
      Eric was…better in his eyes…a common flaw. But what a price he’s paying.
      Will ‘they’ kill him?
      Or do they want to use him to burn out the FE movement?
      Send their threatening message out?
      Big message for me…be humble, acknowledge all other contributors.
      E.D. couldn’t do that.

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      • jwlpeace April 5, 2016 at 1:47 pm

        I agree. I think his “handler”‘s, Schpankme, Thinkfoyourself, etc. control his actions now. Why would he say “they” will not let me.
        Again, how could one person disclose Flat Earth, Nuke Hoax, Dinosaur fraud, Holoxoax, etc. like no one ever before? His book is very slick, cover and all..and he now says they won’t let him write anyomore? his blog is dead in the water and he is acting like a psycho now but all he can do is defend his place in FE legacy? sad.


  5. jwlpeace April 4, 2016 at 2:07 pm Reply

    In addition, his relentless attacks on all those who eat meat was infantile in maturity and again, alienated those just seeking flat earth information. I also wonder how he could disclose about no nukes being dropped on Hiroshima/Nagasaki as well as bring into question the whole nuclear technology in toto.
    Who, in history, has been able to disclose so much, about so many major deceptions. R.I.P.

    Wonder about Tiger Dan myself.


  6. truthfarmer April 4, 2016 at 4:32 pm Reply

    You know, the top hits on the flat earth search and their credibility or sanity is really important. Since I prefer to read, the first thing that came up was the Flat Earth Society. Not good…Then Dubay’s deal with all the kerfuffle about the board being shut down. I finally gave up and started downloading videos.
    Controlled opposition is a real issue, and perhaps that was actually Dubay’s function? You’re right about the amount of info.I don’t know if Eric is/was controlled or not. But so many people are learning about this FE, that I don’t think the algorithms can suppress it. So, if nothing else, he was instrumental in opening the door to cause many others to check into it. Maybe it’s the blind squirrel finding a nut every now and then.


  7. bluepilldreaming April 5, 2016 at 3:31 am Reply

    I think the Controlled opposition situation is fascinating and near impossible to determine in this on line world.

    It is logical to me that with the increase in technology and communication in individuals hands today then many hidden (suppressed) truths would be discovered, tested and discussed among us.

    My greatest wonder is that if there are world controllers (and if you look you find evidence there is) and the benefit to them of the current system is nearing an end then how do the controllers reset into the next system where they retain control?

    Part of it may be to have populations around the world divided into 2 warring camps across a wide range of issues.
    Flat Earth v Globe Earth
    Have you noticed that all issues fed to us through the media are presented in a polarized fashion so that we pick our team and battle?

    Maybe WW3 is an infowar. The greater battle is in our minds and most are controlled / programmed by what they hear / see in their choice of media.

    So if you want to go about stirring up hornets nests and creating multiple battlegrounds then maybe the revelation of Flat Earth is just another theatre of mind war.

    First you have to reveal to enough people the FE truth to have enough to work with. Then you have the recognised leaders go troppo leaving everyone stranded. Then you focus the attention of the mindless masses on the “crazy FE believers and we are left defending the logic of our reality to indoctrinated Globe believers.

    Just fascinating I say.


    • truthfarmer April 5, 2016 at 2:30 pm Reply

      Interesting, bluepill. Don’t forget Race and socio economic status, and vaccines, etc.


      • bluepilldreaming April 6, 2016 at 12:35 am

        Keeps giving.
        False flag fakery
        Modern medicine v natural

        Lots of mental battlegrounds are being formed and fueled where we buy into our team and fight, get angry, get upset.

        As Max Igan says “while we are busy focused on our own chosen issues the controllers are getting on with installing their one world, bank controlled police state”

        The thing for me about FE is the recognition that the deception is really that big. It is total deception that 99% believe to be true. (and I used to)
        From that understanding all the micro deceptions fall into place.

        The world is a horrible place and it can’t be made better until the blinkers come off.
        The 99% believers will continue marching like lemmings to the cliff unless they wake up to the deception. We will be carried along with them. Like it or not.

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  8. bluepilldreaming April 6, 2016 at 4:09 am Reply

    The other option that bears watching is that the controllers start throwing mud at each other and this escalates into a world wide elite battle for control that becomes obvious to everyone.

    This might be the lobbing of “Truth Bombs” ie. Panama Papers


    In the mean time the Flat Earth remains stationary and the sun and moon continue on their circular paths. 🙂


  9. uniluv2go4 April 7, 2016 at 5:11 am Reply

    Many wonderful ppl have helped us all. Edward Snowden reported on the Panama Papers from Russia as I’m sure many know.
    What poor Eric could not grasp is the team effort needed. Few would deny Eric his efforts, groundbreaking as they were.
    And whoever is mocking Eric taking those videos does not realize FE, while appreciating Eruc’s work, has far passed him by now, a good thing.
    Now I notice the scientists stepping up to the plate. It’s going viral now, and dehumanizing Eric will not change facts.
    I feel privileged to have learned some. I, not sure how capable I am at the physics, but
    it…makes sense, feels right.
    And I hope the handlers of Eric will soon kmow…they will only draw more attention to FE by making Eric into a clown. Arrigant? Yes! Overbearing? Yes. But rude, crude, other things?
    I’m not buying in. We all have mental boundaries.. I know some of mine.


    • jwlpeace April 7, 2016 at 2:32 pm Reply

      From what i read, Snowed-IN, is another controlled Op. H.S. dropout, takes computer class at Jr. College, goes to work for several big spook corpses, then gets hired by NSA paying him 200K/yr, with sexy girlfriend, decides ….at age 29, to get conscious and turns of the Powers that Be, gets access to huge cache of Uber-compartmentalized, most secure computers of guys with PHD’s in Computer Science, and risks life and limb to “do the right thing”. He then is paraded in all major newspapers as a ….wait for it, wait for it….”Rebel” and “unPatriot” where all the Assassins of the JEsuits cannot take him out with their poison cup, leaden bullet, or stanglecord, though they could get Lincoln, Kennedy, etc.
      He then gets charged with being sexually advancing on a couple of Swedish woman and flees to Russia (partner of world cabal, then “flees” to S.America for asylum, but meets recently with Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and now heading Dept of Spooks at DARPA.

      SNOWED-IN. Get it.

      My rule of thumb.
      If they show you someone, if the msm promotes him, he is a plant and you need to look at the hand they are not showing you.


      • uniluv2go4 April 7, 2016 at 5:51 pm

        What he said would not line up for me.
        He spoke about Panama papers, elite rules, need for Whustleblowers, expressed hope it was possible…
        Now THAT statement is a lie, one E.S. believes.
        The world makes mistakes. And I think LE. would rather be in Hawaii, elsewhere.
        I follow the bible prophesies and it says ‘the wicked one will be revealed’.
        So that’s what I see, these cover uos…being removed now.
        Jesus said it is the same as birth pangs…..these come closer and closer.
        Scene is almost ready for entrance of the power group, the top players to
        see their agenda once in power.
        Edward and Eric are likely more dispense to be used as warnings,
        but the main thrust? Get rid of Christianity. It’s been tried many times, the major hatred.
        If it’s a joke, why the hate, the intense cruelty?


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