Operation High Jump; Journey to Antarctica to Find the Dome

Immediately after WWII the U.S. Navy rushed launched the largest military operation ever down to Antarctica called Operation High Jump. Admiral Byrd, a 33 degree Freemason led the expedition of 30 ships and 4700 militarized soldiers. The mission had 3 task forces that were sent out in different directions and was to last 6-8 months but the fleet came back in just 6 weeks. Admiral Byrd reported UFO sightings, but that was a public relations ruse, they were really trying to find out about the electromagnetic field above the ice wall and the edge of the dome.
Just several years later the U.S. and the Russians began firing over 49 high altitude thermo nuclear rockets up into the dome with Operation Fishbowl and Dominic.

Rockets went haywire and many had to be aborted as they tried to blast through the dome. In this presentation we chronicle the history of Antarctic expeditions as well as demonstrations of how the dome functions as well as how tidal changes and Sun and Moon movement occur in Flat Earth model.

Then both the Russians and the U.S. signed off on a ban on any more tests of the dome as the space race and the fake moon missions were sold to the world.


4 thoughts on “Operation High Jump; Journey to Antarctica to Find the Dome

  1. Kenneth T. March 26, 2016 at 3:50 pm Reply

    Shared on my blog:


  2. Bobby March 26, 2016 at 6:55 pm Reply

    Really well researched and presented. Thank you. B


  3. truthfarmer March 27, 2016 at 11:07 pm Reply

    Lots of really good information. Thanks!


  4. Kevin Richard Cannon October 15, 2016 at 2:28 am Reply

    Thank you I’ve been studying the earth on Google earth if you look you’ll find many many places they couldn’t cover up.I’ve witnessed myself three different occasions UFO’s in Madras,Or.USA. Once while riding my bike at sun up a massive if I in the clouds I could see the round edge of it peeking out of a cloud costume.I remember thinking at the time I don’t have to say anything and look like a loony.because there’s no way thousands of people sent seeing this I immediately forgot about it at the time as if made to not care about what I saw unroll years later.the ship was at least a mile across and for floors high included with Windows.on another time about midnight I was laying on a big boulder in the desert half way under a tree staring at the stars when I noticed the” little dipper ” moving independently of the other stars…just as I realized that was happening I felt a hard knock from underneath the boulder I was laying on.I stood up looked around the rock and ram like hell….then on another night the town was like dead no one on the streets walking or driving.I was riding my bike I noticed colored lights slowly floating in several areas of town.on the hill by the mill.coming down the streets about the same height as the buildings the town was dark as if only the street lights were on.I cut through yards to stay out of sight of these things I founds a few pieces of scrap metal laying in a yard I picked up a round saw blade and rode off.the light things followed me I would hide they would find me so I got scared and frisbeed the saw blade at one of the objects heard out connect saw the thing turn sideways and head towards the ground I went to a friend’s house they thought I was trippen.Anyways it’s all true you better believe.

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