2 Simple Observations Disproving Heliocentric Theory

Anyone can do these visual thought experiments.

During a waxing or waning moon, the Moon will rise in the afternoon in the East while the Sun is setting, sorry staying still and Earth turning away from the Sun (using correct physics grammar).

Yet the Sun is over your right shoulder and moon over your left shoulder, if facing South.  The Moon is 1/4 to half full, yet why is the Moon not fully lit by the Sun?

Also, look at where the Sunlight is said to me on the Moon and point to where the Sun would have to be in a waxing or waning crescent moon, it’s nowhere near where the Sun actually is.



What Do You See Above You?

Look at the Moon over a full moon. Most will say they observe the Moon moving from early evening to dawn moving across the sky from East to West, and heliocentric theory will agree with what you are observing

No look at the Sunrise , er Earth turning East to the Sun, and the Sun you observe, most will say, is moving from East to West across the day.  Yet heliocentric theory  tells you that no, no, no, what you see is not actually happening, it is only….”apparent”, that is the word tehy use over and over to tell you what you are seeing is not really happening.

They have everyone convinced what they are seeing of the Moon is really happening (Moon orbits Earth), yet the Sun is NOT moving, even though it follows the same pattern as the Moon.

So why do we still call it a sunrise and sunset? Why have they never changed  and corrected such horrible, incorrect use of physics grammar?

My guess  is that back in the mid-1800’s when the Jesuits decided to roll out the heliocentric hoax, when mass public schooling was beginning, they could not fool the people who lived outdoors all the time to start to call it a “Earthrise” and “Earthset”, so they never tried to alter the terminology.


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